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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Christmas in May

I shouldn't be allowed to go on shopping jags without someone to hold my hand and make sure I don't go off on a tangent, like buying a whole bunch of Christmas stories in the spring (for 50% off though). Oh well, there's always room for Christmas shorts.

Just My Luck by Cassandra Gold (15 pages)
Grad student/book store employee Greg's car won't start on Christmas Eve after work. He's rescued by hunky coffee shop owner Seth who offers to drive him home. Greg has been crushing on Seth and is nervous now that he's actually got his attention. When they get to Greg's place, a fire caused the electrical system to go out so everyone has to leave the apartment building. He has no where to go and tries to turn Seth down but finally agrees to go and stay at his place until he can move home. Once they get there, Seth admits he's been eyeing up Greg but wasn't sure if he should make a move. Over some hot cocoa and homemade Christmas cookies Greg makes it clear that a move is welcome and ... well, maybe his luck changed and bad things don't come in three. Lordy, I hope so. That means my microwave won't blow up next. LOL A cute little story.
Tinsel by Rob Rosen (15 pages)

Tinsel is working the yo-yo line at Santa's workshop but not feeling it. When suddenly Santa's bad boy nephew Yule ends up working next to him and he's fascinated. On their break, Yule takes Tinsel out back for a smoke (elves don't smoke, gamble, cuss or have sex - but Yule does). They're having a nice little session of 69 when the alarm goes off. Comet is missing!!! *gasp* All the elves are tasked to get out there and find him or no Christmas. Yule manages to team up with Tinsel and off they go into the woods. They find a cave, start a fire and Yule brought some essential supplies. Lube and a dildo. The supplies yield a fine result and they even manage to find and rescue Comet. It's a funny little twist on Santa's elves although I kept having Keebler Elf images which made it hard to think sexy thoughts about them.
A New Kind of Feast by Lorne Rodman (18 pages)

Paul has no where to go on Christmas since his family rejected him so is at the grocery store late looking for Christmas dinner. He manages to grab the last frozen turkey dinner when firefighter Bill shows up looking for his own frozen dinner. He had to work and his family went to Mexico. After chatting they decide to team up and make their own Christmas feast, featuring just about everything they can think of as they fill the cart including 3 boxes of cherry chocolate (men after my own heart), hams, yams, caramels, apples, Tang and Ruffles potato chips. They go to Paul's where they prepare their Christmas Eve feast and settle down to watch some things blow up on TV and get cozy. It was a cute little story about two guys having fun shopping and buying crap they normally wouldn't then finding out they actually like each other decide to spend the holiday together.
So they were all cute little stories, but I'm glad Christmas isn't for another 7 or so months.


Lily said...

I haven't read any of these but Tinsel sounds fun. Merry Xmas, Tam :D

Tam said...

Thanks Lily. If I'd been really organized I should have bought a turkey for today. LOL Tinsel was cute.

Chris said...

The only one I've read is the Cassandra Gold, which I liked. The Lorne Rodman sounds fun.

Heh - I'm sure you weren't including me in the people who should be along keeping an eye on you to prevent you from going on a shopping tangent. :D

veri: cophip

Tracy said...

The first and last sound very cute. Something about Christmas stories that involve elves working for Santa do nothing for me. Although I have read some and have some in my TBR. I think they might stay in my TBR. lol

My veri word is wational. "I'm not crazy, I'm completely wational."

Tam said...

No Chris, you'd be the one pointing out more stuff to me and going "oh you should get that". LOL

It was hard for me to think of sexy elves even though the description was there, six pack abs and all Tracy, but as I said, images of Keebler elves just didn't want to get out of my head, but on a humerous level it was a cute read.

You guys and your so excellent word veris. LOL

Amara Devonte said...

Nice. How great is Christmas in May. Never to early! I just bought a Christmas and New Years short, figured I was nuts. :)

Merry Christmas.

Tam said...

Welcome to my world Amora. I read Halloween shorts year around too. LOL I find many of the stories may use Christmas/NY as a catalyst but like two of these, it doesn't really play a huge role, except for the elves of course. :-)

Ho ho ho.

Jenre said...

Sounds like a good set of shorts, Tam. 50% off huh? Maybe I'll buy them now and save them to read next Christmas :)

Tracy said...

Now see, Halloween stories I love and can read all year round as well. Yes, I know, I have issues. lol

Tam said...

Well, it was he ARe thing Jen, ALMOST like 50% off, or buy one get one free, or ... okay, I've justified it enough. :-)

I love Halloween stories too Tracy and read them year around. I'm not a HUGE Christmas fan, I don't seek them out but it seems Torquere released all those sips to ARe in time for that 50% back sale so I snapped up 4 or 5 that I thought look interesting or were by authors I liked.