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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Update

Yay for long weekends. I had yesterday off for Remembrance Day. I didn't do much. All stores remain closed until 12:30, although schools are open. But the kid didn't have to be there until 9:20 so we got to sleep in a bit and then I drove her. I did go to the gym and walked 2 km. I really need to find my ipod. It's here somewhere, just where.

No specific plans today either. Just laundry and probably some grocery shopping. Maybe pick up pet supplies. I see I am nearly out of cat food. May hit the gym again. November weather has arrived. It's in the 30's but going to warm up again. So weird and warm but I am NOT complaining. :-)

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In His Hero's Shadow by Stephani Hecht (96 pages)
eXtasy books

Chauncey, a trauma nurse, and Brody a medic hate each others guts, or appear to. They can't be in the same room without the insults flying. Younger Brody thinks Chauncey is a rich entitled jerk, and Chauncey thinks Brody is a snotty little brat. After the loss of an elderly patient, someone phones Chauncey to go and get Brody out of the bar. Before long they are getting funky in the car, to be followed up by a hot night of smexin' and secrets. Brody reveals that his father was a fire fighter who died on 9/11. The next morning things get awkward and a few days later when Brody believes Chauncey told others about what happened all hell breaks loose, also Chauncey find out Brody's mom has mental issues. I thought the 9/11 storyline was very well done and Brody's pain about what happened to his dad when he was just 10 was very touching. This book was released around the 9/11 anniversary so was very pertinent at the time.

Lone Wolf by Shelley Munro (223 pages)

This is set in a world were werewolves exist but are mandated to take drugs to suppress the ability to change so no one finds out about them. However a few have special permission and there is one program where the rich can send their kids (older teens) to Yellowstone for a few weeks where they learn about their wolf sides. RJ is a counselor and Corey is the rich son of the man who runs LA. Corey is older, 21, goth and not at all interested in the whole process. He wants to be an artist and his dad insists he be an architect. Basically RJ and Corey start a fling despite RJ's protests and Corey gets in touch with his wolf and seems to have special abilities. Once Corey returns and tells his Dad to take a leap things get more complicated and it seems wolves who don't toe the line are eliminated. This seemed to be the set-up for more and it left a lot of things hanging at the end, there's an "underground railroad" for wolves who don't want to take the drugs, Corey's real father is an important man, will they fight against things? There were lots of descriptions about the park and shifting and the process of training the young and the different kids who were there. I didn't mind it, but I can see some people being frustrated that the plot doesn't move more quickly. Might be hit and miss depending on your tolerance level.

Where you Least Expect It M. Durango (200 pages)
Torquere Press

Matt is a former army guy working in IT who broke up with his fiance about a year ago. His friend Sam is always hounding him to hook up with a chick but he's not interested. On his way to a party he nearly runs over a cyclist, only to find himself face to face with the guy at the party. However Christian doesn't hold a grudge and soon he discovers that Christian is a student who works at the coffee shop next to his work. They start chatting and Matt often drives him home if it's raining and they start hanging out. Then suddenly it occurs to Matt that Christian said he was gay and he starts to weird out. After another party (they run in the same circle) he drives a drunk Christian home who makes a move. After thinking about it Matt decides to try it out and after some fuck-buddy time they agree to try a relationship. It could be said it's GFY, but more like WCBY (was clueless before you). Because Matt starts noticing other guys and notes his porn watching has changed since meeting Christian. I liked that Matt really liked Christian as a person and a friend before he even thought about anything sexual. Matt was also a typical guy. He just didn't want to think about it and what it meant. He just preferred to do it and not analyze it which got him into trouble. The build-up to the sex scenes was very spicy with lots of anticipation and seeing Matt want to try things and not just be the "I'm the straight guy so I take but don't give" was good and Christian was kind of neurotic and funny. I'm wondering if Matt's best friend Sam (who moves in with Christian's best friend Trevor) have a story. Anyway, I really enjoyed this one, it moves slowly on the relationship front but both guys were so appealing and the build-up was fun.


Chris said...

Yay for long weekends! I'm taking a four-day weekend next weekend for my birthday, then we have a four-day weekend the following week for our Thanksgiving. Woot!

Ok, I think I need to read that M Durango book.

Tam said...

Oh, that sounds nice Chris.

I really liked it. I think worth a read and it doesn't fall into the move too quickly trap.

Jenre said...

You know I wasn't sure about that M Durango book, but having read your review I think I'll give it a go. Not sure when though, cos I'm majorly behind with my reading :(.

Glad you enjoyed your long weekend. I spent 5 hours at a gymnastic competition this morning during which time youngest daughter performed her tumbling routine for about 1 minute. The rest was sitting watching everyone else's child do the same routine over and over again *snore*.

Tam said...

Ah, the things we do for our kids Jen. Karma points building up.

It was really very good, however I know the feeling with books that I SHOULD be reading vs those that I feel like reading.