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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magic Mansion

Have y'all been reading the Magic Mansion over at Jordan Castillo Price's site? It's a monthly serial where she posts anywhere from 4-6 chapters once a month and then you get to vote on some aspect of the story. Because this is based on a reality TV show for magicians, you get to vote someone "off the island" or "out of the mansion" I suppose, or this time it was someone to switch teams. It's great fun although I was quite disappointed at who got voted off last time. :-( Oh well, them's the breaks. 
If this was a real show I would watch it. I generally hate reality shows (unless they involve cooking) but it is fun to hear about the tricks they have to do and how they are done. Maybe that's why I enjoy it. There has to be some skill involved, not just who is the most annoying or whiny. It's also fun to see the "behind the scenes" stuff as they try to make the show more interesting. I'm wondering how this is going to wind down and eagerly awaiting to see what's up next. So stop by and read up on the last chapters. It's up to Chapter 19 but they aren't overly long and you can quickly catch up with the action.

I'm torn between cheering for John or Ricardo. Maybe a tie? :-)

By the way, voting this round ends tonight. So hurry. 


Josephine Myles said...

I haven't been reading Magic Mansion as I'm not all that into reading things with long gaps between the installments. However, maybe I should just to get a regular JCP fix!

The voting aspect does sound like fun to join in with :)

Tam said...

It seems to work with once month, I think because you get a fairly good dose of story, it's not just a few hundred words and it ends with the voting which is fun. I'm always curious if I'm with the majority.

Chris said...

You will be completely unsurprised that I'm waiting to read it when it's complete. :)

Tam said...

:-) No surprise.