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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Mumbling - Series

There are two kinds of series in booklandia. Those that follow a single couple (talking romance here) through a series of adventures, and those that feature a community of characters, each book focusing on a different couple, but with characters from previous or future books playing secondary roles. For the purpose of this discussion today, I'm going to stick with the former; series that focus on one couple and their adventures toward a happily ever after.

Some people don't like series much because they hate having to wait for the next installment. More so with this type of series, because with the community style you can read them out of order and still usually "get it", and since each couple get their HEA in their book, there are no "cliff hangers". I know some readers like to save up and then read them all at once as another option. I don't mind a cliff hanger as a rule, even though I'm quite liable to whine about it here, it doesn't put me off buying the books as they arrive.

Now picking my favourite series is a bit like picking my favourite child. Luckily I only have one of those, not so with series. So if I missed anyone I apologise and I hope others chiming in with their favourites will mention those I don't. In no particular order:

First up, the Cambridge Fellows mystery books by Charlie Cochrane. I confess I have not read all eight of these yet. It's certainly not because I don't think they are worth a read, they definitely are, but I just haven't got there yet. So many books, so little time. But the adventures of academics Jonty and Orlando are great fun to follow as the amateur sleuths solve a number of crimes while dealing with their relationship in the early 20th century.

More mysteries come from Victor J. Banis with his Deadly series of books. Who can resist flamingly out cop Stanley and his macho straight(?) partner Tom as they solve crimes. Of course it gets really interesting once Stanley and Tom become a couple and head off on their own as private investigators. Another series I have not finished but it's on the list. Two to go.

I defy anyone not to fall in love with Nicky and Brandon in James Buchanan's series. In-the-closet cop Brandon and goth-boy Nicky are a perfect couple whose D/s games make for some smoking hot reading, along with some good crime solving. Even though I wanted to smack Brandon more than once for the way he treated Nicky, I was all smooshy and "awwwww" at the end. So it's good. :-)

Channeling Morpheus (5 shorts) and Sweet Oblivion (5 more shorts) by Jordan Castillo Price will have you totally hooked on vampires. Wild Bill and Michael are a perfect pair and if you like a touch of horror with your romance this is a great choice. I just adored them both and the last book had me on the edge of my seat ready to write JCP a nasty e-mail if it didn't end the way I wanted. She remained safe from my wrath. :-)

The Draegen Lords series by M.L. Rhodes is not yet finished. But really, magic, dragon shifters, evil sorcerers, demons and self-lubing penises, what more can you ask? There is one more book I believe, well, one at least, and I can't wait to see Keiran and Gaige kick some serious ass.

Last but not least the PsyCop series also by Jordan Castillo Price. When I discovered this series way back in the day (like a year ago LOL) I think I read 4 books in a weekend. I just went on a binge and was totally hooked. Cops Victor and Jacob solve crimes using Victor's psychic abilities to talk to ghosts and a large part of it is unravelling the mysteries of Victor's past along the way. Creepy, sexy, funny at times, a great series and of course I'm totally in love with spin-off character Crash. What can I say? Bad boys.

So there are some of my favourite series. Tell me about yours and any you think I've missed. I'm sure there are more that I've read and enjoyed but I tried to pick those that really stood out for me. I noticed many have the mystery/detective theme and I wonder if that makes these series possible as you can have the same couple dealing with personal issues but also with new mysteries/crimes whereas just personal issues doesn't always give much meat to a story over the long term. Unless of course it turns into a soap opera but that's not really my style.


Average Reader said...

Hmmm, Tam, I'm thinking ... intriguing question. You've already named the JCP series that I would have named. There is also the Petit Morts.

There is Vivien Dean's Wranglers series (four books) about two lawyers in love in San Francisco. Lots of humor and hot sex scenes.

I'm hoping that Abigail Roux will turn her book According to Hoyle into a series.

Let's see, my books Trinity Trespass and Call and Answer are both the first books to what will be series.

I'm enjoying Elle Parker's Like Coffee and Doughnuts mystery series, and James Buchanan's series that you mentioned.

I'm very curious about that new Ginn Hale serialized thing that Kassa and Jenre have been reviewing, but I just can't stand the inevitable cliffhanger aspect of something like that (not that the author can help doing it when the story is released in installments). Maybe I'll wait and read all several thousand pages at the end!

Tam said...

Oh yes, I enjoyed the Vivien Dean series as well. Glad to hear yours are going to be expanded. I have the second Elle Parker book but haven't read it yet. Again, seems many of them are a detective theme which seems to work well for a series with repeat characters.

I haven't read the second Ginn Hale yet although I have it, somewhere. I hate when I download things on different computers. I just know I'd never tackle a 1000 page book so I'd likely miss out on some good stuff if I don't do it this way.

Jenre said...

My favourite series of this type is Josh Lanyon's Adrien English books, closely followed by the Psycop books.

I have the first Deadly book on my TBR pile (it's been there for ages) and I really must read the Charlie Cochrane books. Everyone raves about them so I just know I'll enjoy them :). The Nicky and Brandon books are just fab too.

There's something very satisfying about following a couple through a story arc, and I'm always a bit sad when the series ends. However, I'm also conscious that some series like this go on too long.

The Ginn Hale books aren't a series as such, just one long book broken up into 10 sections. There's no complete story within each book as there is with a series book.

Jenre said...

Oh, I forgot the Deviations series. Love those books too and I'm slowly making my way through them.

Jenre said...

Also, I meant to say that I like series books when they are spread out a little. I get bored of the characters when I read them too close together. I know that Chris likes to save up a series and read it all in one go and she sometimes reviewettes a whole series in her friday posts that she's read during the week, but I like a gap so that I get a bit of space between the characters and me before starting the next in the series.

Jenre said...

I'll shut up now :)

Tam said...

I have to confess I have not read the Adrien English series even though I have them all. Sigh. A variety of reasons, the biggest being that I don’t care for the in the closet theme, which is a biggie there.

Both the Deadly books and the Cochrane books are great. I think you’ll really love the latter because I know you enjoy historicals, and if even I love it then they are good. LOL

Yes, series that drag on too long are a bit like watching a train wreck in progress. You know you should stop but something draws you in. It’s great when an author can say they have reached the end, but I also know there is so much pressure from fans to keep it going. It’s a bit like tough love, stopping it while it’s still remembered fondly.

I’ve not read the Deviations books either.

Tam said...

LOL I've done that too, sometimes read too many in the same series and become a bit "sick" of them. Sometimes a break is good, as long as it's not an 18 month break so you forget what happened. :-)

Josephine Myles said...

I'll have to put in another vote for Adrien English here :)

I love the Psycops series but haven't read any of the others you've mentioned, bar that very first Cambridge Fellows book. I shall have to remedy this.

Oh yeah, and I love Crash too! I'd actually be happy for Vic to cheat on Jacob with him. Or have a threesome - I'm not fussed. Crash rules.

Tam said...

Jo!!!!! LOL I know JCP talked briefly about a threesome idea, maybe it was a dream or something but she thought people would be too freaked out. Obviously you aren't one of them. :-D

You should try the James Buchanan, very smexy and great characters. Okay, all of them. :-)

Chris said...

I love that Charlie Cochrane series! But you'll definitely need a tissue or 10 for the last book.

Oh yeah, Nicky & Brandon, PsyCop, and the Deadly mysteries are favorites of mine. Also, as Val mentioned, Like Coffee & Doughnuts. And I recently got hooked on Shadow of the Templar and Cut & Run.

Other are LB's series about Romano & Albright and Josh's series about Holmes & Moriarity.

Tam said...

Uh oh. Please don't tell me one of them dies. If one of them dies I can' read it.

Who writes Shadow of the Templar?

Yes, Josh and LB's series are both just getting started with two books each. I confess I have not read the second in either but enjoyed both firsts so it's just a matter of time.

Chris said...

I can't tell you anything, because the whole not knowing wth is going on is a huge part of the story.

M Chandler - you can pick them up at lulu.com for $0.99 each, and then go to her site to read some steamy shorts that happens during and between the books.

Tam said...

But see I'm one of those people who likes spoilers. I won't read it unless I know now. I'll just avoid it until I find out. :-) If I think it's might not be good, I'll never read it.

Mariana said...

I've all save the Charlie Cochrane...will have to get on that :) You've picked really great series.

I agree with Val re: According to Hoyle. It would be great to see what happens after they chase after the artifact.

Tam said...

Thanks Mariana. I know that Val really liked According to Hoyle. I think it's a Western though and just not sure it's my cup of tea.

Polt said...

re: Your Hottie Of The Day.

I always like licked abs like candy. Especially ones just like those! :)


Tam said...

He could smear the candy all over and it could be licked off. Combining food and hotties is always good. :-)

Janna said...

Oh yes, the Nicky & Brandon books are one of my favorite series of this type too!
Also the, I think not mentioned yet, series by Urban and Roux: Cut & Run and the rest of them.

Ingrid said...

I like the Heaven Sent series as well (with exception of the last book that was about Gretchen and m/f/m, not my thing). And the Stephani Hecht shifter series.

Tam said...

I never got into the Cut and Run series Janna. Not sure why, I just never connected with Book 1 but I know it's a fan favourite.

Those are good ones too Ingrid. Definitely no m/f/m for me these days.

Leontine said...

Okay, i'm late to this convo but I'm going to start my day with pytting james buchanan's books on my iPad. I just forgot how intrigued I was with this series to begin with. And D/s is always a tingly hot button LOL I also need to get my hoks in to ML Rhodes' Draegon Lords series, you has me at self lubing penises ;)

Tam said...

Yay. Hope you enjoy Nicky and Brandon. And yes, how CAN you go wrong with self-lubing penises. :-)

Lily said...

Late to the party and I don't think I've got anything new to add but here goes.

Deadly Mysteries by Victor J. Banis
Bay City Paranormal by Ally Blue
Taking the Odds by James Buchanan
EMS Heat by Stephani Hecht
Soul Mates by Jourdan Lane
With or Without and Sci-Regency by JL Langley
Gods and Chaos by Jay Lygon
Deviations by Chris Owens
PsyCop by JC Price

These are some of the ones I've enjoyed reading over the years. I'm sure there are more but I just can't think of them now. :)

Great post, Tam!

Tam said...

Oh I forgot the Soul Mates series Lily. A great one. Also Gods and Chaos I enjoyed.

Erotic Horizon said...

Quite a few of mine are already listed - just adding more of the recommended series to my list...

Some I have started a feww and some I overlooked for the newier shinier stuff - MUST GET BACK TO THEM..


Tam said...

I do the same. I get distracted by new things and sometimes it's hard to get back to it.