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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sesame Street on Drugs ... T, U, W

Well, I kind of stalled out on J. I can't get into it and I've already read T, U and W so I'll update those and hope I can power through J. Might be some skimming *coughcopioussexscenescough* We have had some crazy spring weather. The old April showers is coming to pass. We've already had more rain in April than we usually get all month and Monday morning (Sunday night?) there was a HUGE storm. It was crazy loud and just non-stop. However it beats a blizzard. 

Hope everyone is having a great week. Or at least not awful. 

Tortoise Interruptus by JL Merrow (36 pages)
Torquere Press

Jen did a great review of this at BER, but I had to do it here. Tip has a bit of a problem. After being cursed by a cranky witch, he periodically turns into a tortoise with little warning. It annoys his sister to no end, but she takes care of him and one day puts him out front of her restaurant so he can get some sun. He is soon Tortoise-napped by a kind woman who takes him to her hotel. He manages to escape, after spending the night in the bathtub, and ends up in the room of a hot guy. Seems hot guy and the old lady were looking for him as they are going to try and get him uncursed, it was Steve's aunt who cursed him. Tip changes back and they manage to find the crazy aunt and she uncurses him. Then you just hope it took when it's time to get "personal". OMG, this is one of funniest stories I've read in a while. I believe the author wrote this on a bit of a dare, but it was so well done and I truly snorted at the very last line. Poor hapless Trip is at the mercy of the curse and can't seem to catch a break. When you are in the mood for something light and fun and just a lark, it's a great choice.

Undercover Blues by Laney Cairo (83 pages)
Torquere Press

I had read a short with two guys but it didn't mean much then Jen informed me that they were from this book. So I decided to check it out. Ryan is a young up and coming police officer working in organized crime. They have been trying to get the goods on a big crime boss, and have decided the way to do it is to get close to the man's brother. However since he's gay, they can't send their usual undercover female cop, so straight Ryan is tasked with the job. He's not thrilled to say the least, but that's work. Only something goes terribly wrong. He likes it. Ack! Jason knows all along that "Pete" is a cop but figures he'll have some fun with a straight guy and then cut him loose. Before long Ryan is in well over his head personally, as is Jason. There's an attack on the crime bosses family while Ryan is there by a rival gang that ends up with Ryan shot and injured and fired for getting too close to Jason. I really really liked this. I thought Ryan's progression from straight guy who never "got" girls, to hot for a man worked well, and some of the supporting characters were great, especially Jason's flamboyant rich mother Blue and even his humorously nicknamed boss. This is an older book, 2006, but definitely worth checking out and it's set in Australia (although Ryan is an ex-pat Brit and Jason grew up in the US) so there is some nice cultural references to enjoy. I'm going to go and find that short story again so I can enjoy it more this time knowing the whole backstory.

Walking Spencer by Chris Owen (13 pages)
Torquere Press

Another one that Jen reviewed. :-) I'm following in her footsteps. Spencer and Dean have been living together for awhile and things are still great. Spencer is disappointed when he gets home to find Dean heading out to walk the neighbor's dog, but when Dean fiddles around with the leash he's a bit surprised how hot it makes him. Dean catches on, and later that day, when it's walk time, he takes Spencer on a walk as well. It's not like he has him on a collar and leash, he just hooks it to his belt loop, but it's the running commentary he keeps up during the walk that has Spencer close to coming in his pants before they get home. I really like books when there is lots of build-up and tension and you get that here as Spencer is just getting wound tighter and tighter. Dean knows it and is enjoying every minute of it. Two cute guys in love keeping it spicy and interesting. When you need something quick, steamy and cute, a great choice.


Chris said...

I really, really need to reread Undercover Blues.

We have snow in the forecast for Friday night. :(

Jenre said...

Glad you enjoyed the stories too, Tam. Especially the Laney Cairo one which was a fun read with some great characters.

Love your hottie today :).

Tam said...

It's worth a reread Chris. I can see myself going back to it. Snow? Ugh. We are cooler and gray but in the 40's so I can live with that.

I realized I should have subtitled this post "Jen recommends". LOL They were all books you had reviewed or recommendeds. :-)

Maybe he can give you lessons on the rules of baseball Jen.;-)

Lily said...

I read Undercover Blues a long time ago and really liked it too. The others are on my TBR and I'm looking forward to them.

And baseball with sexy guys like that? Season tickets, baby!! ;)

Tam said...

I think it's kind of cool that a book written 5 years ago still stands up really well. Not that 5 years is old but the genre has changed so much I think compared to others.

Oh yeah, I'd be a big fan should they shed the uniforms. They have that stupid lingerie bowl of girls in underwear playing football, why not the jock games, wearing nothing but a jock guys play sports. Women would watch.

Chris said...

I'm pretty sure straight women wouldn't be the only ones watching... I'm thinking that would be a popular event for gay men to watch, too. ;)

Tam said...

Good point Chris. I know some of sports hating gay friends might just tune in for that. :-)

Janna said...

There's a lot of Jen-reference today, lol!
Between you and her my list of tbr short reads is growing and growing. :)
Your coughing made me curious about your J title! ;)

Tam said...

We aim to make everyone as poor as we are Janna. :-) It's a Sean Michael book and I just think I'm not in the mood for that much sex right now.

Janna said...

You're doing a great job, both of you, lol!

wren boudreau said...

*looks at hottie, drools, ignores conversation*

Tam said...

He is a tad distracting Wren.