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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update #10 aka "I need a life"

Too many books, too much money, too much reading, not enough housework, oh well. I'm not longer really counting but just putting stuff here to remind myself what I'm doing. Most are shorts, so that's my excuse.

Affair in Paradise by Matthew Haldemann-Time (23 pages)

I REALLY like this author. I re-read his free shorts on his website a lot. So anything I find of his is an autobuy but there's not much out there so far. This case young guy (he tends to write mostly college age guys I find) goes on Caribbean vacation with a girl friend (not a girlfriend) and meets young single guy. They hit it off but the other guy never makes a move. Finally on the last day young guy decides to go for it. Turns out single guy is a total sub who starts calling him Master. Kind of freaks him out but he goes with it to a point - no Master he makes him use his name - (penile piercing not withstanding - ouch) and they end up having some hot beach sex followed by room sex with cuffs and blindfold. Overall I enjoyed it and it was kind of a case of the sub being pulled out of his comfort zone and a "normal" guy being pulled out of his and becoming more of a dom. Interesting dynamic for such a short piece.

Lessons in Mastery 1: Under Control by Laine Williams (25 pages)

Wow. Dealing with a difficult subject of spousal abuse (not the main characters though) and getting past childhood abuse to trust and understand power within a relationship. Very powerful and touching story. I really enjoyed it despite getting teary at the end.

Stranger Things Have Happened: New York by Willa Okati (43 pages)

This is a follow-up to Stranger Things Have Happened which I bought and didn't love. First book I bought with extreme piercing and tattoos. I love me some tattoo stories but it made me squeemish, however I got sucked in and bought this. Will I buy Dallas and Denver the next two books? Arrgghh Probably because I just need to know what happens. LOL Basically they are on a tattoo tour and find a puppy (Gulf war vet) to bring home. Conflict ensues.

Slap Shot by Dianne Fox (11 pages)

Being Canadian its mandatory to like hockey stories. It was okay for 11 pages. Young hot shot gets sent to the minors, pisses off vetern goalie. They fight and end up room mates. He figures out young guy is gay and going out to get laid, says that's bad for your rep, let me help, mutual BJs ensue. In 11 pages its kind of hard to get into. Would I want to read more about them? I suppose. Longer would have been better.

One More Word by Dallas Coleman (11 pages)

I found the first few pages of this book hilarious. Hardly any words on the page. One word paragraphs but funny. Romance writer gets frustrated, ends up hooking up with his ex who cheated on him 5 years ago and they've been hooking up periodically ever since. Ex finally tells him to get over it and let him come home. Ex is a cowboy. Not bad plot for 11 pages. More would be good, better than the hockey players. I would read more by this author.

Feather Dustery by Drew Zachary (14 pages)

Robert and Sam of On Fire are back and getting kinky with a feather duster. A little revist with the guys. Nothing all that special but cute.

Facets: Rought Cut by Rob Knight (33 pages)

Young college graduate goes to tattoo parlor with friends on graduation. Decides to come back the next day for a special tattoo by tattoo artist Six. Meets Six's boyfriend Julian. After he gets it done he's all turned on (never works that way for me) so Six and Julian take him out for a drink, 3 orgasms in about 15 min. ensue and he goes home with them. He must have been shooting powder by the end of the night. There are two more books in this dealing with the difference of two free spirits who can't be bothered doing laundry so buy more and sometimes pay the electricity sometimes don't vs college grad who does laundry and buys groceries. Will I buy the other two? Arrggh Yes. Tattoos. What can I say.

Paxton's Winter by T.D. McKinnley (137 pages)

Great book. In the old west bounty hunter finds his prey who's like a Western/Southern James Bond to me (but gay), ends up believing him that he's not the bad guy, they fall in love and band together to take out the bad guy with a gun battle in the street. My only concern was within 48 hours the bounty hunter changes his mind, falls in love and decides to stay with him forever and ever. HEA. I think if things had taken place over a longer period of time I'd have found it more believable but I still liked it.

Out of the Blue by Glyn Soitino (78 pages)

A genie in a bottle helps a man get over the death of his lover 2 years ago in a car accident. Loved the characters, great little story.

Keeping Karma by Tory Temple (120 pages)

Lots of animals and the one guy can hear animals thoughts which are really funny. He hooks up with Animal Control Officer. The main conflict is Animal Control guy doesn't believe the fact he can hear animals. My only complaint was they seemed to be having issues because he didn't believe him, BF is attacked, Animal Control Officer saves him and that's it, suddenly everthing is fine and dandy. No explanation of why he suddenly believed him or them working through the issues. Just from fear that the relationship was drifting apart to sure honey, I believe you. But it was a cute idea and I liked the animals talking.

Give it Time by BA Tortuga (36 pages)

Bull rider and Medic (not sure his title) start flirting when bull rider refuses to stop riding and keep irritating groin injury that could lead to impotence. Finally he agrees so that he can have sex eventually with cute medic. He's cured, they go on a cruise and boink like bunnies. It was okay, it was good, but I felt like there wasn't much background. Lots of other characters thrown in that didn't add much except to show that rodeo is freaking dangerous and damaging to your body parts. More about who the guys were, their lives outside the show circuit would have worked for me.

Bruised 1: Connection by Sean Michael (28 pages)

I should know better than to buy these Sean Michael stories with weird ass fetishes. Sigh. Cherry Sours anyone? This time the guy discovers (seems to be a new fetish) that he likes leaving hickeys and bruises (not from hitting but holding tight) on his new lover, a Texas cowboy lawyer. Guy is a mechanic and they meet when the lawyer brings in this truck. Its basically them spending the weekend together and figuring out this little bruising thing which they both seem fine with. Book 2 and 3 are them further expanding their relationship. Will I buy book 2 and 3? Not right now. I didn't really connect to the characters that much. But then I didn't think that about Cherry Sours either and I enjoyed the sequels now many months later so who knows. But unliked Facets: Rough Cut I won't be running out and buying them anytime soon.

A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach (212 pages)

212 pages of sex with a bit of plot/character development built in. Well done sex, but its basically two opposites meet and get together and fall in love within about 30 min. I enjoyed it and didn't find the sex too repetitive or anything so for what it was it was enjoyable. Unusual use for garlic dip.

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