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Friday, May 8, 2009

Update #9

Channeling Morpheus Series by Jordan Castillo Price Published by Changeling Press

Payback (37 pages); Vertigo (40 pages); Manikin (54 pages); Tainted (40 pages); Rebirth (61 pages)

Amazing series. Loved the characters and how each book switched perspective from Michael to Wild Bill. Looking forward to reading the next series of works with these two guys. They weren't as gory as I'd expected based on what was said. But vampire hunting is a dirty job so there's going to be some amount of blood and smoking hot sex. Highly recommend. I love this author since I've discovered her.

Bitten by Sean Michael Published by Torquere Press (223 pages)

This is book two in the series and focuses beyond Anton and Greg by adding Jackson (Geoff) and Nathan's story to the mix combined with the war to protect their territory. It was good, I got into the story and I liked Geoff and Nathan but I was getting a bit tired of the same old sex scenes between Greg and Anton with tons of growling and biting and "mine" "yours" "mine" "mine". Yeah yeah, their wolves I get it. Their intense, yeah sure. I found the scenes with Geoff and Nathan more appealing. But overall I enjoyed it.

This was my "in my TBR file for more than 2 months" read.

Deadly Wrong by Victor J. Banis Published by MLR Press (252 pages)

This was the second in the series following Deadly Nightshade. It was great to see the Stanley and Tom grow closer even if they have the strangest relationship ever. I love Stanley, nothing gets him down, he's quick to adapt to the situation and make it fit what he wants. Looking forward to reading the next installment.


Jenre said...

Love those Channeling Morpheus books. I must get some Victor J Banis books. Everyone keeps banging on about how great they are.

BTW, you can't escape, Tam. Eyes are everywhere - especially when you list this site on your blogger profile :).

Tam said...

I don't know how to unlist it. LOL