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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Wrangers Voir Dire by Vivien Dean (75 pages)

I was lucky enough to win this one which made me happy because I liked the first and wanted to know more. Derek proposes a weekend celebration with Sam but Sam already has plans to go to Napa Valley for his friend's wedding. He invites Derek who surprisingly accepts since Sam figures Derek is all about keeping it casual, no relationship. There are some mini-arguments as Derek seems to act out of character and they have to actually talk about their relationship. At first I was pissed off at Derek the way he acted and he seemed to be an asshole but when they actually talked maybe Sam was assuming things and not giving Derek credit but talking would have helped which they finally did. It's just a short story over the weekend away but it was nice to see their relationship move from fuck buddies to boyfriends.

Three of a Kind by Stormy Glenn (115 pages)

This is book 4 in a series but you don't need to read the others to read it. Jake is some top secret military guy who lives on a ranch with his unit. At Christmas he meets Heath (a complicated friend of a friend story line which I suppose comes from other books in the series). Heath is as fey as they come, adorable, flirty, rainbow coloured gay. Jake is instantly smitten and Heath tries to tone it down because he always gets in trouble with boyfriends when he's himself. But things are going well and they have insta-love (or almost) and then Ethane shows up, a lawyer friend of a friend. Ethane's attracted to Heath and vice versa but he would never since he loves Jake. Eventually it comes to a head and they make a threesome. Then there's some substories about gay bashing in town, and lack of communication that all works out HEA. It was okay, nothing remarkable although for a period of time in the book Ethane became Ethan then switched back.

Hearts Afire April by Emery Sanborne and Jamie Craig (113 pages)

I kind of like these Hearts Afire stories, I'm developing a thing for firemen. I've never read anything by Emery Sanborne before but I enjoyed the story. Andreas is forced to take Bobby, the new guy, under his wing. Seems Bobby is a bit of a cowboy and Andreas used to have anger issues. Of course Bobby comes on strong and Andreas resists for all of 10 min. but on their first "date" Andreas gets arrested to attacking some ass who made snotty remarks about gay guys. Not a great relationship start. Andreas kind of keeps accidentally inviting Bobby on dates that include his family and besides smokin' hot sex he's not sure what's going on. There was mention of some relationship that went bad a long time ago everyone referred to but you didn't really know the story which I would have liked to know about and there is the crisis when one of them gets hurt on the job which does seem to be a typical conflict in fire fighter stories. But on the whole a nice little story with likable characters. My only thing was they kept calling Bobby "kid" but he'd been in the marines for 14 years and then a fireman for 2 so he was at least 34 and I didn't think Andreas was that much older.

In the second story Dan is one of the fire fighters who rescues Anthony after a bad accident. Anthony always remembered Dan's voice and ended up going blind because of the accident. A year later he goes to thank Dan in person and they end up dating and Dan finds he really likes Anthony and they have a lot in common and hot sex (of course). Dan has to get past "helping" Anthony and let him be independent and again the crisis of Dan getting hurt on the job and can Anthony deal with that. It moves pretty fast, I think they agree to move in together about 3-4 weeks after they met but it seemed plausible and I like how the blindness issue was handled. A good read.

Another Fine Mess by lots of people (177 pages)

These are all little stories about people who get in trouble, everything from losing a bet and ending up as a slave for a day to getting kidnapped by the mob and needing rescued. As with most anthologies, some I liked better than other and some were installments of other books/stories so I didn't have the whole background to follow but the following were some of my faves.

Dragon Walker by Lee Benoit - Endi is a dog walker in a small town who has a boyfriend but also gives complimentary blow jobs to his customers. One day he thinks he sees wings on a dog. He meets a blind psychologist to tells him he's a dragon whisperer and it seems all dogs are really dragons. When Endi tells his boyfriend everyone thinks he's nuts and he ends up in the psych ward. Then all his dog friends go nuts in their dragon form and he has to be sprung from the hospital to save the town. The "romance" between Endi and the Chief of Police who is older was very secondary and it's all told from Endi's point of view but I liked his voice and it was funny how he dealt with finding out about dragons and his naivety that people would believe him when he told them.

Finding Trouble by Misa Izanaki - This is one of those continuing stories but I've read a few shorts set in the same world (body mods, weres, vampires) but this one took place before the others I've read. Dante works as a bartender and is getting pissed that his boss Kale keeps having the bouncers run guys off so Dante can't get a date. Finally one night he manages to hook up and Kale is furious but basically says fine, if you get in trouble I'm not helping. Well, seems Dante hooked up with a vampire, ooops and Kale does rescue him and finally confesses that he likes him and things move quickly from there. But I do like the few tastes I've had of this world.

The Alpha Bet by Cassidy Ryan - Grey and West are on vacation from their high pressure partnership. The night before at cards they placed a fun bet and since West lost he has to be Grey's servant for the day and do whatever he wants. It becomes pretty clear that Grey has done the whole Master thing before and West is incredibly turned on by it. So they have a fun day of West following orders and eventually having to get "punished". Later when West asks why he never said anything before about that kind of life Grey tells him that he knew West was the best thing in his life and he was prepared to go without that rather than lose him. They resolve to talk about it and you see some more games in their future. It was a fun story and I liked Grey's explanation, that he loved West enough to sublimate his own desires to have a relationship. How womantic. :-)

There was another on a D/s them, a couple of thieves, one who catches the other, some good old boys in a bar fight, pirates, vampires and a few others. As I said, some I liked more than others.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's nearly the end of Sept. Holy Cow!

Seems like it was a TA Chase week for me which was not a bad thing.

No Going Home by TA Chase

This is a reread for me. But I had to take the bus to work so gave me some reading time. I won't go into detail but I love Les and Randy.

Home of His Own by TA Chase (131 pages)

I finally bought this after reading the first one. This is Tony the bull riders story with lots of interaction with Les and Randy on the ranch. It's about a year later and Tony basically lives with the guys in between rodeos. While in Hawaii he meets Mac (Brody) for a one nighter and can't get him out of his head. His family convinces him to come back to Texas to convince his nephew that being gay is bad. Riiight. Ask the gay guy to do that. Anyway, his nephew brings home a beat up rent boy that Tony takes back to the ranch with him. Turns out the rent boy is Brody's little brother. They eventually get back together and try to work out a long distance romance with Brody following Tony around the rodeo circuit. Lots of details of how dangerous bull riding is. I know rodeo is dangerous, but I was totally squirmy when he described Cody being injured. Reminded me of my hometown rodeo last summer where in the bronc riding they opened the gate and the horse completely flipped over on top of the cowboy with legs in the air stuck in the gate. I was terrified not only the for the cowboy but the horse because it's leg was wedged in the fence. Amazingly they both walked away unhurt and the cowboy took another ride on a different horse. Freaky, exciting, adrenalin rush. With a child who is a total horse-nut and goes to western riding camp I think these books appeal to me. Also the whole "bringing home strays" works for me on lots of levels. There is a short included about V-Day with Randy and Les and the whole "family". So I love the world built in these books.

Twisted Rose by Amber Kell (57 pages)

Ian is an undercover cop who goes to pick up his drunk friend Keith at the BDSM club Twisted Rose. He meets the owner Daniel who makes a move but it's really not Ian's scene. A few weeks later seems that someone is torturing and murdering young men and dumping them outside the club. Seems Daniel is willing to have an undercover cop bodyguard as long as it's Ian. Ian will pose as his new live-in sub and he's okay with that since he thought Daniel was hot. Seems that he's a closet sub who just needed to try it. Daniel it seems fell in love with Ian the first night he met him (ARRRGGHHH Insta-love) as it always happens to people in his family. Riiiight. Anyway, he gets all possessive and doesn't want Ian basically doing his job which is being a cop. After a fight he leaves Ian who is attacked by the killer. It was okay but insta-love makes me nuts and I thought Ian jumped on the "sure I'll have sex to be undercover" bandwagon a little fast. Would a copy REALLY do that? I have my doubts.

Tabloid Star by TA Chase (138 pages)

Josh is a bartender who picks up hot guy Ry in his bar. They have some fun with blowjobs in the alley and go home together and that's it. Ooops, there is a pic of Josh kissing famous new actor Ryan. Ryan thinks Josh set him up although he doesn't want to believe it. Eventually Josh convinces him that it wasn't him as other pictures keep showing up. They work together to try and find out who is behind it while Ryan tries to decide if he's willing to step out of the closet and risk his career. There is also a substory of Josh's sister and son who he's supporting and trying to protect from the press invasion. There is a cameo by Garret and CJ from the other book who's name escapes me. I really enjoyed the story, not insta-love although they really liked each other and I liked that there wasn't excessive angst about being out in Hollywood. Yeah, he was concerned but didn't sit in the corner wailing about it and realized that maybe a relationship was worth more than fame. My god, someone with common sense in Hollywood, it must be fiction. :-)

Seeds of Time 1: Blue Roses by GS Wiley (33 pages)

Simon works as a theatre manager in a local theatre and his BF Adrian is an actor. Adrian proposes and wants to get married before he goes to London to take an acting job. Everything is hunky dory until opening night when a woman shows up and claims that Adrian's baby is about to be born and it's not going well. Oops. Seems Adrian had a little flingy with a girl. Needless to say Simon calls it off and when he's in the basement he falls and wakes up in 1948. He meets the local vicar and is sure he's dreaming but it seems real and seems James the vicar is also gay and attracted. Just when he kisses him he wakes up back in 2009. He tries to find the woman who made a love potion his sister gave him to find his "true love". This continues in books 2 and 3. It was okay, but really left you hanging.

Perfect 10 by Sean Michael (159 pages

Chis is a world class gymnast who broke his back on a bad vault. Brian is a former gymnast who now coaches at a private girls' school. He misses men's gymnastics and hears Chris is looking for a new coach after his dumped him. He convinces Chris to move out to California and try it despite his injuries. Of course they start sleeping together pretty quickly and things are going well until Chris' twin brother shows up and lets it slip that Chris could die if he has another accident. Oops. They work it out and Brian agrees to keep coaching him. There is an accident at a nightclub where Chris falls down some stairs and his parents freak out but he really wants to make it big. It basically ends just before his big comeback meet. I like these sporty books and while there is buckets of sex they have more story than some Sean Michael books. But I enjoyed the relationship between the two guys. So it was a good read for me but I still like the Personal Best stories better although since there were 3 of them they were more in-depth.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update blah blah blah

The Tutor by Sean Michael (33 pages)

This was a reread for a reading challenge but is one of my fave Sean Micheal's. Peter is a grad student who manages to smash into his new client Kai. Kai's a freshman who is not doing so well. Peter takes a chance and invites him back to his place to study and finds out Kai is gay and a virgin. After working he decides to make a move and needless to say they hit it off. After being together for a few months there is some angst as despite being older Peter's self-esteem is a little low, but it all works out. Its very steamy, typical Sean Michael but I just really liked Kai and Peter and how they interacted.

The Protector by NL Gassert (208 pages)

Mason co-owns a security firm in Guam and is asked by his friend in the FBI to take the son of a local crime boss (who never gets caught) and keep him out of sight on his boat for a few weeks. Soren is young, spoiled and uses drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. After a bit of time on the boat they are attacked at night and it seems that maybe it's not a simple case of putting away the father and maybe there's terrorists involved. There is lots of action in between terrorists, his gangster father, a typhoon, kidnapping and some hot smexin' as Soren discovers that he's more gay than straight. I really enjoyed the story and all the action and great descriptions of the settings, the boat, the storm. A great read that I would recommend.

His Convenient Husband by J.L. Langley (75 pages)

Micah grew up on the ranch as an adopted son. The patriarch (Grandpa) is dying and they have money trouble and older son Duncan is making noises that he thinks he'll inherit the ranch despite having been estranged for years. Micah (ranch manager now) finally goes to see oldest grandson Tucker and as for help. Seems he's been in love with Tucker for years and after a one-nighter on his birthday when he as 18 four years ago Tucker bolted and never came back. They find out that if one of the grandchildre are "married" (including illegal gay marriage) the Uncle can't inherit. So Micah and Tucker get married. They both still love each other but Tucker has this "He'd be better off with someone else" thing going on which makes me nuts. Who exactly do you think a gay guy is going to hook up with in a small town in Texas? Get a clue, he'll be a freaking monk. Anyway, some fighting, some angst and skeletons in the family closet removed. I enjoyed it but I'm afraid I'm getting a bit hard in my old age and the whole "forgive anything for love" spiel is getting to me. Dump his ass or at least make him pay. :-) Love doesn't mean just forgiving everything someone does. Or its okay to do anything in the name of love. Umm. No. So I had issues with Tucker. He was basically an asshole. I think maybe Micah could do better.

Hearts Afire September by Phillipa Grey-Gerou and Michael Barnette

These are both new authors to me. In the first story Roman's restaurant burns down. He meets a fire fighter but is clueless the guy is flirting. They end up renting the kitchen in the fire hall to keep their catering business alive and he and Jacob finally get together. It moves pretty fast and during a HUGE warehouse fire Roman has to decide if he can live with the uncertainty of being involved with a fire fighter. I like both Roman and Jacob and although it moved pretty fast they didn't quite declare themselves in love for evah and evah.

The second story is set in the future/space where Del is a fire fighter on a mining planet. They have to go into the mine to stop a huge fire and rescue some "suits" who were down there. Two managed to survive including Aaron. They nearly hook-up but Aaron freaks because he got fired from his last job (but it never says for what). They eventually hook-up and Aaron confesses he's an empath and guys tend to freak out when he connects to their brain during sex but Del loves it and they get funky. Seems there is something weird going on concerning the fire and the mine closing so there's a bit of a mystery. This was insta-love but given that they shared one mind during sex I was able to let it go since that's probably gotta have some freaky effect on you. On the whole I enjoyed both stories for what they were. Cute hot little fireman stories.

Braided by Sean Michael (220 pages)

This was recommended by some people after Jenre's twincest post so I got it. Ummm. I skimmed the sex scenes at the end. Sigh. Typical of the Sean Michael porn stories. Anyway, Bowie starts working at the club (this is set in some universe I'm unfamiliar with) and hears Peter (a stutterer) and Paul arguing. They basically have sex in front of him within 30 seconds of meeting and he goes home with them never to leave. He figures they need a strong hand as they are just wild and out of control so he proceeds to take them in hand. It's a typical case of good boy/bad boy and eventually Paul gets frustrated with not being able to anything right and runs away. He eventually comes back and things work out. My issues, I must be PMSing because I felt bad for Paul. He really got the short end of the stick and I'm not sure Bowie ever REALLY got why he ran away and changed the way he treated him. I had no clue about the backstory of the twins who didn't grow up together but found each other later (maybe that's in other books), you knew nothing about Bowie except he got off on the BDSM thing. So as I said, I started skimming the sex scenes at the end because there was nothing new and I wanted to get to more the story which still left me lacking except for sympathy for Paul.

Belling the Cat by Julia Talbot (85 pages)

I probably should have read the previous stories to have a better idea about what exactly was going on but it wasn't strictly necessary. Jonny the vampire owns some kind of club that hooks people up. One night he catches Luc a cat shifter trying to steal something and agrees to let him have it if he can have Luc for 6 weeks. He agrees. The bad guys are still after Luc and that factors into the story along with Jonny's growing attachment to Luc. I has some issues. One, Luc is a cat but I'm never sure if he's a housecat or a panther. Sometimes it seems his head is around their knees and sometimes he manages to put his paws on Jonny's shoulders indicating panther size. The Jonny seems to really get off on Luc in cat form (who is in cat form more than not) and ummm, it bordered a bit on squickly. Quasi oral sex from a cat? Okay, they have rough tongues but I prefer my shifters to be in human form when they start getting freaky. And the biting. Sigh. Jonny spent more time biting him (not just feeding) than fucking him. So it was "okay" but because of those few things I didn't love it.

Bastards and Pretty Boys by K.Z. Snow (74 pages)

Charlie bought a cottage on the lake and discovers Booker his next door neighbor. Although Charlie sort of has a boyfriend (who admitted cheating on him) he and Booker hook up. Seems Booker has some secrets, he was in prison for pot possession and some shrink got fixated on him and won't take a hint. Charlie offers to help Booker get evidence to get the guy to back off and they get to know each other better with Booker helping Charlie get over his water phobia. I really liked how the two guys interacted. It wasn't a case of one of them being more dominant and leading the relationship or Charlie riding in to rescue Booker. The power kind of moved back and forth to who was in control which I liked. And both characters were amusing and it made me smile how they had to "test" the video equipment before they used it. Overall a great little read that I quite enjoyed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Back in the Groove

Exploring Savage Places by KZ Snow (164 pages)

This is book 3 in the Utopia X series. Its kind of got two parallel stories that meet up. Ridley and Tole have fallen in love but Ridley feels badly that he has to feed from others because he doesn't want to turn Tole so he decides to leave town for a while so Tole can find someone else. (Dumbest reason ever but whatever). He gets an e-mail from an old friend/lover who runs the pleasure city (you name it you can get it) so decides to check it out. Meanwhile the three have heard bad things about the pleasure city, kids, slaves, really bad stuff and after breaking up with his girlfriend Zee says he'll go and check it out in person. Zee meets up with his ex's boyfriend (who's now his boyfriend, tut-tut) and gets roped into participating in a "game" and meets up with Ridley. Of course the game is totally fixed and Ridley calls Tole to come help and get them all out of their with their heads still on. I really enjoyed the story. Lots of intrigue and nasty stuff with some tender love story between Ridley and Tole and poor Zee, still looking for love. A great read I enjoyed.

Swarm by Jordan Castillo Price (60 pages)

Wild Bill and Michael have been hanging out in Milwalkee (why I ask) and Michael's working for a vet clinic where he's stealing drugs/supplies and being bullied. After a particularly nasty episode he grabs everything and takes off. After getting a tattoo he starts asking Bill about his past and seems that Bill was an art student and one night they head out to look at one of Bill's murals he painted in an old brick factory. They get there and the place is burned out but they explore and ack, find 12 vampires standing around waiting for their blood to arrive. Bill and Michael are kind of freaked out but play it cool and eventually get out fine after some weird shit but are kind of freaked out. Lots of development of Michael craving blood more and wondering what's happening to himself. Next book is supposed to be the last one. Boo. So we'll see where they end up. Same quality as usual for JCP, she just hooks you in and drags you along (certainly not kicking and screaming).

Screen Shots: Seduction by Willa Okati (65 pages)

While at Changeling buying Swarm I saw this and had read some promo on it but I'll be honest, WO and I don't seem to mesh. Her writing is good but I never seem to really connect with it, but I thought I'd try this first episode (there are 2 more so far). So Cody and Aaron are roommates and best friends who's graduated university but don't have jobs. Both are straight and have been dating girls. So Cody gets a job interview and makes Aaron drive him out to the place. Holy hell, its an amateur gay porn studio. Aaron's not really freaked that it's gay, he doesn't really care if Cody wants to screw guys, but just the idea of porn wigs him out. Anyway, hanging around with Cody he gets to know some of the guys and to his surprise they are "normal". He was also given a job offer the first day but isn't into that. Is he? He starts watching the videos on the site and realizing that maybe he wants Cody as more than a friend and finally agrees to try out for the website. Although the guys seems to be more or less paired up there's sort of this one big happy family all love each other kind of vibe going on. Each book deals with different characters. My thoughts? Really enjoyed this and will definitely be getting future installments. Maybe for me and WO it has to be straight contemporary and it works. I liked all the characters and the set-up which is probably totally unrealistic but I'm good with that. The smexin' is smoking and definitely worth following to get to know more about the other characters. So I quite enjoyed it although I was cautious.

Making a Splash by Sean Michael (153 pages)

I enjoyed the Personal Best stories so thought I'd give this a go. Vince used to coach diving but was more or less unfairly pushed out of the sport 3 years ago. He's hanging at he local pool and sees and amazing diver. Turns out Austin has had no formal training and is 23, older than most starting out but Vince is sure he'll be the best so he convinces Austin to train with him. Of course they quickly fall into bed even though Vince knows that could be trouble but Austin's 23 to his 32 so its not so bad. The book then follows his efforts to get sponsors so that Austin can quit his job welding at night and they can move to Austin (the city) to train full-time. It ends after his first meet where Austin loses the gold because he's an unknown and not because he's not good enough but they plan to make everyone see. It was typical SM, hot sex and different from Personal Best in that Austin is an adult who's been living on his own for years and working and while Vince tries to get him to give up his worries about money and the day to day stuff, it's hard for Austin to believe that something he does for fun can actually be a job. I didn't love it as much as PB, but it was a good Sean Michael read with likable characters.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Huh, I've been slacking.

I was shocked when I saw when the last post was. I've really been in a reread slump and not getting down to work and reading the new books I have. Not sure why. Ennui? (which is a superb word)

My Vampire and I by JP Bowie

This was my "pick it for me" read at Good Reads. Hmmm. Okay, Roger meets Marcus (a vampire) at his birthday party and is instantly smitten. Seems they've been destined to be together since centuries before Roger was even born. There is some bad vamps after Marcus and Roger so that adds an element of fear and Marcus tries to explain how the vampire thing works to Roger who's totally in love. I didn't really like Roger that much. I got the impression he was really immature (I think he was 24 or 25) and although he was strutting around in a gold speedo as a costume at his party everyone talked about him like he didn't have much dating experience and he was half the time arrogant and "don't I look hot" and half the time "oh my god why would you want to be with me". So it wasn't bad but I didn't love them as characters. Also I found the time thing wacky as it seemed to be taking place in present day but then at the end they are 50 years into their relationship so was it like a flashback and they now live in 2060? I was kind of meh about it.

Best Vacation that Never Was by Lynn Lorenz (? pages)

The night before his big cruise with friends where he plans on landing his latest fuck buddy as a boyfriend, Troy's apartment burns to the ground with him almost along with it. Jason is the fire fighter who plucks Troy off the side of a burning building and finds himself attracted for no good reason. He goes to check on Troy at the hospital and finds he has no where to go so offers to let him stay at his place until his friends get back and he finds a new place. Of course things heat up and there's a whole D/s thing going on (but its minor) and they fall hard and fast. Now I'm not a fan of insta-love and I didn't get that impression here. Yes, it was fast but they both knew and couldn't believe it was happening and kept telling themselves it was stupid and some angst could have been avoided if they'd talked but I think if I found myself in their position and felt that I was "in love" with someone after three days I'd keep my mouth shut too because I'd be sure they'd think I was a stalker/weirdo or something. I love Jason's character, how he was so enthusiastic and just had a zest for life and kind of dragged Troy along with him who was 5 years older but seemed to act "old". They were a good match and I really enjoyed it as a fun enjoyable read.

Taste Test: Blind Dates by Lee Benoit, Alex Marcus-Jacob, Jodi Payne (? pages)

Three shorts about blind dates. The first Jeremy goes out with Ben who orders his meal for him and seems to be kind of arrogant and Ben admits it. But he saves them from being mugged in the parking lot which Jeremy find hot so they go home together and ... I thought it was kind of a quick turn around from "you annoy me" to "you make me hot" but whatever. The second, Mark is convinced to host his coworker/friend's cousin Sam for dinner. He assumes Sam is a girl and is "straight". The friend (with friend's like that who needs enemies) did it as a joke because Sam is a boy, a gay boy. But they have dinner and get along and Mark confesses he's always been curious so hey, lets try. He takes to it like a duck to water. The third one, I couldn't get into and skimmed it. Ab meets homeless guy Mole after a crappy blind date. He's a photographer who gets fixated on Ab and filming him and they get together and I think he agrees to hop a freight train with him at the end. Ewww. The guy lived in the park for god's sake and likely hadn't showered in months. It just didn't work for me. One out of three I really liked. Eh.

Taste Test: Pushy Little Bottoms by BA Collins, Taylor Lochland and Jodi Payne

Three more shorts about guys who top from the bottom if you will. The first is a long term couple where one is getting bored and gets a video and a few toys to spice it up. It was good. The second is an Asian massage therapy student who is being chased by bashers. He's rescued by a guy from a biker gang who gets a massage and more. Seems Asian guy is really into being smacked around, tied up, whipped, etc. and more or less bullies the biker into doing it. A straight biker no less who jumps into gay sex with both feet. Ummm. Right. Didn't work for me. The last one was a little short about a conservative guy and his more out partner who manages to push his buttons and get him to snap in public but in the bedroom has total control over the relationship from the bottom. It was cute and hot. So I really liked two, the middle one not so much but I don't get that whole "whip me, slap me, make it hurt" thing, so besides the fact that the straight biker suddenly decided to take it up the butt on a whim, it didn't appeal.

Notturno by Z.A. Maxfield

Adin collects rare old erotica and found a great journal of two Italian guys. He's knocked out on the plane (after having sex in a bathroom and being bitten) and his briefcase stolen. Ah ha. But he's smarter than he looks and the journal wasn't in the briefcase. So the vampire starts pursuing him for the journal which was his story about him and his one true love. Its is stolen by someone else who plans to sell it to the highest bidder, another vampire who wants it and hates the first who's name escapes me. Of course Adin gets sucked into this and is attacked by bad vampires and very nearly bites the dust but is saved by his best friend's lover who happens to be a vampire cop. And the vampire doesn't want to admit that he loves Adin because he is still hooked on his old lover of the journal. Its a pretty complicated story with lots of intrigue and who's a good guy and who's a bad guy and are they all just misunderstood. But on the whole I enjoyed it. I liked Adin and vamp boy. I could look up his name but ...

The Secret Tunnel by James Lear

This is the follow-up to The Back Passage. Mitch is heading to London from Edinburgh for Boy's baby's christening. Victor (who has been living with Mitch for 2 years) can't go so Mitch is on the train with a bunch of gay men and manages to find a travellng companion in the form of a little Belgian. There are movie stars, murder, political intrigue and sex clubs in London. I didn't like it as much and I found the story at the end extremely complicated and difficult to follow the why of who done it. I also have to confess that while in The BP Mitch was fucking everything that moved even though he had a crush on Boy it didn't bother me. There was no relationship. But now he's been living with Victor for 2 years and even Mitch kind of admitted that he was cheating and it just seemed to make me like him less. Yeah, he and Victor played with others, but always together and he admitted he loved Victor so him fucking everyone along the way kind of bothered me. If Victor had been with him I would have liked it better, three-ways all around (or more). Anyway, it was still good in that outrageous Agatha Christie way, but not as fun as #1.

Cherry by lots of people

An anthology of shorts about the first time. First time EVER for sex, first time with someone, first time gay sex, not necessarily just sex itself. On the whole I enjoyed them all, some more than others of course but I don't think there were any I disliked. Some of my favourites were:

No One's Cherry by Julia Talbot. Crispin was married and is now divorced after admitting he's gay but hasn't actually kissed anyone or done anything because he doesn't like twinks. His friend introduces him to another manly guy at a party and although it's off to a rough start with an argument with his friend, he's not a gay sex virgin for long. I like Cris and Glenn.

First Foot, Right of the Line by Kiernan Kelly. FB and Matt have been together for 2 years and married for 6 months and FB still hasn't met Matt's family and doesn't want to. For no good reason but he's freaked and basically forced to. It's going okay until Matt's SIL goes into labour at the dinner table and everyone rushes her off to the hospital leaving FB and Matt to watch the two younger kids. I thought FB's freak out when the one kid has to poop was hilarious but he starts to think that maybe rug rats aren't so bad. Yes yes, your teeth will rot out its go sweet at the end but big guys and babies are just too damn adorable for me not to love it.

Nice Girls Do by Mallory Path. Alan and Taz grew up together (Taz's father works for Alan's family) and they are 18 and Alan confesses he doesn't even know how to kiss a girl. Taz offers to let him practice on him and talks about "a nice girl would do X" and it goes on and on with talking about what the girl would do as Taz does it. It sounds hokey but it becomes clear after a while that they are just using that as a cover to outright asking each other for what they want. It was sweet and well done.

Different Strengths by JL Merrow. Michael is roped into going to a strip club with a client even though he's finding the bartender way hotter than any chick on the stage. He slips outside and the bartender follows. He agrees to go home with him and things are heating up when he suddenly finds out he knew the bartender from high school and he was involved in some nasty stuff that happened to Michael then. Can he forgive and get laid? I really liked this story because I loved Michael's voice. The way he talked to himself made me smile and chuckle many times. He didn't take himself too seriously and his running commentary was just plain funny. I also liked how he dealt with the revelation that the god in front of him was associated with some really bad shit. It just really appealed and I liked the writing a lot.