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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bodacious ... Blogging Award

Sweetheart Tracy at Tracy's Place tagged me for this one.

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I'm going to skip tagging anyone, but thanks again Tracy. I need to look at this because yes .... my TV just died. Well, it's working but there is a giant circle of psychedelic colors in the middle. It was fine at 1:00. At 7:30 - poof. Good-bye more money. This is #3 so it better be it. I'm combining this into a review post. Cheating.

Rescue by Sean Michael (15 pages)

Dixon is a fireman who goes to his neighborhood bar to unwind after work. A young guy is there, kind of strung out and it turns out his house was the one that burned down that morning when Dix was there. He chats with the kid for a bit and invites him back to his place to do the "prove your alive after a disaster" thing. So Rob comes back, they have sex and Dix is all smug about rescuing another one. The end. It was okay but definitely more erotica than romance as there's no real indication it will go beyond this one time, but I suppose it could. It's okay, typical Sean Michael.

Your Forever by Jenna Jones (78 pages)

Del is best man for his friend Jeff's wedding. Jeff's half-brother has no where to stay so Del offers his couch. Theo is much younger than Jeff and they have a distant relationship. They pick him up and he and Del hit it off right away and end up in bed together. Seems Theo isn't quite as Jeff described him and he wants to try a relationship with Del, but he lives in Texas and Del in California. Del is the kind of guy who just writes things off right away rather than see what will happen. After some angst and getting his ass kicked by his ex for yet again pushing someone away, he agrees to try. I found Del a bit of a PITA with the pushing away but on the whole it was a good little story. I would have liked to have seen more of Theo and Jeff as Jeff got to know who he really was an adult rather than the flaky kid he remembered.

Timing by Mary Calmes (260 pages)

Stef is heading to Texas to be his best friends man-of-honour. He has never gotten along with her brother Rand and while she said he wouldn't be there, of course he is. They've hated each other for years, ever since the first day they met and Rand called him a fag. They agree to call a truce for the wedding and then Rand starts acting weird and freaking Stef out by being all touchy-feely. Eventually he finally confesses he's been crushing on Stef and they get together while trying to get things ready for the wedding and deal with a meeting Stef was asked to do while he's in Texas. Then there's a murder, a drunk cousin, 60 year olds having sex (off page), and enough booze to drown a small country. Stef is "perfect", he's gorgeous, funny, able to charm anyone, the most amazing friends, tough, strong, can fight, etc. Okay, granted his relationship skills on the whole suck but otherwise he's a dream come true who even lets chicks rub all over his abs and body. LOL But despite this and the fact that Rand's behaviour would have had my head spinning I liked them both. I thought the whole subplot with the murder could have likely been skipped and Rand's sister was needy and kind of whiny (I don't have much patience for Bridezillas), but on the whole this is a read for when you don't take it all too seriously. Just go with he flow and enjoy.

Man and Wolf by Kate Roman (225 pages)

Rob brings his poisoned dog into vet Jamie's clinic. He's totally panicked but then vanishes before he can see if she's okay. Jamie is totally smitten and eventually tracks him down. They start dating and it's hot and heavy when Jamie finds out that Rob was part of a military experiment to turn kids into werewolves. During an accident in training Rob was able to get away and has been on the run for 6 years and it's the kind of werewolf where he turns against his control on the full moon (the night he brought his dog in) or when he's under stress. There's a whole subplot of an animal control guy who is sure Jaime is breeding wolves for some weird reason. I kept expecting the military guys to show up and them to have to go on the run, but they didn't. I wasn't sure if I was disappointed it didn't happen that way or happy it didn't go the traditional route. Gee, you can't please me huh? LOL This is definitely insta-love but it's the mates things so I can live with it and Jamie and Rob have tons of hot sex, there was the mandatory nosey friends, but the dogs were really cute. It's a bit of a twist on the werewolf thing which is different. It was okay but I did seem to have trouble focusing on it. Not sure why.

Nine Tenths of the Law by LA Witt (150 pages)

Zach's out for drinks with his boyfriend of 6 months Jake when Nathan arrives. Seems Nathan has been Jake's boyfriend of 4 years. Ack. Zach is stunned and upset and after leaving Jake offers to take Nathan for a beer. That night they have angry revenge sex but Zach figures it's a one-time thing. A couple of weeks later Nathan shows up at his movie theatre and they decide to have a no strings thing because two exes dating would be weird and wrong. (Although I don't see why.) Nathan has serious trust issues and before long Jake is trying to cause trouble between them and feeding Nathan's issues which makes Zach crazy until finally he calls it quits and they have to figure out if they can make it work or if it's too much. Actually I understood Nathan's issues and Zach just figured since he hadn't given him a reason not to he should trust him. I wasn't sure that was realistic given Nathan's past and Zach's idea of using BDSM to induce trust didn't work for me. Trusting someone not to physically harm you in bed is not the same as trusting them not to cheat on you. Their intense physical attraction certainly came through and it was interesting reading about Zach's movie theatre and the challenges of running a business. I enjoyed it but a few times I thought they focused too much on why dating was a bad idea when I thought it was no big deal.


Jenre said...

I feel like I jinxed you :(.

The Kate Roman book sounds good. I always like her writing.

Tam said...

Well, this morning it's no longer a psychadelic circle but pretty much purely bluish. Everyone looks very cold. Oh, the smurfs are lime green. LOL Unlike the computer I don't feel like I have to run out and get one TODAY, so I can shop around. Sigh.

I did like the writing in the Kate Roman book but I found the danger plot of the breeding wolves a bit odd, but not odd enough to put me off.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! You're t.v. is dead too? Is Mercury in retrograde? The radio pyschic keeps saying that electronics and light bulbs always blow when Mercury is in retrograde. I don't really think that's true, but my BFF and I blame Mercury for every electronic malfunction now.

I have the Calmes book on my Sony, but I haven't gotten around to it. I've been considering the Witt book, but it's not a priority buy at the moment.

Lily said...

Sorry about the TV, that sucks! :(

Go figure, the only one I've read is Sean's. lol

The rest sound interesting especially L.A.'s story which I've already got on my buy list. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Tam said...

Hmmmm. I'm blaming Mercury now too Eyre. I have to blame something (besides old age of electronics LOL). I already told my daughter looks like our vacation will be cut short this year. Oh well

When you're in the mood for something not too serious the Calmes book is a good read.

Tam said...

I figured you would have read it Lily. LOL

The others were good reads, none that blew me away but good entertainment.

Chris said...

Ack! Not the TV, too! Have you considered perhaps sacrificing some small bit of electronica to appease the spirits?! ;)

Heh, I've read Rescue, Your Forever, and Nine-tenths of the Law - and agree with what you thought!

Oh, congrats on winning a book over at JCP's! :)

Tam said...

I won a book? Squee!! Okay, I'll get my butt over there. I didn't even realize I was trying.

Do you think the gods would be appeased if I sacrificed an already broken piece? I could go out and smash my phone with a hammer while chanting loudly.

Chris said...

I didn't realize we were trying, either! :)

Hmm. Go carefully. You don't want to further anger them!

Kris said...

If they're anything like the Gods of Plumbing sacrificing an already broken piece will only incur their wrath. Trust me on this.

Tam said...

I think at this point I'm just going to try for keeping my head out and out of their notice.

Tam said...

head down. Sheesh

K. Z. Snow said...

What's wrong with seeing a giant circle of psychedelic colors? Jeez, some people just can't appreciate good acid flashbacks.

Tam said...

Let's just say it makes Food Netwook interesting to watch. Who'd have thought there was so much blue food.