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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Dream Man

Janna of Erotic Romance Reader tagged me in the "build-your-own-boyfriend" thing so here are my criteria for my dream man.

1- Hair colour and style

I really have a preference for dark hair. I mean I wouldn't turn down a blond but I like a shade of brown. Occasionally I like longer hair but 9 out of 10 time I go for shorter but not military cut, I like some length on top, sometimes scruffy. A little curl is nice, not uber-kinky but some curl (since I have none I find wavy/curly hair fascinating).

This guy has great hair, well, great everything but I chose him for the hair.

2- Eye colour and facial features

Okay, see this guy? Like this, EXACTLY. I love his eyes, the strong brows, the scruffy beard, the lips. Yeah, clone this sweetheart kay?

3- Height and body type

I think not too tall. I am 5'3" (160 cm) and I was with a guy who was 6'2" (188 cm) and to be honest it was a pain. I'm thinking someone around 5'9" (175 cm) or 5'10" (178 cm) tall. I like a slim athletic type, not bulging muscles, more twinky. Nice defined abs are nice but not required (no beer guts please) and a nice rounded butt. Some hair is okay, no bears, but I do like a smooth chest, but leave me a treasure trail. This guy is pretty good. Oh, definitely tattoos. I like something kind of tribal and big. See the tattoo down lovely Aussie Daniel's side? LOVE it. To know that hidden under his clothes just waiting to be discovered yum. Oh a few piercings are okay, no belly button but nipple is nice.

The guy on the left has a great body type, the tattoo on the right is perfect.

4- Visible age

As opposed to his invisible age of 19? LOL Okay, anytime in the 30's is good, I'm not fussy though.

5- Bangability ie: kinky/bi/size

Definitely dominant in the bedroom (not the S/M side of it though), but the man knows what he wants and isn't afraid to take it. I'm not interested in someone who wants me to be in the driver's seat. Not afraid of toys, adventurous, not afraid to push the boundaries. He can be bi as long as he's faithful when it counts. Confident in his sexuality and not freaked out by alternatives. Size? Well, not massive, but the upper side of normal would be good.

6- Human or other

I'm thinking just human would be fine.

7- Paranormal skills

If this won't conflict with him being human, I read a book about a genie who could simply think about things like cleaning the bathroom and voila, finished. I want that. No more laundry, no more cleaning and mundane chores. We could spend all our time focusing on each other rather than the crap that drags a relationship down.

8- Interests

MUST be willing to travel, non-negotiable. If you don't have a passport do not apply. Reading is good so he won't be annoyed when I ignore him for fictional boys. Sports is okay, I like sports in general. Otherwise I'm pretty open as long as I'm not forced to share EVERY interest with him. Sexy-time fun is a given.

9- Habitat

City boy. I don't mind if he has a cottage in the country for get-aways but I'm definitely a city-girl now. Big city, NYC penthouse would be right up my alley. I like to be in the heart of the action. He doesn't have to be a suit and tie guy though, I prefer jeans and t-shirts with sneakers.

10- Special skills

Ability to not get freaked out when faced with unexpected occurrences. Someone who can take it all in stride, won't panic when the flight is cancelled, the dishwasher floods the kitchen or the electricity goes off. Who'll be able to calmly handle it with a sense of humour and know that in the big picture it's small stuff.

I'm only going to tag my friend Polt because I think everyone else I know in the m/m circle has been, but if you haven't feel free to steal this and design your own guy.


Chris said...

Yum! That last picture... Don't mind me, I'm just going to stare for a while.

Tam said...

Just make sure you put some plastic over the keyboard to catch the drool.

I noticed after I posted that if you scroll down there is a similarity to all of the guys I picked so I guess I do have a type afterall. :-) (Not counting the weird couple in the gondola. LOL)

Janna said...

I love the first pic! Aww, who am I kidding, I love them all :) And your guy is perfect! He's a type I would like too.
Except for the clean-thinking skill he must not be too hard to find!
You had me laughing out loud with "If you don't have a passport do not apply." If I were you I would have added my contact addy ;) You never know...

Tam said...

LOL All interested parties please submit your CV complete with full body photo to ....

Janna said...


Jenre said...

Tam, the guy on the left under number 3 is 16 years old. Seriously, he might have a great bod but you're hitting cougar territory with that one *shudders*.

I'm laughing a bit cos the looks and size for your ideal man sounds just like my hub - or at least hub when he was younger and still had all his hair. I like the brown hair, slightly scruffy look too.

Tam said...

No, no Jen. He was at Wave's and she'd never post a baby. LOL He's older than he looks. Trust me. ;-)

You hit the jackpot then if you got my dream man a few years ago. Lucky girl.

Jenre said...

He's older than he looks. Trust me. ;-)

Oh yeah? Tell that to the judge :)

Anonymous said...

I like the one with the tats! Yummy!

Tam said...

I'll be sure to check his id first Jen. Or get his Mom's permission. LOL

He is yummy Eyre. His name is Daniel Conn. He plays rugby in Australia. Maybe we can hook Kris up. :-D

K. Z. Snow said...

I rather like the Argentinian polo player and Ralph Lauren model, Nacho Figueras. All he's missing are Nathan's lips. Mmm-mm.

Tam said...

Mmm. He is Nice KZ. Hair a bit longish for me, but certainly more than acceptable. :-)

Lily said...

Your BF sounds very YUM! I love the scruffy look too. Loved the pics although I also think the cutie in the white undies is young. I'll take the man with the tats next to him.

K. Z. Snow said...

That's the hair length I like, with a bit of curl. (Thanks for the link!) Funny, though, he normally doesn't have that much facial hair--just a shadow, if anything.

Has Jen contacted the RCMP yet to get you hauled away? :-D (You just go on with your lusty boywhore bad self!)

Tam said...

Okay, when white undie boy was posted in Wave's Friday men he was THE most popular guy that week so I am NOT alone here. LOL

The legal age up here in Canada is 16 KZ so as long as I can get him to come and visit I'm golden. :-) I did that meme that Eyre posted where the question was "careers I'm considering" and one of my friends said "Cougar for young guys who need to be taught". Why didn't I think of that. LOL

Erotic Horizon said...

I see you have to be hanging on for dear life life to your boyfriend Tam...

I like a tall guy, and of all the paranormal stuff out there you want someone to sort the housekeeping out...


Ability to not get freaked out when faced with unexpected occurrences

that's telling....