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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday ... Tuesday ... Um, I don't know. It's Tuesday

I've read a couple of things last few days. Nothing terribly long.

Snared by JL Merrow (68 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Martin is on vacation in Scotland. He sees a wildcat caught in a snare and saves it, but ends up badly scratched. The next day he meets Callum in the pub. Callum is Irish but in Scotland for a month and invites Martin back to his place. Martin's a bit weirded out and Callum acts kind of strangely, but they have some hot smexin' (sans any mention of condoms). He wakes up to hear Callum arguing with someone. Getting up he's freaked to find out his B&B landlady turn into a werecat and want to attack him. While he's watching her fight with Callum another young woman bites him, meaning he'll turn into one as well to keep their secret. After a rough couple of days he's awaiting the first changing during the full-moon and can't figure out why Callum is being such an asshole about it. He finds out later why. I found the people of the town quite unsympathetic, especially in their zeal to keep their secret and I found Callum a bit annoying in his roundabout way of approaching everything. Also Martin's paranoia all the time with people thinking he was gay just by looking at him made me want to smack him, although I think he got over that by the end. On the whole I enjoyed this although I'd be curious what happens to Martin and Callum now that they are mates.

Broken Bones, Mended Hearts by William Cooper (40 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Noah wakes up in the hospital badly beat up. Seems he came onto some guy at university who took offence and he and his buddies beat him up. His roommate and BFF Mark is there to take care of him and straight arrow Mark suddenly kisses him. Also Noah's family is coming to make sure he's okay, including his older sister who raised him when his mother died and his father and younger step-brother. At home he and Mark take things to the next level (despite casts on both legs and an arm) and after revealing all to his sister (who knew he was gay) finally comes out to his Dad. This is a very sweet story (perhaps a bit too sweet even for me with my high schmoop tolerance). It's all told from Noah's POV so you never really find out why Mark decided to go gay and jump in with both feet waving the rainbow flag. Everyone is happy, supportive, (except for the guys who beat him up), perfect. If you want no angst and some sugar, it's a good short read.

On a side note, when Noah tells his Dad, his Dad says "I can't say I understand" and I've seen that phrase or variations used many times and books and I think "What is to "understand"?" You don't see gay people saying "I don't understand why you think girls are attractive." "I don't understand why you have blond hair." It's not something you need to "understand". It' just is. Kind of annoys me. Stupid but there it is. My annoyance of the week.

Inestimable Blessings by Amanada Young (145 pages)
ALY Books

Lee's got a good life, stable job, house, no boyfriend, but he wants a family so has a surrogate about 6 weeks from popping out a little one. His friends bug him about talking about a baby too much and tell him gay men don't want to talk kids, so when he finally meets his hot neighbor Finn and they start dating he keeps his mouth shut. He figures it's just a fling anyway, so whatever. As the date approaches he finally breaks down and tells Finn who doesn't react very well. A week later Finn apologises, they work it out and eagerly await the baby. The baby arrives, everything is going great and Lee is just about to say the "L" word when he catches Finn in a compromising position with his ex. Ooops. I was a bit worried about reading this one so soon after the other baby one I read, but the baby is really a much smaller part of this and there is little discussion of shopping or decorating. Some, but not tons. It's more about Lee and Finn and working up the nerve to tell him and then coping with the aftermath. The major crisis is resolved within minutes which was nice, not dragged out forever and it's a sweet story without excessive angst or trauma.

I still think the guy on the left on the cover looks a bit frightened that baby up above their heads doesn't have a diaper on. He should be afraid. LOL


Chris said...

Hmm. Still not sure about Snared... and you know me and Amanda Young. :) But yeah, that guy should be very, very afraid of an undiapered baby floating overhead!

Tam said...

Snared was kind of weird with a very unsympathetic townspeople, their behaviour did not leave me wanting to keep them safe. But I didn't mind it. It was a short quick read.

Janna said...

ROFL at the undiapered baby remark!
I think Snared, but might give Inestimable Blessings a try.
William Cooper's story was sweet indeed, but I liked the uncomplicated way these guys interacted and a angst free read every now and then is a good thing. :)

Tam said...

Blessings was a nice story Janna. Not too angsty but a little to add some spice.

Sometimes I am in the mood for no angst too. That's why I read it, I was looking through my books "dead lover" "suicide" "murder" "stalker" "poor health", ugh, I just wanted something that didn't require much effort on my brains behalf. It worked well for that.

Janna said...

LOL, I have a lot of books with those subjects too. And for the same reason I have to buy some no angst books once in a while. :)

Jenre said...

Hmmmm....not sure any of these really appeal. Even though I usually love JL Merrow's stuff, this is the second lukewarm review I've read of this story.

For once, I think my bank balance is safe :).

Tam said...

It's certainly not a "must read" but it wasn't a bad book either. Kind of middle of the road.

I think you would find the short waaaaaay too sweet. When I was reading it I was thinking "This would probably make Jen insane." LOL

Kris said...

"despite casts on both legs and an arm"


Tam said...

Considering we all know how whiny guys are when they are sick, I'm always amazed in books how high their pain tolerance is when sex is on the line. Open heart surgery this morning? No problem, bend over the couch and let's get going.

Kris said...

Snap! LOL!

You so need to do a guest post about this for my blog, Tam. T'would be hilarious.

Lily said...

Hmm, it's still Tuesday... I tried to wait til Wednesday but ran out of other stuff to do. LOL

I've got the first two in my TBR and enjoyed Amanda's story. But really, not the best of covers.

Tam said...

I'll think about it Kris. I'm so lazy lately.

Good effort Lily. :-) Yeah, it's a bit odd, but the story was good.

Average Reader said...

Great reviews, Tam! The cover art on that last one is a bit comical. :)

Tam said...

Thanks Val. It is an unusual cover but you have to admit baby feet are the cutest thing ever. Baby sneakers even cuter.

Anonymous said...

You know I have to read the Amanda Young book. I don't know why I'm so attracted to these baby books. It's not like I want one.

I might have to get the Cooper book, too.

Tam said...

Because guys and babies = awwwww. I've had one and it as great but that's in the past, no more thanks. So also reading about someone else dealing with poopy diapers and midnight feedings makes me glad it's not me. :-)