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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Post - How exciting

Some of these I missed the other day and some I just read. I think I'm caught up now and can focus on some yaoi.

The Tattooed Heart by J.M. Snyder (41 pages)

Chris and Lee have been friends since 2nd grade. Chris is now a tattoo artist who doesn't get much chance to do his own designs except on Lee who has been in love with Chris for years but never told him. He's happy to be Chris' canvas. Chris has a new BF who might be the "one" and Lee pretends to be thrilled. One night the bar oblivious Chris gets caught with his hand down Lee's pants (innocently trying to show off his tattoo to some chicks) when his BF tells him to get a clue, he's in love with Lee and vice versa. Okay, beyond the present tense which the author uses (which I seem to be getting used to) I just wanted more. There is no discussion of how Chris goes from in love with his boyfriend to dealing with the revelation and then telling Lee. It just seems to happen and no explanation as to why Lee hasn't made a move in 16 or so years. Usually the "he's straight" plot device is used but here they were both gay. So I just wanted more, I never felt connected to the guys. Maybe longer would have given more chance to get into their brains better.

Sweet Reunion by Shawn Lane (64 pages)

Jason goes home to be with his mother who is dying of cancer. He was a cop who was shot on duty and forced to retire. He left behind his small town and his first love/r Danny after his father beat him badly for being gay. While in town he tries to reconnect with Danny and conveniently both of them are now single but have been in relationships in the past. They talk a bit about what a shit Jason's dad was (abusive alcoholic) and why his Mom put up with it and realize they both still love each other. It was a sweet story about dealing with the past and how your life has changed, both because of Jason's injury and just growing up and dealing with things. I quite liked both characters and wanted them to have a second chance.

Out of the Blue by Josh Lanyon (54 pages)

I won this at Wave's (thanks Josh and Wave) and hadn't read it yet. I'm not a real historical fan so that likely was part of the hold up. Bat (British) and Cowboy (American) are pilots in WWI. Most every run they make 2 out of 6 don't come back but Bat and Cowboy have been sticking it out. Bat was having a relationship with another pilot who was killed and he's devastated. Cowboy offers to offers to get Bat out of a tight spot and it turns out for a price, sex. You really got a sense of how awful it was for these guys. I was discussing this with some friends last night and saying how pilots were the most endangered back then and now unless a plane crashes for some reason, rarely do military pilots die. There aren't dog fights, they whish in, drop some bombs and disappear. Anyway, it didn't bother me that Cowboy was essentially blackmailing Bat into sex for some reason. Hey, they could all die this afternoon and he liked him and wanted a relationship so all's fair in love and war right? Literally? I liked how Cowboy made Bat think about things a different way and kind of shook him up and out of his funk. You hope they survived and had some kind of good life on the other side. So very evocative of the time and lots of emotion on the pilots' parts.

Devilish Good Time by J.M. Snyder (25 pages)

This is a little Halloween spooky story. Jacob goes to a Halloween party but its really not his thing. He sees jock Bobby who he was crushing on in last year's drama class. Bobby starts talking to him and Bobby's friends show up and want to bail because the party is lame and they invite Jacob to come along. He's not sure why but he goes along and Bobby makes it very obvious what he wants and isn't shy about letting everyone know. Seems they are going to park so the m/f in the front can get it on and Bobby and Jacob can do their thing. Amber tells them a story about the Jersey Devil (not the hockey player) and gets pissed when they call her on her plans to scare them. So Bobby and Jacob have to go to the woods to fool around. Jacob's a virgin but is returning the bj favour when something starts prancing around the woods and they get totally freaked and run back to the car and leap in and take off as something jumps on the car. They get to a gas station and and they see big scratches on the back of the car. Doo doo. What was it. ooooooh. So a cute spooky story and I really liked Jacob and Bobby, I liked that Bobby was completely out and his friends were good with that and Jacob trying to go with the flow but feeling overwhelmed by having his crush pay attention to him and be faced with first time sex acts. So I really liked this one.

Damn Gorgeous by Jaye Valentine (56 pages)

Spenser writes for a tabloid making up shit about werewolves and aliens and heads to Lizzie Borden's home town. He stays at a B&B with a sexy dreadlocked shaded hot guy owner. They hit it off and go for dinner and Virgil decides to reveal his secret. He's a gorgon, snakes on the head an all. Since Spenser is fascinated with all things paranormal he only freaks slightly and then has sex because really, we all want to have sex with guys with snakes on their head. Arrgghh. Can you see the goose flesh on my arms? Anyway, Virgil takes him to a wild underground club (literally) where he sees that vampires and werewolves and fairies, etc. are all real and it seems for some unexplained reason they are going to reveal themselves to humans. In the end Spenser stays with him and starts writing a guide-book on supernatural creatures so that when they are revealed people will know what to do. I liked the story, I really liked the underground club and all the creatures, I liked Spenser, I didn't like snake head. As someone with a snake phobia the idea just grossed me out. How could you sit and watch a movie with snakes wiggling around and wanting to touch you. Ewwwww. Those shudders are back. I wanted to be objective but some things you just can't get past and snakes is one of them for me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, what I read over the weekend, or some of the weekend. Whatever.

TLC 101 by Janey Chapel (78 pages)

I enjoyed this book but w0uld have loved for it to go on for a bit and it ended as they were just getting started. For a better review which says what I think you can check out Jenre's review or Waves review, both pretty much sum up my thoughts about it. A great little read.

Just for You by Jet Mykles (100 pages or so)

Tis the day of the cheat. See reviews here and here. I concur.

My only peeve (and not necessarily of this book but story telling in general) is the assumption that because someone is rich and powerful that automatically makes them better boyfriend material. That somehow money and job opportunities will make you love someone or be enough if you don't love them I guess. Even abusers can be rich and powerful. Having money does not make you a better candidate for spouse of the year and I get a bit tired of the "but you should date him instead of me because he's got more money than I do, can get you that job, can buy you a car, blah blah blah." If you're looking for a sugar daddy fine, that's a good criteria, if you're looking for a parterner I think you need a bit more than an American Express black card. Rant done.

Gay Until Graduation by Kim Dare (48 pages)

When one of their friends has to drop out of university because his girlfriend is pregnant, Spenser (bi man-slut) decides he's going to be gay until he graduates then no one can get pregnant. He hones in his best friend Baxter who's always had a crush on him but knows it's a lost cause (man-sluttedness taken into account) and springs it that they know Baxter goes to a BDSM club and likes to play the sub. I got the impression they all go to this club to play around from time to time which I found a bit odd, those kind of clubs I didn't think cater to the "recreational" dom, but whatever. He more or less bullies Baxter into agreeing to be his sub. As graduation gets closer Baxter gets more funky as he sees their relationship coming to and end as Spenser keeps raving about how he can't wait until school is over. Of course they don't talk about this until Spenser pushes the issue and they get it out on the table. I'm torn on this. I thought Spenser was a dick but Baxter was pretty much a door mat until it push came to shove. I was glad to see him grow a spine. So on the whole a spicy little read. I won this in a contest so thanks to the author for the opportunity to try this one out. I still think Gaydar was the best I've read so far.

Games in the Dark by a shit load of authors (304 pages)

There are 11 stories in this Dreamspinner Press anthology, all with a BDSM or D/s theme. Like any anthology some I really really liked, some were meh and I didn't connect to them. My faves? Phew. Hard, so many to remember.

Fit to Be Tied by Ashlyn Kane - Tyler catches Jem staring longingly at the handcuffs as they are buying joke gifts for a friend. He takes note and later buys them and ties himself to the bed. Not quite what Jem had in mind. Jem NEVER talks about his personal life even though they live together and this gives them a chance to be more emotionally intimate.

Silent Negotiations by Lynn Gala - Michael is on his BFs computer looking for a website and finds some bondage sites that Raahi has been visiting. It turns him on so he decides to surprise Raahi one night with a little scene. It's a roaring success but Raahi admits he lent the computer to someone and they must have visited the sites, oops, but it works anyway.

Remarkable Restraint by Devon Rhodes - Chaz and Justin have been roommates forever and of course Chaz is crushing on straight Justin. Justin is getting ready to head off to Central America for two months but seems to be getting more touchy feely. Chaz tries to avoid him to avoid embarrassing himself until Justin forces the issues, meaning ties him up and jerks him off. Justin confesses to not being quite so straight (in all ways) which pisses Chaz off because he wanted to be with him meanwhile Chaz has been with other guys. He leaves without saying good-bye and gets a note and a suprise package from Justin which gives him time to think over the two months whether he wants to remain good friends only or take it further.

Learning as We Go by Ellen Whitehall - I'm torn on this one because it's written in present tense which tends to throw me off but I liked the story. Jake and Matt are fellow teachers at college and best friends roommates. Of course Jake is clueless that Matt is A) gay and B) has a thing for him. When he finally figures it out things get into the D/s are which Jake is completely unfamiliar with. He plays along but isn't sure and they have to find a way to work out what Matt wants/needs with how it all works as Jake has never been a Dom before. The fact that they are best of friends helps with the connection as they "learn as they go".

All Kinds of Attention by H.J. Brues - Troy, who's had shitty luck with men who want to use him because he's cute until they get bored, ducks into a biker bar (wearing a tuxedo) after a fight with his boss/potential sugar daddy. He almost gets in a fight with Tom (he may be small and cute but he's scrappy) who seems to be the head leather Daddy. Tom leaves and when Troy leaves shortly after he meets up with Tom out on the street. Tom convinces him that he needs to be taken in hand (so to speak) and convinces him to come home with him. Troy is very needy and just wants someone to care about him and love him and Tom seems to be the Dom who can do that for him. After a very hot time in the dungeon and Tom teaching him about letting go, it seems they are perfect for each other and there is a HEA. Okay, the fact that Tom figured all this out from a 5 min. conversation with a pissed off cutie in a tuxedo is not very realistic but I felt for Troy who'd had a shitty life and kept getting used hoping to find someone who really cared about him and thought he was good enough. So I wanted him to be happy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As I "hurry up and wait"

I am stuck sitting here waiting for someone to call me before I can move on to step B so I may as well do something useful like post here.

A Real Emergency by K.C. Warwick (17 pages)

This is a continuation of the story of Rowan the hapless enchanter and Valiance his snarky elven bodyguard from The Right Kind of Help. They are back home and spending their time together but haven't gone "all the way". Just when they decide to take things to the next level and are almost there .... Rowan is called to take care of an emergency vortex. So off they go, and with Valiance's help again Rowan is able to deal with it handily. They are just about to get funky in the woods when the town comes to thank them once again thwarting their plans. Valiance is getting pretty touchy by this point. Next night they almost get there and once again Rowan is called to banish a dragon near the Elf settlement. He is totally freaked but Valiance agrees they'll do it and they take off with Rowan freaking and Valiance being vague. When they get there it's not quite as Rowan suspected and he gets thoroughly pissed at Valiance for treating him like he has no brain and a little hissy fit ensues. Will they EVER get the chance to "do it"? I liked how Valiance was much softer with Rowan but could still pull out the attitude especially with Rowan's boss and how Rowan's confidence not only in his ability to control his magic but in his relationship with Valiance was growing. I just really like these two characters and how they get along. Another cute short.

A Taste of Darkness by A.R. Moler (14 pages)

This is a continuation of the Halloween Sip Crimson Regret. Tristan had to run off from the Halloween party because of his job as a cop leaving Brian to become the detective and track him down. He finally does and invites him to a beer tasting. Tristan accepts and they seem to be having a good time (some funny comments about a weird beer) but every time Brian brings up Tristan's job he shuts down. They end up back at Brian's for some hot stuff and again, the slightest mention of Tristan's job causes a freeze-out although he does admit it was a bad day. He kind of acts weird after sex and takes off leaving Brian thinking it was a one-off. Brian discovers via the news why Tristan had a bad day which helps him feel not so dumped. Tristan then sends him an e-mail apologising for his behaviour and asking for another date. The end. Arrrgghhhhh There is a third one that I am now compelled to buy because I really liked them and want to know more about them. I liked both characters and it will be interesting to see how Brian deals with Tristan's job which has a very dark side being a homicide detective.

Satyr-Day Night Fever by Kiernan Kelly (45 pages)

Bill is a satyr (yes, half goat man) who is a porn star as Pan the Satyr Man and is VERY well endowed. He has a human form but his whole schtick is performing in satyr form. His best friend since childhood Mitch is straight (divorced with kids) but is an Assistant with the porn company. They hang out together but Mitch always seems to get freaked at the idea of watching Bill, being straight and all. While editing some film one day Mitch suddenly kisses Bill and ACK!!! They both kind of freak out. Is Mitch gay? Does Bill "love" him? Bill heads home to his parents' place to do some soul searching (he's got a great Mom who is freaky about knowing what's going on) and she sends him back to work it out with Mitch. It was a cute story with some smoking porn scenes with Bill as well as tender scenes with Mitch. Kiernan Kelly has a light humourous touch which appeals to me. It's not over the top but little things that make you smile. So a cute read about a world in which satyrs selling used cars are no big deal.

Animal Attraction 2 by Kiernan Kelly, Aaron Michael, Jane Davitt, CB Potts, Julia Talbot, Sean Michael

This is a follow-up to Animal Attraction 1 which I quite enjoyed and I started reading it right after and I think I got burned out on animals, so I put it aside for several months and came back to it. My faves. Hmmm, did I have any? Well, I'd have to say they were all about the same except one I really couldn't get into. The story just didn't catch my interest and maybe that's where I stalled out because I skipped it and enjoyed the rest. You have:

* A story set in maybe the 30's or 40's when the carnival comes to town. A train accident lets one of the tigers loose and the local sheriff bands together with the lion tamer (who he was attracted to) to find it before the close-minded locals shoot it (and everyone else in the circus).

* A private eye in Vegas helps a guy find his missing boa constrictor. Some very funny lines and a mystery as they track down who could have taken the boa and why. With some romance and flirting thrown in.

* Set in the golden age of Hollywood a high powered agent of a flighty actress and her tough body guard end up trapped in her house with a loose panther. Seems while the body guard is totally tough and in control during work, off hours he likes it a little different. A cute ending to the panther dilemma and some very steamy action between the two men.

* A search in the jungle for snails and ... I said I lost interest. Can't say why, just didn't seem to get into it or care.

* An young animal rights anti-rodeo activist is convinced to go to a real ranch and find out the realities behind the different types of ranching. It's an eye opener for both of them and a zipper opener. (Wow, that was bad wasn't it?)

* A photo journalist and a snow leopard expert end up stranded in an snow storm and avalanche in Uzbekistan (I think, one of the "stans") while searching for the target. During their period storm-bound they get to know one another (in the biblical sense) and become friends too. A sweet story that gave me the heebie jeebies because seriously, climbing a mountain in a snow storm? HAHAHAHAHA In your dreams. Or in my nightmares I suppose.

But all in all a good little anthology and I'm sure others will find the snail story compelling but I just couldn't get into it.

Mom Brag

Getting so grown up and those braces were worth every penny. 14.5, I can't believe how the time flies. She is an amazing kid and I couldn't ask for anything more. I know people fear the teen years but I am loving every minute of it. We are going to Rocky Horror picture show together Halloween night at midnight, taking some friends to the hockey game this Sunday, just having a blast together. Love you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm trying to keep ahead of the game

Maybe if I don't piddle around so much it will be less daunting to post a few than 15.

Dreaming of You by Addison Albright (28 pages)

This is a continuation of the story Another Dream. Trevor was the ex who "tattled" that Larry was kissing someone else. He's feeling down following the fiasco and reassessing his life a bit when Quinn (the kisser) approaches him to discuss what happened. Trevor is totally bitchy but Quinn perseveres and sees something in Trevor that isn't so superficial. Trevor's friends treat Quinn like crap because he's not "cool" but Trevor likes how he makes him feel and figures at 36 he has to decide how he wants to live his life. He ends up spending time with Quinn and realizing that the superficial junk is just that and maybe they can have something more. A cute story about reassessing your life and people seeing you as you are, not just as the facade you put out there.

Dropping Quarters by Addison Albright (13 pages)

See the review at Wave's. It says it all. I think Addison really does some appealing short stories. I know making it interesting in less than 15 pages is a skill.

Flipped Fables by various authors (138 pages)

These are all takes on traditional fables/fairy tales. As usual, some I really liked and some I had no clue what was really going on. LOL There were some using fables/tales I'd never heard of and still don't see the parallels but the ones I got, I really enjoyed. Some of my faves:

The Man Who Cried Werewolf by Kiernan Kelly - Dylan works for a tabloid and is the resident werewolf "expert". He gets a call from a farmer who claims his hired hand is a werewolf. He flies out and finds out the old guy is dead but is drawn to the hand and they have smoking sex in the hay loft (that stuff hurts) and the guy reveals he really is a werewolf. Dylan freaks and flies home determined to report the truth but no one will believe him because of his rep. Once he calms down he figures maybe the guy wasn't so bad and goes back to find him. My only issue was it says clearly he ran down from the hayloft naked but by the time he gets to his truck he reaches in his pocket for the keys. Umm. Skin pocket? LOL

Bad Hair Day by Clare London - My fave. It's a take on Rapunzel where the prince goes to rescue the princess. She's not there but he starts talking with her servant who after days he eventually figures out is a guy and they become good friends and the Prince admits his attraction to guys. The best part for me was the voice used. Sort of modern language set in an ancient time. A bit of sarcasm and contrasting the Prince's innocence with the servant's worldliness and seeing the prince go from clueless royal to self-aware young man who knows what he wants. On the whole a very enjoyable tale.

Shifter 2.0 by Winnie Jerome - I have mixed feelings about this. It's set in the not too distant future where shifters can live openly. Daniel doesn't hide he's a shifter and is "out and proud" and doesn't have a regular job, sleeps around, a good-time guy. He gets kicked out of his apartment and goes to stay with his brother. He finds a mouse which he determines is a pet and tracks it down to the hot guy down the hall. Alex is a vegetarian chef (Daniel is a vegetarian lion) and they hit if off even though Daniel doesn't do boyfriends. He more or less moves in and things are going well until Alex's ex shows up and attacks Daniel who is rescued by Alex. Which fable? No freaking clue. (Duh, as I read what I typed I get it, the lion/mouse fable thingy, but loosely based I think.) Anyway, I liked Daniel and Alex and their relationship even if I thought it was a bit weird that Daniel always had sex in half shifted form, but suddenly at the end, Daniel is attacked and it's obvious that the ex has some kind of supernatural power and so does Alex and the damn mouse actually talks, the end. Ummm. Hello? What the hell were Alex and his ex? What about the talking mouse? It needed another 10 pages to explain what happened and I would have loved it.

Seeds of Time 2: Bread on the Waters by G.S. Wiley (22 pages)

Following his return from the 40's Simon and Adrian get back together dealing with weekend visitation and Adrian going to London for a job. Simon still feels the pull to go back and see James though so goes and they have sex. When he comes back he tells Adrian it's no good and break up and he goes to find the woman who gave him the potion but she's gone. Meanwhile Adrian marries the mother of his child and Simon is stuck with no potion and no boyfriend. I read the first book in this series then lost interest. I had this one open to page 7 for 3 days but thought I would finish it before I post this and then had to quickly finish book 3.

Seeds of Time 3: Final Curtains by G.S. Wiley

It's been over a year since Adrian got married and there is no sign of the gypsy. Adrian comes back and he and Simon spend a night with the kid in the country and seem to be back together. Adrian has grown up and Simon is ready to start over when he gets a call that James showed up at his place with his daughter. (Seems the gypsy existed in his time too.) He's thrilled and they sleep together (the night after he slept with Adrian - tsk tsk). The next day Simon's mother (weird woman) tales James to a big store where they lose his daughter. James totally freaks and says he can't stay in modern time and Simon can't go back to the 40's. They part and even though Simon had dumped Adrian AGAIN.

At first I was peeved at Adrian for sleeping with a woman and ending up with a baby, but jeezuz, I felt sorry for him dealing with Simon's "I want you" "We need to break up" "I want you" "There's someone else". Crap man, make a freaking decision. So I thought he got way more second chances that was justified but it kept me reading even if I wasn't sure that Adrian wasn't the only one who grew up and matured during their time apart.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Update

I was kind of off reading for a couple of days but seem to be back at it. In fact some of these I read a week or so ago but didn't list them last time.

Taming Groomzilla by E.N. Holland (45 pages)

This is a sweet story about Luke and Joel who live in Maine and decide to get married. It then follows their "adventure" with wedding planning. It's very sweet and humorous as they deal with finding the perfect cake, choosing colors and dealing with snarky vendors. I'm not sure I quite loved the ending (yes, they do get married) but on the whole I found it a cute read and proceeds go towards supporting marriage equality in Maine so it was for a good cause. Definitely worth a read.

I Can't Drive 55 by Jade Falconer (21 pages)

It's 2 in the morning and Kyle finally gets the chance to let his Camaro really open up on a stretch of highway with no one around ... except a cop. He decides to see if he can get out of a ticket and the cop goes for it. After a steamy interlude in the back of the cop car he agrees to meet the cop (John) after he gets off work in an hour. They hook up and go to John's for another hot interlude. It's obviously not a "romance" in the sense that the whole story takes place over 2-3 hours but there is a definite connection between the two that you can see lasting for a while anyway. I thought it was steamy but because I sensed the connection it didn't degenerate into porn territory. It is what it is.

Cover Me by L.G. Gregg (120 pages)

Michael (aka Finn or Mr. Finn) teaches at a private boarding school but has a summer job tutoring one of his students at the behest of his older brother Max a security expert. Michael goes for it one day and comes onto Max after which he is fired (not because of sex). Ooops. Later at the school Max shows up again to protect one of the students from threats and Michael and Max clash over how to deal with teenagers and what Max considers Michael's lax attitude. There is the whole threat of a stalker of the students and Michael keeps giving into Max every time he shows up at his door. I kind of had trouble liking Max at first, he basically comes off as an asshole, however I really really liked Michael. Yes, I figured out the bad guy right away but it was still a fun story and I liked Max at the end once you got to see what he was thinking and why. A great enjoyable read with lots of the humour you typically find in this author's books. The Halloween dance scene was hilarious, I even had to tell my daughter about it.

That's Entertainment by Clare Thompson (53 pages)

Jack and Grady are a couple who are "extras" for a porn production. One day Jack comes back to his trailer and hears some weird sounds and he's afraid to go in because he thinks maybe Grady is cheating on him. He spends a lot of time standing around with two of the porn stars and the director with some hilarious dialogue about made up porn movie names and characters. Very very funny. Instead of asking Grady what is going on he decides to investigate but can't find anything. Him and Grady have a big fight and he storms off then sneaks back to see what he's up to. Of course the answer is not what he thinks and it brings them closer together but the best part of the whole book was the imagination used for the porn stuff. A funny read.

The Name of the Game by Willa Okati (115 pages)

Clay lives with Seth who is straight but he loves him anyway. Just when he decides to try speed dating Seth proposes that he pretend to be gay to chase off his bitch of a girlfriend. Clay's not sure but agrees because he'd do anything for Seth. After a few kisses Seth starts to freak out as maybe he likes it. Anthony, Clay's best friend figures in offering advice to both and even though Clay screws up at the end, they work through it and agree to try. I like GFY books and this one worked quite well. I enjoyed both characters although I got a bit pissed off with Clay not wanting to "hurt" his girlfriend. This chick called his roommate and friend abominations of nature and was a bigoted bitch, why he thought she even deserved one shred of respect was beyond me. Yeah yeah, you're a good guy but there's a line you have to draw.

It's How you Play the Game by Willa Okati (125 pages)

This is the follow-up to the previous book. Seth and Clay are getting "married" and while Anthony thinks it's the dumbest idea ever he agrees to cater their affair, oh, but he can't cook. So he signs up for a cooking class at the community center and meets Roan who comes on so strong it's not funny. He rubs Anthony off in the class and declares him to be his and that's it, he basically tells him he'll stalk him until he agrees. Creepy but because Anthony is in a perpetual state of arousal he doesn't tell the guy to take a hike, they begin to basically have public sex wherever possible with Anthony having no way to control himself whatsoever. I found Roan EXTREMELY pushy and they explain why later but really, justifying being a jerk is hard to do. So on the whole I really liked Anthony but I didn't buy the story as the whole relationship seemed to be based around the base need to fuck as often as possible. I can't believe anyone has that little control over their basic drives. So it was so-so for me.

Thirty Days by Shayla Kersten (65 pages)

Biton (how the hell do you pronounce that?) is a dom who's sub and love of his life of 10 years died from cancer. He decides he's ready to get back out there and goes to a friend's place for a small party. He meets Cavan who was badly abused and tossed out by his previous master. He was a virtual slave who has little memory of his life before his servitude. Biton is attracted and agrees to take Cavan on for 30 days and realizes how damaged he is. It comes to light that Cavan saw his master kill another slave and that probably Cavan was sold as a teen to the life and they try to arrest those responsible. The story continues in Forever. I'm not a huge BDSM fan but this wasn't too bad as a mystery and Biton trying to teach Cavan how life on the outside worked was more of the story. This was a pick it for me challenge at Good Reads.

Forever by Shayla Kersten (58 pages)

This is the continuation. Cavan's old master has been arrested for murder but may get off with a slap on the wrist. Cavan is still going to therapy but the therapist is not helping him. Eventually the ring leader who's been taking these kids and making them slaves kidnaps Cavan and shoots Bitek and the mystery continues as they try to rescue him and another slave before he is murdered. I HATED the therapist (but so did Cavan) and couldn't believe she would play her own agenda so much but I suppose it happens. On the whole I was happy to see Cavan becoming more independent and having a more normal relationship with Bitek as a partner rather than a slave. So it was a good conclusion to the whole thing.

Monday, October 5, 2009

And the reading goes on

Chasing Victory by Tory Temple (132 pages)

Mitch is one of the top drivers on the something racing circuit. Kind of like Nascar I think. I'm racing challenged and it doesn't really matter. After a wreck he meets Pacey, one of the field medics. They soon start an under the radar fling and Mitch starts winning so sees Pacey as his good luck charm. He also starts to get a bit freaked out that he might see Pacey as more than a lucky fuck. They have a falling out when he more or less says that's all he is and then there is a crisis with his Dad who has Alzheimers. He has to make some big decisions about his life and where its going. I have to say I thought the ending was really different for a romance, no instant forgiveness and HEA. Mitch had to work for it and I think that's more like real life after you've hurt someone. I really enjoyed this book a lot, liked both characters and could understand where they both were coming from and how it got screwed up. Highly recommend this one. Oh and I won it on Tory's site so thanks again for that.

Smolder: Screen Shots 2 by Willa Okati (75 pages)

Dylan and Gabriel are a couple off screen as well as on from time to time and when they are on it's wild. Two super alphas going at it. Brandon is the new guy, cute and aggressive. He requests his first time on screen be with Brandon and Gabriel. Everyone is leery because it's pretty intense but they agree. Seems Brandon and Gabriel have also set their sights on Brandon for off screen as well. The filmed session is smoking BDSMish and they have to set up a special part of the website because it's too "out there". Brandon thinks Dylan and Gabriel are just playing him and tries to get them to back off but they persist and ... This had potential but what annoyed me was everyone trying to explain to Brandon how things worked. It was weird. They all fuck for money on-line but they were tip toeing around the fact that they all may fuck for fun but there are serious couples off screen as well. There was this philosophical discussion about eros vs philios. No wonder the poor kid was confused as hell. No one ever said "We aren't just doing this for kicks, we like you and want to date you. But we all screw each other on camera, no biggie, we're friends". That would have solved most of the conflict. You'd think they were 13 year olds beating around the bush. So I didn't care for this edition as much because I thought it was made unnecessarily vague and mysterious to add to the conflict.

Slinky: Screen Shots 3 by Willa Okati (65 pages)

Ross is the boy next door and Maddox is the new bad boy with tattoos, piercings and spiky coloured hair. Oh and he's VERY flexible. Maddox sets his sights on Ross for both off and on screen. But Ross is wary, he'll do it for pay but is steering clear of anything else but yet he's oddly attracted. Also seems Maddox won't film in studios, only spontaneously. So their first job is in the middle of the sports field outside. Ooookay. But once they get started they can't keep their hands off each other but again, instead of saying "Gee Maddox, wanna date?" Ross keeps doing these things like accepting a bet to suck Maddox off in front of everyone hoping he knows that means they are more than just colleagues. Just SAY IT!!!!! They end up at a big bonfire party at Thom's place where said blow job leads to a huge orgy with everyone partnered off. It was pretty hot. I liked Ross and Maddox better in this book but I still thought that just talking and saying what you mean rather than euphemisms and steely eyed looks would have saved a lot of time. But yes, I'll get books 4 and 5 when they come out.

Slacking off, might have to do this in two goes.

Spilled Ink by Rob Knight (31 pages)

God I hate these Arcana covers. But moving on. Mark's partner was killed on the job (cop) and he's having a really hard time dealing. He's in therapy, on admin leave, his lover left him and his therapist recommends he get a tattoo to memorialize his partner and suggests Rooster's shop. He fascinated by Rooster right off (a former meth addict) and of course he gets all turned on during the tattoo (I don't get that but apparently it happens). Rooster "takes care of it" for him. He comes back later when he's got his life together and gets another tattoo to commemorate that. More kinkiness ensues. One night he and his partner are answering a call for a robbery and it's Rooster's shop and he realizes how much he cares and they get together for real that night. I really liked this story, how they were drawn together even being complete opposites and it took time for them to realize it. And anything with tattoos turns my crank. A good read for me.

Sanctuary by Cat Kane (46 pages)

Jay freaks out at work and punches an A-list actor in the face. Ooops. He is sent on admin leave to a retreat where best I can tell you do nothing but spend your time alone in the woods getting fed periodically by the crotchety old owner. Okay. Jay meets the owner's grandson who helps run the place and is attracted but doesn't want it to be him taking advantage of someone and puts him off. Of course they finally get together and Jay is fascinated by someone who could care less about money and Hollywood. He is called back for an emergency meeting and has to decide what kind of life he wants. I thought the whole "stuck in the forest with no human contact" was a bit weird but I liked Noah a lot, but on the whole it left me a bit cold.

Cotton Candy, Control, Dinner and Dancing by Rob Knight (10 pages each)

These are little sips that are about Six, Jules and Paul from the Rough Cuts mini-series. I kind of got hooked on them and felt compelled to buy them. Cotton Candy is how Jules met Six at the carnival and they hooked up. Although it's not clear if Six works for the carnival or is a tattoo artist as he later is (and says he is). Control is kind of an odd one where Jules loses his musical muse and when Six comes home one night he finds the way to get it back for him is through some dominant sex. Then Jules comes home and finds Six freaking out about bees in his head because he had to go to the hospital (that came up in the other book, some kind of weirdass phobia that was never explained) and Jules talks him down in the shower. Then in Dinner and Dancing it's after they hook-up and move in with Paul who takes care of them and leaves notes about everything (it must be like living with freaking kindergarteners) and says he'll be home early and they'll go for dinner. So Six takes him to a nice restaurant and then on a carriage ride and dancing. A very romantic evening. Why do I read these? Because I'm hooked on the characters despite the fact they've done so many drugs that Six has about that many brain cells left and Jules "sees" in music and Six "sees" in color and Paul goes to his office job everyday and wrangles the stoners. Okay, the reality would make me nuts but now I like them despite their weirdness.

Dash and Dingo by Cat Ford and Sean Kennedy (310 pages)

You can see a proper review here http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/?p=8355 and all I'll say is I looooved it. Yes, I cried, twice. Amazing adventure, great characters, opposites attract bringing out the best in each other. I'm so looking forward to their next journey.

Couple Seeks Friendship by Rob Knight (36 pages)

Kell is assigned by his editor to do a story on committed couples who seek out other people for fun/relationships. He finds an ad placed by Justin and Ricky and explains to them that he's doing an article and wants to interview them. He expects some total whack jobs and does think they are nuts but is kind of attracted. Seems that Ricky has these "feelings" and he's sure that Kell is supposed to be with them and Justin goes along for the ride. They invite Kell to their house a few weeks later to "discuss" the article and make their move because Ricky wants a relationship with him and "knows" he's the one. Kell is totally freaked and again, Justin is Mr. Calm and keeps everyone on track. Pretty stereotypical, calm sane partner, younger flighty feely partner, freaked out third who doesn't get why they want him but his dick is screaming go for it. Nothing new here. It was fine but nothing special and Ricky turned into Randy for a couple of paragraphs. Ooops.