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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

C, See, Sea, Si ...

Okay, my alphabet challenge is completely off the rail and I've stalled out on C. LOL What can I say, it's a lovely round letter, similar to me. :-/

Spring just doesn't wanna come.  Ice pellets, freezing rain, snow in places. Craziness. So glad it's a 4 day week for me. And 4 days next week too. Double bonus. 4 day weekend.

Call and Answer by Val Kovalin (122 pages)
Amber Allure

Henri is a young Cajun who has just graduated and it's his last summer before university. He's found a black man who plays the guitar in a caretaker's cottage nearby, and eventually Gabriel calls him in where there is instant attraction. Gabriel soon reveals himself to be a shape-shifting alligator who needs Henri to be a conduit for the energy they build having sex. The twist to this, is it's happening in the mid-50's. Two men? Eek. A black man and a white man? Double Eek. What I loved though was Henri didn't care. He knew he was gay (and white obviously) and he wanted Gabriel and he was prepared to do what he had to do to be with him. There are some other underlying stories of conflict with a local family and how Henri releases the power but let me just say that I'm glad Val said this was only the first in a series because I would have been sending her a nasty e-mail if it had just ended there. :-) However I look forward to the couple moving forward and Henri becoming more mature and how they manage to function in the time-period they are in. I also loved Henri's family who while traditional, were more open than most people at that time period. I swear I could hear their voices too. Very distinctive speech patterns which lent a lot of atmosphere to the book.

Craven by Eden Cole (84 pages)
Risky Ink

Craven moved to LA ten years ago to pursue his music career. However it's just not going, and he's decided to pack it in and turns to his best friend, and sister's ex, Trevor for help. Trevor has always accepted him and supported him unlike his judgmental sister. Unfortunately his sister is living with Trevor now, but just as roommates. It's awkward, and Craven has always been in love with Trevor, but Trevor dates women. He helps Craven get a job at his office but then acts as his agent of sorts to get Craven a contract at a local club that eventually leads to part ownership. Trevor finally admits that he's always wanted Craven too, ever since he gave him a kiss ten years ago, however he doesn't seem prepared to come out and throws around comments about an open relationship which Craven can't handle (considering he's never even kissed anyone for the last ten years let alone had sex) so he leaves, and finally his sister comes off her high horse to help facilitate a reunion. The sister, given why she was rooming with Trevor had no room to talk, but managed to still judge, and Trevor was basically an oblivious idiot with his "open relationship" blather. I'm not sure I believed that someone in the music industry could avoid even being kissed for 10 years but ... It was an entertaining enough read and I do have a thing for tattoos and piercings.

Crunch Time by Andrew Grey (103 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

George is a teacher who's friend Lonnie (from the other books) asks him to help one of his clients, Darren, a football star whose blown his knee, prepare for a guest spot as a host on a sports show. Darren is typical of sports celebs who've been catered to their whole lives, and then George discovers he can't read which is going to make the job thing nearly impossible. Once he busts through Darren's bravado and gets him diagnosed as dyslexic, they work toward helping him adjust to life outside of football. Of course they start a relationship despite the natural insecurity about homophobia in football and even Darren's Dad who was all about his son being a man and playing sports. There are a few cameos by characters from the other books, mostly Lonnie and his rude and crude behaviour but his unfailing loyalty to his gay friends. A cute story that touched on a few subjects like pushing kids through school if they are sports stars, homophobia in sports and learning disabilities.


Chris said...

You did pretty well in the C's, didn't you?

I have no idea which letters you've read now. There's an A-Z challenge in the GRs MM Romance group and they don't care if you read in order or anything - you just fill out the letters when you read a book that fits.

K. Z. Snow said...

Alligator, Tam, not crocodile. (Okay, I peeked.)

I love your reviews! They're the only ones that regularly make me smile, even chuckle. "He knew he was gay (and white, obviously)." :-D

Jenre said...

I've lost track too. Did you get to Q yet? That's going to be the hard one for me to do. I looked to see what Lily had reviewed and I'd already read that Q book.

I have to do my challenge in alphabetical order. Have to.

These sound like decent reads, Val's especially. I shall be reading that at some point soon in the future :).

Tam said...

The letters I have left: J, N, O, Q, R, S, V, Y, Z. Not that many. But nothing I have with those letters has made me want to read them. I'd also read that Q one Jenre but I have the AM Riley one, the latin name.

Well, crap KZ. I was laying in bed last night thinking about the difference between crocs and gators. I better fix that. Thanks for the compliment. :-)

They were all okay Jenre, but Val's was the best of the three. Definitely worth reading.

Chris said...

Maybe you'll get some ideas from what others are reading in the Goodreads MM group's A-Z challenge?

Tam said...

Oh, that's a good idea Chris. There should be lots of ideas there. I hope.

Polt said...

re: Hottie Of The Day.

The vein would be fun to trace with your tongue, don'tcha think?

And is it wrong that I only comment here on your Hotties of the day?


Tam said...

Not at all hon. I sometimes think of you when I'm selecting them. I'll go "Oh, he's got a hairthing Polt would like." :-) I try to have something for everyone.

K. Z. Snow said...

Yes, Val's book is definitely worth reading.

Now I'm going to write a story whose title begins with Q. Next challenge, it'll be a guaranteed pick. :)

Tam said...

Or X KZ. Also a difficult letter to find. :-)

Lily said...

I've got Val and Andrew's on my TBR. Not sure about the other one though.

Love your hottie!

Tam said...

I'm not sure you need to rush out for it Lily. :-) He is pretty.

K. Z. Snow said...

Ooo, thanks for the suggestion! Heh.

Larissa said...

Oh noes. Cold weather in April sucks! Heard from another friend that it still feels like winter in the Rockies!

Eden Cole's book looks good!!

Tam said...

My cousins live in Alberta and they got snow last week. Too depressing.

It was good although quite a few misunderstandings that a little communication could have fixed easily enough.