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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Update

Made it back from Montreal. I was there for a game developers conference and I learned tons, met some interesting people and saw some cool things. I have a feeling this job may be a slippery slope to gaming for me. I've always prided myself on not playing games of any kind (does Farmville count?), but .... we'll see.

I didn't really see any of the city. We arrived after 10:00 yesterday and went straight to seminars all day in a hotel in rooms with no windows. I did end up going to the mall after we got done at 6:00 because I only took one pair of shoes and they were killing my feet so I ran out and bought some Converse sneakers. Being at a gaming conference all of the CEO's and down were wearing jeans and t-shirts so sneakers and cargo pants fit in today. Then started meetings at 8:00 this morning and we were on the road by 4:00. Whew.

I didn't do much reading there, but have a couple of books I finished lately.

Moon Run by Joely Skye (40 pages)
Samhain Publishing

This is book 3 in the Wolf Town series. I have a soft spot for these because they are set in my general neck of the woods in Canada. This is set at the same time, more or less, as book two. Iain is Rory's ex who was kind of clingy and annoying and I didn't like him much. This book his story and by about half-way through I just wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home and hug him. You find out why he behaves as he does and my heart broke a little. He's crushing now on Teo, the town beta and also doctor who has this weird rule of never dating anyone, but he has his own issues that conflict. So while most of the action part with the bad guy overlaps and is the same (from a slightly different perspective) as book 2, the focus is on Iain and Teo and them figuring out their relationship and Iain's deep-seated insecurity with his place in the world. It definitely makes you look at things from a different angle, annoying characters you dislike may have more going on than it appears on the surface and fans of the series will want to pick up this quick short.

Broken Wings by Bethany Brown and Ashlyn Kane (294 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

This is book 4 in the Lost Boys and Love Letters series. When the last book ended Patrick freaked out and left his lover Brad in Alberta without saying good-bye. This kind of goes back before the epilogue and Patrick is very depressed and his friends are concerned so they drag out of him that he left Brad. They make him pull his head out of his ass and he apologises and he and Brad decide to try long distance. There really wasn't much point to this story for me. It was just two guys working out a long distance relationship.  You found out Patrick was rich thanks to his Grandmother who just happened to be Brad's Grandmother's best friend (how convenient) and you get to meet all of the people from the other stories who are in this one (I never really liked any of the women in this series except maybe Patrick's partner). A stalker was thrown in for good measure (sorry Chris) but it seemed rather long for just a follow-up with the only real challenge being they lived far apart and Patrick could afford to quit his job and move if he wanted so that wasn't much of a challenge. *shrug* It was okay, Patrick and Brad had hot sex with a biting fetish going on, but not sure it was a must-read for me.


Chris said...

Yay for comfy shoes!! :)

I read the first two books in the Lost Boys series, but after looking at your diagram of the third book, I decided I was done!

Jenre said...

I really liked Moon Run too for that very reason. I liked that we got to see a different side to a character who had been a bit of a bad guy in previous books!

I'm the same as Chris with this lost boys series. Really liked book 1. Didn't like book 2 and never bothered with the rest.

Glad your gaming convention went well.

Tam said...

The diagram stays the same in this one Chris. LOL No additional bodies and lines needed to clarify their relationships.

Tam said...

It's always nice when your preconceived notions are twisted on their head Jen. :-) It's why I liked Wicked (the book - the play was okay). It forces you to look at things from a different side and opens your mind a bit I think. Although sometimes jerks are just jerks. LOL

I find the books got a bit "incestuous" (everyone sleeping with everyone as per my chart), and coincidental. Of all the people in Alberta, Patrick happened to hook up with Julian's boyfriend years ago? Now Brad's grandmother just happened to be best friends with Patrick's grandmother years ago? Really, I know Western Canada is small, lived there done that, but not THAT small.

K. Z. Snow said...

Oh, ugh! Meetings in conference rooms with no windows (and fluorescent lighting) -- that brings back BAD memories of an insurance company I once worked for in St. Paul.

Glad you took care of your tootsies, though.

Tam said...

Most of our conference rooms at work are interior and as you describe. These weren't bad since it was a hotel ballroom type, and often it was kind of dark due to presentations, or with rock music or disco lights (it was gaming after all :-) I did feel a bit though that the outside world was passing me by and I missed a couple of days.

My shoes are quite comfy and I'm wearing them today as well. Not that I NEEDED another pair of sneakers but ....

Tracy said...

I recall reading about Wolf Town but I don't think it was an m/m book for some reason. Hold on...brb...
Ok that took way longer than it should have! lol It was an m/f book by Jorrie Spencer (aka Joely Skye) set in Wolf Town. I'm so glad I haven't lost my mind. It was a good book so it makes me want to read the m/m Wolf Town books.

Thanks Tam.

Tam said...

Really? There are m/f Wolf Town books? Huh. You should start at book 1 though so this makes more sense. Books 1 and 2 are Scott and Rory's story, although Iain is in both, being annoying.

Michelle M. said...

Cool - what color sneakers?
Stay away from Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. Harry is slightly addicted.

Tam said...

They are just charcoal gray. Not very exciting. I would have liked something cool but there wasn't much.

Yeah, I'm checking out something on-line, like WOW but it's just in the beta phase (was in a seminar with the creators) so we'll see how it goes. You maybe saw my "You're an Illuminati" thing on Facebook. How dare my kid mock me for being an Illuminati (whatever the hell that is).

Anonymous said...

Comfy shows are a must! The last time I wore cute shoes, we were evacuated for a bomb threat. I had to stand forever in cute shoes. I was afraid I'd never walk again.

Tam said...

But you looked adorable I'm sure Eyre. LOL I'm afraid I'm not one to "suffer for beauty" much. Normally the shoes I took are fine, but I wasn't used to wearing them all summer so I have to toughen up. My feat are spoiled from months of sneakers.