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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Torquere Tuesday

I seem to have read a lot of Torquere books lately. So I'll sum them all up here in one fell swoop.

Alphabet Soup by CB Conwy (209 pages)
Torquere Press

This is sort of a follow-up to The Russian Bear featuring the carpenter who built their bookshelves, Andy. Andy keeps seeking greater and great physical experiences at the club trying to fly, it's not really working. He meets CK, a new guy in town and CK is totally unlike other guys, he's not into beating him senseless and is very laid back and calm. It completely throws Andy for a loop and CK can't figure out what this guy is all about either since he flip flops constantly. However after a bad experience at the club, Andy agrees to try things CK's way, which means also a few forced therapy sessions where Andy reveals what happened to him with an abusive ex and why he's been seeking out greater and greater physical pain. There's not much outside drama here. It's all about CK helping Andy see that sub-space isn't just about enduring enough pain until your body shuts down. There are some really sad and tender parts and it's not insta-cure with the magic dick. It's hard for Andy to change his thoughts and CK fears that maybe part of the attraction is thanks for helping him. But on the whole for those who don't like hardcore BDSM, it's a good choice as it looks at a different side of it from more of the D/s angle than the s/m side. I'm curious if Andy's boss/friend who is in the lifestyle will get a story.

Something Green by Drew Zachary (114 pages)
Torquere Press

So PI DB and his ghostly sidekick/lover are back. Things have improved and they are getting paying cases and actually using the ghost aspect to attract clients. At another crime scene where he seemed to know ahead of time to be there and can't explain why, a cop approaches him and subtly asks questions and lets him know he believes in paranormal stuff because his partner used to have the talent. Seems he means partner in all ways and his partner was killed and he hopes Jesse can find out if he's still around. At the same time, the ghost of the man who used to own Madam Yanya's place (the medium who helped DB and Jesse) is back and refuses to leave. He was a fence and they suspect there is something hidden in the basement, so DB sets about cleaning it up meanwhile giving clues to Joe the cop about other crimes they stumble on. Despite the fact that as a rule I dislike ghost stories, I adore Jesse and DB. DB now regularly tells him he loves him, and more and more often during sex Jesse gets solid and they can touch and kiss and their constant sniping and banter is cute and funny. Jesse is also wildly jealous because he's sure Joe is coming on to DB, but he's oblivious and says no, until forced to admit it and then has to explain to Joe who his boyfriend is. Very funny scene. A cute series for sure.

Mother May I by Drew Zachary (213 pages)
Torquere Press

DB and Jesse again. Since Joe is able to run interference for them at the police station, things have improved and they can afford a secretary, one who is even willing to believe that Jesse is real. A new client claims his mother is haunting him and causing his girlfriends to leave and he wants Jesse and DB to get rid of her. Then they start talking about mothers and out of the blue DB's mom shows up in town and is staying with them. Well that puts a serious kink in Jesse's sex-life and while she's nice enough, she's one of those overwhelming mothers eager to have DB hooked up leaving Jesse facing jealousy again. And it seems the ghost mother is not upset about the "harlots", she hates that her son is gambling away her money. There's no great crime in this one to be solved, and they never do get the mother to cross over although Jesse finally tells her she's dead, but on the upside Jesse stays solid long enough for them to have real sex, although he's still disappointed it wasn't over the kitchen table as he had hoped, but his goal was before his birthday so there is still time. Again, Jesse and DB are just so damned cute and the stories are amusing and light, just a really enjoyable read. If you can get past the fact that Jesse is a ghost, which seemed to work for me.

 An Eye Spy Christmas Carol by Drew Zachary (20 pages)
Torquere Press

Well, I just had to finish off the series. It's Christmas and DB is not feeling it. He finds the whole thing annoying. On Christmas Eve he's visited by the ghost of the owner of the office building who tells him to expect 3 ghosts. DB really doesn't care, he sees more than 3 ghosts before he has his first coffee everyday. Jesse finally comes home late and claims he's the spirit of Christmas present and they are getting it on when they are interrupted by the Ghost of Christmas Future who warns him about smoking and poor health habits. Both Jesse and DB are pissed that the guy interrupted them, and after being unable to get back in the mood he decides to give Jesse his gift, a small tree with ghostly decorations. Jesse is touched and has been working on moving things and manages to get one of the ornaments on the tree. It's just a cute story of the two guys, still in love and with Jesse being able to hold his form more often and maybe DB finds a bit of the Christmas spirit after all. A cute follow-up for fans of the series.


Chris said...

I read and enjoyed Alphabet Soup over the weekend. Still not sure about that whole Drew Zachary series...

Tam said...

It was a good read Chris. I don't know, while I'm not a fan of ghosts I just adored Jesse and DB and how they bantered back and forth and I so desperately wanted Jesee to get solid so they could have a more normal relaitonship. But I know ghosts aren't everyone's cup of tea. Go figure. You never know when something will hit the right buttons.

Jenre said...

I have Alphabet Soup on my TBR pile. I loved A Russian Bear and so I'm looking forward to another book by CB Conwy.

Hmmm, the ghostie ones are not for me, I think :).

Tam said...

The relationship between Andy and CK is a lot different than in A Russian Bear Jen, but still totally relationship driven and appealing.

Yeah, ghosts aren't for everyone, and I likely wouldn't have read these, but the first two were gifts and then I was totally hooked. Damn books are like crack. Someone gives you a free one and then you can't stop. :-)

Leontine said...

Alphabet Soup sounds like right up my alley and it been ages since the last time I bought at Torquere, I can remedie this at once ;) As of late my m/m site to buy has been Dreamspinner Press...I need to broaden my horizon again to multiple stores :D

Tam said...

Ah, it's a slippery slope Leontine. LOL Once you get started shopping around you can't stop.

Tam said...

I have a freebie for y'all. CB Conwy contacted me and said that Jeff (Andy's boss) has a free story HERE.

So hop on by the author's website and have a look. Wow, steamy hot. :-)

Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up, Tam!