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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Summary

Haven't done much this weekend except for an unbearable amount of laundry. When you run out of clean underwear you know it's time. Watching figure skating tonight. The little cowboy Americans were cute.

Del Fantasma: Duck Fart by Jade Buchanan (112 pages)

For those unfamiliar, these books are set around a supernatural bar in San Diego run by vampire Cody who has a way of getting people together using cocktails. Each book is named after a cocktail. There are m/f and m/m and menage (this one is m/m/m) in the series. This is a follow-up of sorts to Jade's book Black Wolf. Seems a friend dared her to write a story using the cocktail Duck Fart.

Siamese shifter Bailey has come to Del Fantasma to find his Tabby cat friend Andy whom he was caught kissing to the consternation of both families. He arrives to find that Andy is mated to a wolf and he's devastated. He propositions a human (Keith) but in the end goes home with a mallard shifter named Drake. When Drake gets a cock cage stuck on Bailey, he phones Cody (who had given them the cocktail) who sends Keith to help. Of course this leads to them spending the weekend together. Drake is a total twink with a chip on his shoulder. He was abandoned by his family at age 5 and gets offended easily. Bailey is innocent and polite and gives into his domineering father. Keith is a human who's parents are both married to "supes" and is more dominant but not alpha-like, but he tries to corral Bailey and Drake. Bailey is totally clueless to the mate thing as he's still stuck on Andy and Drake keeps expecting everyone to leave him and of course Keith being human is oblivious until his vamp step-Mom puts him straight and he has to find a way to get them all together. On the whole it was a fun little read. I could just imagine Drake getting all testy. Bailey is telling Keith he can cook and he says "Well, it's not like I can bone a duck or anything" while Drake is beside him. Needless to say that causes some commotion. So there was lots of humour as Keith tries to figure out how to deal with the two young ones and Drake has a lot going on under his tough guy exterior. It was a cute story that I quite enjoyed. You don't need to read the other stories to get this. I have read Black Wolf by Jade and also Unicorn by Jet Mykles.

For those who are curious, a Duck Fart is a shooter with Canadian Whiskey, Bailey's and Kahlua.

Petit Morts 3: Moolah and Moonshine by Jordan Castillo Price (48 pages)

Emmett's depressed because his best friend is moving to Paris. He decides to buy her chocolate (which will go straight to her ass) and of course meets Sam who is a handyman, just what Emmett needs to help him with his money pit of a house. They are exploring in the basement when they find a hidden room which has an old still. They follow a tunnel and somehow end up in the past during the era of prohibition. That's all I'll say about that but I laughed out loud a few times reading this. Emmett was hilarious. One my favourite lines "He pulled a three-pronged hand tool that was either a cultivator or a baby-disemboweler from the wall." and "Emmett considered adding the epitaph “Not Dangerous, Just Annoying” into his will, if he ever wrote one." He constantly had a smart-ass response for everything and Sam was a total glass half-full kind of guy, they made a good pair. So I quite enjoyed this one.

Petit Morts 4: Other People's Weddings by Josh Lanyon (48 pages)

Griffin is a wedding planner in a small North Dakota town (double hell I suppose) and he's dealing with a HORRIBLE bride who just happens to be marrying the guy Griffin has been sleeping with on and off for years. Not good. The nightmare of dealing with rich clients who expect him to do everything is contrasted with another couple he's working for who are a dream. When the mother-of-the-bride is murdered at the wedding rehearsal dinner Griffin is a prime suspect and has to face his arch nemesis from high school who is now the sheriff. I enjoyed this, I always thought I'd like to be a wedding planner, but only if the couple does what I tell them. LOL

Petit Morts 4: Spanish Fly Guy by Jordan Castillo Price (59 pages)

Ryan works at a t-shirt printing store at some seaside town that has no internet. Huh? Such places exist in the US? Anyway, JP whips into town and he's a con-man. He makes batches of "Spanish Fly" and sells them as love potion. He gets Ryan to print him some labels for free and they get freaky in the back. Ryan's Dad tells him that due to a bad business investment he won't be able to pay for his college tuition and after and impulsive night with JP (including sex in a parking lot - really?) he agrees to leave town with him. I found this one a bit more vague as you never really got a handle on JP or what his story was. But JP and Ryan has some awesome chemistry.

What I especially liked about these books is that at the end of each one was a little explanation by the author of why they chose that particular theme, what inspired them. Sometimes you wonder how authors come up with their ideas so that was fun. Overall a great little series and I get the impression there maybe be more down the road.


Chris said...

The only Del Fantasma I've read was the Jet Mykles one.

In Spanish Fly Guy, wasn't there an explanation of why there wasn't inernet in the town? It was some sort of general weirdness about the town, I thought. Or maybe I imagined that to help the story along without getting distracted about the implausibility of no internet.

Of course, there are places in remote areas of northern MN that have only had telephone service for about 15 years! And the only internet they can get is dial-up long distance stuff.

K. Z. Snow said...

The Cutie is a beauty!

Sorry about that hockey game, Tam. I'm still trying hard not to hate South Korean speed skaters...well, not that hard.

Tam said...

It's true there are areas without much internet but if you can get cable TV or satellite TV you can get the internet these days. LOL But I'll let it go for the sake of the story. :-)

Something is nudging at my brain that I read another Del Fantasma but I know I've only read the m/m ones so I don't think so.

Lily said...

Haven't read any of these so I'll just say your hottie is such a cutie! But he looks so young makes me feel like an old perv just looking at him. Is that what they call a Cougar? If so I kind of like it better than old perv. ;D

Jenre said...

The Duck Fart story sounds good. I've also looked at the Jet Mykles one at ASP but never taken the plunge. Actually I haven't looked at the ASP site for ages and I used to check them out all the time. Strange that.

Jenre said...

I mean AMP.

note to self - stop leaving comments at 7.30am when you've only had one cup of tea.

Tam said...

OMG, I HATE the South Koreans KZ. I can't believe we didn't get a freaking medal in that race. Grrrrrr.

Yeah the hockey game was bad, but not unrecoverable I don't believe. We shall see I guess.

Tam said...

I rarely go to AMP Jen. I went and got this one because Jade was blogging about it on FwF and I looked around to see if there was anything else I wanted since I was there and ... meh. Nuthin'. I'm not sure if they don't have as many m/m or what but usually when I go to a site I find myself enjoying the shop. Duck Far was a fun little story with a good dose of humour.

Tam said...

Lily, cougar is definitely a step up from old perv. LOL At least that's what I keep telling myself. ;-)

Average Reader said...

Great reviews, Tam, though I got to say that the Duck F@rt story may be good but the drink itself sounds disgusting! Whiskey, Baileys, and Kahlua?

I'm glad you mentioned that feature in the Petit Morts where the authors explain the story ideas! Not many other reviewers mentioned this, but I loved reading those little sections. I'm always curious about how these ideas come about.

Chris said...

Funny - I actually read (and much enjoyed) an AMP book over the weekend (When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling).

Tam said...

Yeah, it doesn't really make me want to quack either Val. :-) I'm not a shooter fan myself.

It is unusual to get a little bit inside the author's head when you read so I thought it was fun.

Tam said...

Was that an older book (as in more than a couple oif weeks)? I don't remember seeing it when I was clicking around there, but I don't visit the site often, like barely ever, so I could easily have missed it.

Chris said...

I think it's 2009, so a bit older. I picked it up during the last round of FW sales.