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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update #18

Sweet Oblivion: Brazen by Jordan Castillo Price (63 pages)

This is a continuation series of the Morpheus series. Told from Wild Bill's perspective it seems that Michael is up for a threesome which WB is all for until he says he wants it with another Vampire Damien. But he agrees and it goes well but after Michael admits he can't have an orgasm without being bitten but it seems he can if he's drinking WB's blood. So they start to wonder what that means and WB suggests maybe Michael should be drinking blood which he's willing to try. I love these stories and it just moves it ahead one little step at a time with some hot sex thrown in.

Junjo Romantica Vol. 1 by Sungiku Nakamura (193 pages)

Its basically two stories in one book that are "sort of" interlinked at the beginning. The first story is (Japanese names escape me) a 28 year old famous author and the 18 year old brother of his best friend. He tutors the younger brother and then when the older brother gets married and moves away (the author was in love with him) the younger guy moves in with the author to go to school and they get down with the young guy screaming all the way he's not gay. Uh huh. The second story seems to be about a friend of the author who was in love with him (unrequited) and he starts tutoring a young guy who dropped out of school for university entrance and the young guy pursues him and they start a relationship.

Junjo Romantica Vol. 2 by Sungiku Nakamura (193 pages)

The stories continue a few months down the road for the first one. The author's female editor shows up and young guy thinks the author and her have a thing. He gets angry that the author writes yaoi under a different name but using him as a character. It seems the editor pushes for that. He finally admits he loves the author but still resists him more or less. In the second story, the younger guy got accepted to med school in the US and just leaves, doesn't tell his boyfriend he's going and doesn't write or contact him for a year. Needless to say the older guy is pretty hurt (I'd kick his ass to the curb permanently) and the older guy is now a professor. They get back together but young guy never explains why he did it so older guy breaks up with him. Some drama ensues regarding a late flight (call ahead people, its Japan, its not like the flight leaves NYC on time and somehow gets delayed over the Pacific Ocean) but they get back together and move in when the older guy finds a bag of letters that younger guy wrote him but never mailed and he admits if he'd had contact he would have wanted to come back too badly, he thinks he's not "good enough" and has to be an equal to the older guy. Now I'm curious about Vol. 3. LOL

It was pretty good although I got kind of annoyed with the 18 year old who kept waffling between "I love you" and "don't touch me you pervert" and in the second story the guy who just took off annoyed me but I think I liked it better. Not sure. Have to see what happens in Vol. 3.

Turner & Turner: One Good Turn by Amber Green (116 pages)

Another pretty complicated mystery with two guys with complicated names. Turner Kendal and Kendal Turner. Riiiight. Supposedly Turner is an illegitimate cousin. Kendal (referred to usually as KT) has the rich uptight family from hell who seem to think because his ex videotaped them having sex he needs to be hospitalized. Being gay is an illness? Oooookay. He escapes with Turner who takes him somewhere and takes his clothes. He eventually escapes and it seems that Turner is not who he thinks, that he's investigating KT's family and is really part of the FBI and there are some dead ex's showing up. I thought it was a bit complicated and the whole KT had a crush on Turner was a bit icky but then it turns out they aren't blood relatives so I guess that helps. I thought Kendall was kind of snarky and funny and smarter than most people gave him credit for. So on the whole I enjoyed it even if at times I wasn't quite sure what was going on and it ended without a clear explanation of the family's crimes. I like things wrapped up with a bow. My foible.

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