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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally I finished - Lord of the White Hell

So there is some conflict in this review, well, conflict on the surface. I bought these books in San Francisco, slightly over a year ago at Yaoi Con. I got them signed by the author (swoon). They are amazing. Okay, if they are so damn good why are you only finishing them a year later? Sigh.

I have t admit that fantasy is really not my thing as a rule, but everyone I was with told me I should get them. So I finally started one in the spring while on a trip and finished book 1. Then I started book 2 when I was on vacation this summer and finished it today. So what the hell was my problem? I seriously think it was because they are paper book. I just don't read paper books unless I am traveling because reading on the lap top is more of a pain so I can just pull out a book. When I'm home I never read paper books, I am on-line reading e-books, checking the internet, whatever else I need to do. I'm pretty sure if I had these in e-books I would have devoured them.

It is the story of young Haldiim boy Kiram who is the first to attend a Caledonian academy based on his participation in a mechanical competition. He's forced to room with Javier, a Duke whose family is cursed and everyone fears him and the curse. Kiram is gay and comes from a matriarchal society and doesn't believe in all the curse/religion hocus pocus. Many Haldiim men are gay, but Caledonian society is more rigid, patriarchal and religious frowns on homosexuality. Despite being attracted to each other Kiram is determined not to be some dirty little secret so pushes Javier away. Eventually they are forced to acknowledge each other and work together to fight the curse which is growing stronger with the help of Kiram's uncle and his husband who is a Bahiim holy man.

It's complicated, there are lots of their friends from the school you get to know, the teachers, family,  the possible bad guys, magic, fighting and studying. It needs the two books to tell the story and it's not overly explicit, yes, Kiram and Javier are young men who eventually have sex but I'd have no problem letting my teenager read these books and will likely be pushing her to do so. You just get caught up in the story. So despite taking me a year to finally finish and dragging out the process, I would easily give the books 5 stars and even if you don't like fantasy much, I would recommend you read them, either e-book or paper, which ever works for you. :-)

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Chris said...

I need to read these, too... I know, I know, even if I'm not a big fan of fantasy, I will love them. I just need to get to them! :)

Tam said...

I'm certainly not one to judge you for not having read them yet. Took me long enough. I'm sure you'll enjoy them though when you get to it.

Leontine said...

I love to read fantasy and I pre-ordered these books online with discount. I read & devoured book one; love the characters and the world but somehow haven't gotten in to reading book two *frowns* Anyhoo, book one is definitely awesome so I hope book two continues the awesomeness :))

Tam said...

Book 2 definitely lives up to the first Leontine. You get to learn a lot more about their cultures, especially Kiram's as much of the book takes place on summer vacation where they are not at the Academy. I think when you get to it you'll enjoy it as much as the first.