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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Sport Books

Since I'm not actually reading but merely thinking about it, I started thinking about books that feature winter sports athletes/activities. What's out there, what have I read, what have you read, blah blah blah. To be honest I couldn't find much. There seems to be a TON of m/f romance (erotica?) out there with hockey players but very little with the boys. Lots of football players, baseball players, gynmasts, swimmers, divers, etc. Maybe because the primary market for romance is American and summer sports are more popular than winter there hasn't been a push by publishers or readers for winter sports books.

I have a brilliant idea for a publisher though (or course my idea came a day late and dollar short), but they do the series/anthologies like the DSP Christmas one or weddings or what have you, so around the Olympic theme they should have had a series of books, one romance for each different sport (not necessarily Olympic related but feature that sport). Figure skating, luge, skiing, snow boarding, etc. Then each day of the Olympics you could have received a new short story. Is that not freaking brilliant? I suppose it could still happen in 2012 for summer Olympics. Do I get a cut of the profit if some publisher steals my idea?

Anyway, these are the only three books I could find/think of with a winter sports theme (and not simply just taking place in winter or somewhere snowy but the sport actually features in some way). So tell me if you know of some that I haven't been able to find.

Slap Shot by Dianne Fox (Torquere)

A little sip about a vetern hockey player in the minors who has to share a room with the young whipper snapper who thinks he's hot stuff. He teaches him the way of the butt secks and the way to stay in the closet in the hockey world.

Snow on the Mountain by PD Singer (Torquere)

This is the follow-up to Fire on the Mountain and you really need to read that one first to have this one made sense, or more sense. Kurt and Jake have finished their summer job as fire rangers and are now working at one of the big ski resorts with Kurt as an instructor at a very upscale "school" and Jake learning to ski and working on the lifts. Some mystery and excitement as mother nature tries to do them in yet again and you see their relationship moving forward. A great series.

Melting the Slopes by Ethan Day, Jason Edding and William Maltese (MLR Press)

I have not read this one, but it's three short stories that surround skiing or a ski resort. I know it was reviewed at Wave's with mixed results. I'm not sure I'm ready to pay $7 for it at this point.


Chris said...

Ok, I applied my google fu more seriously. :)

Power Play by JM Snyder (hockey)
Playing the Field: Face Off by JM Snyder (hockey, set in Ontario)
He Scores by DJ Manly (hockey)
Fire and Ice by Llewellyn & Hecht (hockey)
Skating through Fog by Sean Michael (speed skating)

How's that? :)

Tam said...

You're brazilliant and I'm lazy. :-P Thank you. I still think my Olympic tie-in idea was great though.

I do generally find though that JM Snyder uses present tense which I find awkward to read.

Chris said...

Your Olympic tie-in IS brilliant - I just got distracted by my searches. :)

Even with present tense - hockey, set in Ontario. Hello??? :)

Jenre said...

You're right, Tam. I can't think of any winter sports m/m stories except the ones mentioned here. It's a shame really cos I bet someone could write a great story about a figure skater - those bubble butts are a plot bunny all to themselves.

I think your Olympic tie-in story is a great idea. maybe in 4 years, huh?

K. Z. Snow said...

What's with the hockey? Somebody really needs to write about...well, I won't say it, lest you all think I'm OCD'ing.

Lily said...

LOL, Chris already mentioned the few I remembered. Great idea, you've got time to pitch it around to authors and publishers before the next Olympics. :D

Chris said...

Let's see, KZ seems on board and we all know what she'll write about. *rolls eyes*

Tam said...

Hmmm. Have to get Wren in on this too.

Hockey is good but I'd like a little more breadth of coldness.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hey, one of the characters in my WIP, Fugly, is an embalmer. That cold enough for you, Tam? I don't think there's Olympic embalming, though.

Tam said...

Ummm, it might be cold honey but I don't think it qualifies as a sport ... yet. Next Olympics who knows.

Chris said...

And look at that, a new Sean Michael that involves snowboarding. Someone must be looking out for you, Tam. ;)

Tam said...

Ohhh. Thanks Chris. I'm very tempted. Hmmm. 280 pages of sex and 20 pages of plot? Maybe I'll get lucky this time and there'll be a bit more plot. :-)

Chris said...

30 pages of plot and only 270 pages of sex? Heh.