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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update #11

Bravo Brava by Jet Mykles, J.P. Bowie and Kimerley Gardner (280 pages)

Three stories about boys who wear girls clothes. Although in the second one the main character doesn't wear dresses. I liked the second story better, not sure if its because he wasn't wearing a dress or if it was the plot. It was more of a mystery which I enjoyed where the other didn't really have a plot except one guy realizing he liked to wear dresses and way gay not straight after all and the third one he was worried the new boyfriend would realize he wasn't just wearing a dress for his role in the play. I don't find boys in dresses hot but I liked the characters but I kept thinking "No way in hell could I bring home someone wearing a dress to the family reunion. Awwwwkwwwarrrrd." Ooops, my intolerance is showing.

Guess this counts as the anthology thing from way back.

Chameleon by Aaron Michaels (12 pages)

A hitman goes to Vegas, snaps some guys neck in a toilet, runs across a hustler he saw in the street who is also a limo driver. They boink in the back of a Hummer and he starts considering maybe staying in Vegas and giving up the hitman life. Ummm. Okay, one fuck with a stranger and you change your life. I didn't really connect with the main character, not because he was a hitman, I've read hot hitmen, just didn't care about either character much. So okay, but not memorable.

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Jenre said...

This is the problem with the Torquere sips. They are so short there's no time for character development + sex + plot. They work much better if it's a scene from an established couple, or a just a one night stand (though that would be more erotica than romance), or a revisit from a couple from a previous book (like the 'Sweet Tart' book I read this week). Other wise you're left stratching your head and wondering whether the hero is insane.