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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Especially for Wren ... oh, and some book stuff too.

These gentlemen are for Wren who said that construction workers are her cup of tea. And I'm sure they're handy around the house too.

Last Chance by Viki Lyn (132 pages)

Aric gets beaned in the head by a football thrown by the Stu, a big football star. Although he's instantly attracted he's totally obnoxious and rude and blows Stu off. Stu is straight but oddly attracted. Seems Aric is about to turn into a vampire and is trying to find a cure, and Stu just happens to be a member of a family of vampire slayers. His family, including his flamingly gay vampire hunter brother Corbin, let him have a normal life. The vampire who turned Aric has come back for him and Stu is honour-bound to protect him and find a way to stop Aric turning. Although it was sort of GFY, Stu admits he never really liked girls much and while he had slept with a few, most of his reputation was for show and he's quite committed to being with Aric despite Aric trying his damnedest to get rid of Stu. I thought Aric was maybe a bit over the top with the pushing away but I really liked Stu's character and how he decided he liked Aric and maybe he was gay maybe he was bi, he didn't really care, he just wanted him and set out to win Aric over. The ending has them trying to turn the vampire back as he showed some humanity and Corbin is forced to take him back to San Francisco since it could take months to see if the injections work. There is obviously a sequel in the works since Corbin and Johan are completely antagonist towards each other which of course like any elementary school student knows, if you are mean to someone it means you like them. :-) But I would definitely check out the book as it wasn't all darkness and doom, a bit of humour, and a little different take on vampires. I would have liked to know more about Corbin and Stu's family history as there was some crap that went down when their father was killed that is hinted at but never really explained. Maybe in the next book since it mostly involved Corbin.

ETA: Author Viki Lyn is posting over at fictionwithfriction today and when I asked she said there WILL be a sequel. Yay! She's got a cute post about V-day gifts for vamps. Stop by and throw out your wild ideas.

Human Nature by Cat Kane (137 pages)

Gage and his faithful human servant Randall live in the woods with a bevy of human employees. One night they bring a werewolf to the house and while Gage (a demon) would like to kill it, Randall convinces him to help him. Gage then tasks Randall with getting rid of the staff, and he ain't talking pink slips. Seems Randall has been with Gage since an infant and is totally in love with him but Gage stays very distant and while they do have sex, he never kisses. Randall decides that Dominic the wolf would be a good replacement for him as Gage will need someone to care for him, but he's also attracted to Dominic and they end up on the road to a threesome until Randall's refusal to follow orders nearly gets them all killed. Okay, I wanted to kick Gage so many times. He was a total arrogant asshole. It was all about him. HE didn't want to be sad when Randall died so screw what Randall feels. I also wanted to kick Randall for taking whatever freaking crumbs Gage decided to dole out. But I loved Dominic who didn't give a shit that Gage was a demon or rich or the boss and told him to pull his head out of his ass and not be so selfish. Go D. It took until nearly losing Randall and Dominic to hunters for Gage to do so, but I finally started to like him at the end as he lightened up. So it could have been really off-putting but Dominic was like a breath of fresh air and kept it from moving into "I wish you'd both die you're so annoying" territory.

Toy Box - Body Paint by Misa Izanki, Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde, Sean Michael (67 pages)

Painted Wings by Misa Izanaki - Max a costume designer at the club is asked by his artist lover to pose for a pictorial on angels. Although Max is really shy Ravi paints wings on his back and photographs him naked which leads to some hot smexin' and plans for a tattoo. What club you ask? I've read several shorts by this author all set around a club that is maybe set in Japan and has shifters and extreme body mods and vampires, demons, etc. Some day I'd like to track down the story that explains the whole world because I keep getting bits and pieces that I do enjoy.

The Art of Seduction by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde - Alex lives with his BFF since childhood Zed. Although Zed is gay and Alex is just starting to explore his bi side, he keeps refusing Alex (although they have periodic drunken sex) because he doesn't want to destroy their friendship. For his art project he decides to paint Zed with some dragons which leads to Zed trying to convince Alex, whom he loves, that they can be more and leads to destruction of a nice white sheet and the project shot to hell. I seem to be reading a lot of the gay friend in love with the straight/bi friend and their struggles to be more but not ruin the friendship and it's getting a bit boring so I didn't like it as much as I might have a month ago. It was okay though, I would have liked to see the body painting after, it sounded cool.

Hot and Pink by Sean Michael - This is a Jar Heads story. Dick leaves a body paint kit in Rock's mailbox at work as a joke. When Rock gets home he starts a paint fight on the deck with Dick and Rig and they end up all covered in body paint and smexin' on the deck. I'm not really into the Jar Heads so it was okay, but for fans I'm sure they'll enjoy a little taste of the guys.


Chris said...

Ok, maybe Last Chance... Sounds like too many bodies involved in Human Nature for me!

Tam said...

If you don't like menage then skip Human Nature. Last Chance was fun, nothing profound but I liked the characters enough to make it a good read.

wren boudreau said...

Oooo Tam! Thanks for those handy-men. Yum! (I hate to be a futzer, but the link attached to my name up there takes you to Lily's blog.) (Don't get me wrong. I like Lily's blog!)

And I have Last Chance waiting to be read. Some Challenge reading got in my way!

Tam said...

Well crap. How did I screw that up? Fixed it.

Challenges are good. :-) I enjoyed it. Enjoy your men. (Which I'm sure you always do.)

Average Reader said...

Gage then tasks Randall with getting rid of the staff, and he ain't talking pink slips.

Ha, ha! I love your reviews, Tam! The photos are nice, too.

wren boudreau said...

Thanks Tam! And yes, I always enjoy my menz.

veriword: smopho - Is that a person who's afraid of s'mores?

Lily said...

Haha, maybe the construction workers wanted to spend a bit of time at my place. Aww, such sweeties! ;D

Last Chance sounds good, maybe I'll get it when the sequel comes out.

I've got Human Nature in my reader and luckily I like menage.

Haven't read the last one.

Tam said...

Thanks Val. I thought I'd leave it to your imagination on what "getting rid of" means. ;-)

Wren: I think it's more of a tough dude who likes camping and making smores.

"Jimmy killed three guys with a sharpened stick when they tried to steal his marshmallows at the lake last weekend. He's one mean smopho."

Tam said...

Lily: I think you are a Jar Heads fan so you'll probably appreciate it more than I would. Since two of the three stories are from other established "universes" some people may not find it that worthwhile. But I think I bought it at Fictionwise for not much money so it was an okay read.

There's not a lot of menage in the other one, only a couple of scenes but still I know that's not to everyone's taste. It does work for me though, perv that I am. :-D

wren boudreau said...

Tam, you're a nut. A very clever nut.

Tam said...

Oh another one. Someone who is addicted to smores.

"Marie is a total smopho. She'd give a homeless guy head for some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows."

An abbreviation of the term "smophomaniac".

Damn, I'm on a roll. That is the best word veri ever.

Chris said...

*hysterically laughing at Tam's definitions*

Tracy said...

Though I don't usually like my men to have larger breasticles than myself that worker on the right is fine, fine, fine. He's a total cutie with a hot bod. Yum.

And The Art of Seduction? I think it's funny that Zed doesn't want to ruin their friendship but they still have drunken sex. Too funny.

Tam said...

Tracy: Actually Zed did want the relationship it was Alex who would freak out after and go "no no, we can never do that again" until next time. I get a bit frustrated with characters who are so desperate that they'll put up with any amount of disrespect for that one moment. Have some self-respect people.

Breasticles: Another great word of the day. :-)

K. Z. Snow said...

You write the best reviews anywhere, Tam. :-D

"Beasticles"? Seriously? Castanet is envious.

Erotic Horizon said...

I do have Human Nature - I did like the blurb - glad to know it will live up to my expectation...

I used to follow the Jar Head series (SM) but stopped after a while... Good to know the lads are still together...


Tam said...

Thanks KZ. I'm pretty sure it's not true but thanks. :-)

Tam said...

Human Nature was a good read EH. I have only read a few shorts of the Jar Heads. I do have one of the longer books, the one that explains how they got together and after about page 125 of non-stop sex I gave up. Yeah, I get it, they're horny, insatiable and produce more ejaculate than a dormful of freshmen. :-)