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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, I haven't been around much. I'm in Toronto for work so am busy most of the day. Monday night I walked around and ended up at the giant bookstore they have downtown. It's one of the few places they have a rather large GLBT fiction section. I looked for books by people I "know", there were a few and I found these ones had a rather large selection in particular.

 Most of the KA Mitchell oeuvre.

Charlie Cochrane's Lessons series.

Several books by Ally Blue
There were a few other individual books by authors I've read. It's kind of nice to see them not tucked away in an obscure bookstore somewhere by right there one shelf over from the traditional romance. Although across the aisle from the erotica and it felt kind of weird that I was there next to two men in their 70's browsing the erotica section. Awkward.

Also saw a young man on the street asking for a cigarette who then loudly declared he would give a blow job for a cigarette. Almost wished I'd smoked. I would have offered him a cigarette if he'd let me watch him give someone a blow job. LOL

Yesterday I had my big meeting all day and I was really pleased with how it went. Lots of good discussion, my speakers were all excellent and inspired conversations and then some other people joined us at the end of the day and people were just talking and talking. So a good meeting. Oh and I managed to get the projector and computer running without having to call my help desk back home. :-) Go me.

That's about it. I went for a walk down to the CN Tower last evening. It was also a Blue Jays baseball game so there were tons of people heading to the stadium. If you look at the pic above the white glowing dome is the stadium. They are both 10 min. walk from my hotel. I was hoping there would be a baseball game this weekend when my daughter is here we could go to. I've never been to a pro baseball game but of course they only have away games this weekend. Grrr.

I haven't really gone out to eat. I hate eating alone in a restaurant so I grabbed a piece of pizza the other night and last night I grabbed a sausage from a cart by the CN Tower. I wasn't that hungry anyway as we'd gone out for a good lunch. Today I am hitting a food trade show and have to meet some people and have two receptions later tonight. A bit of a crazy night with two events the same night, but what can you do.

So there is my Toronto update. Kind of boring, but then work often is. :-) Have a great week all.


Average Reader said...

Awesome update, Tam! I was just wondering what the glowing white dome was in the first photo. And that bookstore! I'm totally agog at the variety and abundance of everyone's m/m print titles!

I didn't see anything remotely like that at Powells bookstore in Oregon which covers a city block and is supposed to be about the biggest independent bookstore in the US. So, go Toronto!

As for eating alone in a restaurant, you know what always happens? As soon as the host / hostess determines you're alone, they will try to seat you for dinner at the bar so as to save a table, and if you succumb, you're perching there, trying to eat with drinkers crowding you on either side!

Tam said...

It probably helps that this bookstore is only a couple of blocks from the gay part of town and basically across the street from the male strip club . LOL There was a huge selection and it's nice to see.

Yeah, I just can't be bothered to go out to eat alone usually. Tonight I'll hopefully get some nibbles at the receptions so I'll be good. :-)

Leontine said...

Okay, wasn't your gay hotness radar going off with these books, a male strip club and the gay part of town nearby? I wish I could've been there with you, we'd have fun, for sure ;)

Chris said...

Eye candy pictures, please! :)

Are you going to go do this at the CN tower?!

I've only been to Toronto once (so far), but loved it. I stayed with a friend who lives up the hill from the funky neighborhood by the beach (can't remember the name).

Tracy said...

OMG Chris I clicked that link and it just gave my stomach a big ole heave! lol

Tam - it sounds like your meeting is going exceptionally well - that's wonderful.

It's nice that you get to get out and explore all on your own. That bookstore was a great find!

Chris said...

Tracy: That's how I felt when I saw it!!

Tam said...

There are lots of cute guys around Leontine. I think I was just too tired to notice them much tho. LOL

Ack. I heard about that Chris. In a word? No. I can handle the glass floor thing but actually being outside. No way.

It's a great book store Tracy. I try to hit it every time we come to Toronto. I just like to see books I read on the shelves, even if I don't buy anything. :-)

Polt said...

I know that bookstore!!! I can spend hours in there! :) I also know the strip club you're talking about, and yeah, i can spend hours in there too. :)

Oh and the hottie of the day....I am SO jealous of his hand!

AND verification word Malastud!!! :)


Tam said...

It's a great bookstore. You make me laugh.

He is pretty isn't he? In Czech mala means small, small stud? Not where it counts hopefully.