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Friday, November 18, 2011

My new friends

Okay, they aren't new friends in the traditional way maybe, but I am totally stealing this idea from Mandi's blog, where there was a post about new-to-you authors. So I know we keep saying there are all these new books and new authors on the m/m scene, so have I been reading them? Have I liked them? It would seem not so much. Looking back through about the last 6 months there are probably less than a dozen. A few where I may have read them in an anthology and then a stand-alone book, but not 100's. So I thought I'd go through and see which ones I gave a 4 or 5 stars on GR and give them a bit of a promo bump here. These are all authors that I've only read one book, some I have other books in my possession, all I would definitely read more, but haven't got there yet. Patience is a virtue if you are an author, really. :-)

They are not necessarily NEW authors, but they are new to me, and I'm not going to talk about the book - I'll link to my review if you care what I said - but I'll give a little bio of the author and a link to their other books.

JP Barnaby - Mastering the Ride

Bio & Contacts

Erotic fiction is more than just moans, grunts, and physical pleasure. To J. P. Barnaby, erotic fiction consists not only of the mechanics of physical love, but the complex characters and relationships that lead to those all-encompassing feelings of need and longing. Sex without context is merely sex - but sex coupled with attraction, with explosive repercussions - that is good erotic fiction. J. P. authors all different kinds of erotic fiction including gay, straight, male, female, BDSM, sweet, romantic, and dark.

As a bisexual woman, J. P. Barnaby is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is often described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.

Official Website: http://www.JPBarnaby.com 
Blog: http://blog.jpbarnaby.com 
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JPBarnaby 
Email: jp@jpbarnaby.com
I had the pleasure of meeting JP at GRL in New Orleans. A lovely woman, friendly, and funny. She has 14 books listed at Goodreads including the Little Boy Lost series which I believe has it's biggest cheerleader in Leontine. :-) I'll be honest, I don't yet own any of her other books. I think Little Boy Lost will make me cry, so not sure that's for me, but I really must make the effort to check out some of her other works and she said that Mastering the Ride has a novel coming so I'm very much looking forward to that. 
This is Kate's new book
LOVE the little Cdn flag
Kate Sherwood - New Tricks (Shying Away 2)

Bio & Contacts

I started writing at about the same time that I got back on a horse after a twenty-year break. I’d like to think that I’m far too young for it to be a mid-life crisis, but apparently I was ready for a few changes!

My writing focuses on characters and relationships, people trying to find out how much of themselves they need to keep, and how much they can afford to give away. I try to find that careful balance between drama and humor – I want readers to have an intense experience and feel drawn into the book, but I also want them to enjoy the time they spend reading.

I started writing in the m/m area of Romance, and I’ve spent some serious time trying to figure out why that is… if you’re interested, my reflections on why m/m fiction appeals to this straight woman can be found at my blog (here).   And, now that I feel like I’m hitting my stride writing the m/f stuff, I’m working up another post outlining how I made that work, for me.  I definitely plan to continue writing in both sub-genres, and of course I still have my YA projects to play with.  And I’m thinking about trying some women’s fiction, too!  This writing thing is fun!

by e-mail kate@katesherwoodbooks.com
at my blog
at my Goodreads page
Kate has 12 books listed on Goodreads. I really want to read Shying Away since I read the sequel already. LOL But I liked both guys and would like to explore how they got to that point. I must get on that. I'm not sure why I haven't read some of the others because I think my love of m/m/m is pretty legendary and hey, there's a Canadian flag on the new book so must support the maple leaf. My list of books I want to read is far too long. Eek.
Jules' Latest release
Jules Jones - Promises to Keep

Bio & Contacts

Jules Jones is a British author of science fiction and erotic romance, mostly with m/m themes. Much of her work is cross-genre, being science fiction or fantasy with a strong romance element. Some is written in collaboration with writing partner Alex Woolgrave. Her day job is materials science, and it tends to show -- many of her characters are scientists, engineers, and sundry other geeks.

website  http://www.julesjones.com/
Jules has 19 books listed at Goodreads, I confess I have only read the one. Obviously not because I dislike the author's style, because I gave this book 4 stars, just lack of time once again.

Perhaps rather than buying empty calorie books I should be purchases those of author's whose work I have rated highly. Okay, am I listening to myself? Yeah. But junk food is oh so appealing sometimes. 

So are you already fans of these authors? Am I way behind the wave? Who is a new to you author who has impressed you in the last few months? Anyone? 


Chris said...

Jules Jones was one of my earliest reads in m/m, back in late 2009! :)

Tam said...

Sheesh. I'm way behind. There are so many authors that it's hard to hit all of them I suppose. But there is always time to make it up. :-)

Josephine Myles said...

Gah - blogger ate my comment!

Well, I was just saying I've recently discovered Ava March and AM Riley, both of whom I want to read more by :)

Tam said...

Bad blogger, bad. *smacks it on butt*

I like AM Riley and I have read a couple of Ava March as well that I enjoyed. There are so many good authors out there, you just kind of have to dig through to find them.

Josephine Myles said...

Yep, the other part of my original, longwinded comment was about there being plenty of great writers out there - it's just a case of finding the ones whose style and interests gel with my own reading preferences. So far I know I'm onto a pretty safe thing with certain authors, but I'd like to add more as I'm running out of new Josh Lanyon, KA Mitchell and Jordan Castillo Price books!

Janna said...

Great idea, Tam! (most stolen ideas are ;))
I bought Home Ice thanks to your post -> I can't resist sports novels, especially when they come with a Canadian flag. Plus I really liked Lost Treasures by this author.
Now I only need to figure out how to manage my tbr pile. *sigh*

Tam said...

That's true Jo, it can get overwhelming trying to find the right fit.

Hope you enjoy it Janna. I'll look forward to your opinion. I have been madly trying to organize my e-book files the last week or so, make sure they are properly labeled and file, plus the nightmare that is the TBR file. Sigh. Too many books.

Jenre said...

Spent ages writing a comment here yesterday and then blogger ate it. At which point I gave up and went to drink wine instead!

I really like Jules Jones' books, especially the Lord and Master books which are on my comfort read list.

I've read all the JP Barnaby Little Boy Lost books and whilst they are quite harrowing in places, they are definite still worth reading.

Apart from some short stories, I've not read many new authors recently. I've had my fingers burned with a couple of DNFs or books I've slogged through without liking too much and so I've been sticking to my tried and true authors on the whole. It's a shame, I know.

I have a system where each author gets their own folder, but it's getting a bit ridiculous with all these shorts from new authors and I'm trying to decide whether to have a 'short story holding folder' until an author has written at least 2 or 3 more shorts and then put them into their own author folder!

Tam said...

Stupid blogger eating all the Brit girl comments.

I'll have to check out more of Jules' work and screw up my courage for Little Boy Lost. :-)

Last night I started putting all the author folders with only one book (mostly shorts, especially from charity or daily dose things) into yet another folder called "singletons". If I read a second story they get moved out. I'm only up to M and I've already got 108 folders in there. Ack.

I am always willing to try a new author but to be honest I haven't been blown away by many, mostly a case of being "okay". Don't think I've had any total duds, but that can put you off for sure.

J. P. Barnaby said...

Hi Tam - it was great meeting you at GRL, and I hope we can hang out again in Albuquerque!

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post! I love how you guys liken the Little Boy Lost series to torturing kittens or something! LOL I've heard a lot of people are waiting until the last book comes out in April, so that their heartbreak can be relatively short lived and contained instead of spread out over the span of 18 months. ;)

I also have less painful free stories on my website if you want to get an idea of what my work is like before diving in to the Little Boy Lost series or The Forbidden Room series. You can find them at www.jpbarnaby.com

Take care, and happy reading!

Tam said...

Thanks for stopping by JP. I have probably built up LBL into this big deal in my head and when I read it I'll be wondering why I didn't use a whole box of tissues. :-) Thanks for the link for freebies, everyone loves freebies.

Great to meet you too and we'll see about NM. Not sure yet. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love JP Barnaby's books. Good choice, Tam.

I've also read and enjoyed some of Sherwood's.

I read part of Jones' dolphin book, but it just wasn't the book for me.

Tam said...

I've heard rumblings of the dolphin book. Not sure I'd go there, however I did enjoy the short I reviewed at BER. Maybe I'll follow Jen's recommendations.