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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update whatever number

Seems I've been doing a fair bit of reading lately. Perhaps I need e-books anonymous. Sigh.

Wranglers Discovery by Vivien Dean (70 pages)

Derek is pissed off after losing his case to Sam who he considered a snot-nosed little show-off when Sam comes with the offer of a drink and friendship. Derek is so not interested, or is he. He gradually realizes that maybe he does feel something and makes an overture to Sam and they start to get to know each other. The sex is hot and the friendship builds as he realizes Sam isn't quite what he thought. I really liked it because it didn't fall into the cliches of lawyers trying to get ahead that it could of. They are both driven to succeed but both have integrity and a few times when Derek could have used his position to hinder Sam's career he didn't and was honest about his abilities even if he felt awkward. Its definitely a HFN as they are just getting to know each other when it ends but I see there will be a continuation where they have to go beyond "just having a good time" to are we serious. I'll definitely be following up their story.

Three of a Kind by Sean Michael (161 pages)

After getting the crap beat out of him by his boyfriend and running Zane's piece of crap truck breaks down in Arizona. He's rescued by Butch who takes him home to Randy his artist boyfriend. They help him heal physically and emotionally eventually bringing him into their relationship. Yeah, Randy is a total spinhead stereotypical artist who can't remember why he opened the fridge from one moment to the next but I didn't find him that annoying and I liked how they were willing to be patient with Zane and show him that sex and love doesn't have to be painful and they never pushed him for more than he was willing. So a sweet story about a young guy (under 21) learning about love and relationships after a total disaster the first time.

Spot Me by Andrew Grey (90 pages)

This is all about body building and weight training which I have no clue about but I'm assuming that part was realistic, beats me. Anyway, Dan is 40 and at the gym with his friend one day and sees Gene who is a body builder who's 28 and on magazine covers. He assumes there is no way in hell he'd be interested but they manage to go out and start to develop a relationship when Dan's dom ex shows up and wants him back and Gene's bodybuilding ex also puts in a show to stir things up. I enjoyed the book and it was about being more than what you appear and not being liked because of your body alone and Dan realizing what kind of relationship he wanted after 10 years with an ex where he kind of went along for the ride. I also loved Dan's best friend Lonnie who was NOT a typical overbearing friend but really supportive and a great guy who's girlfriend was not pissy that he was friends with a gay guy. Some funny lines between the two friends too. I think that relationship really made the story even better for me.

Finding Love Nowhere Diner by TA Chase (179 pages)

Tim leaves town when his secret lover gets married because he refuses to be a piece on the side. Somewhere in Texas he inadvertently gets a job at a diner and meets Bernie, a trucker who stops in. Eventually Bernie and Tim go back to Minnesota when Tim's uncle falls ill and they confront his ex and what really happened between then and what's going on between the ex and his wife. Seems nearly everyone working at the diner is gay or gay friendly and I loved how Tim kept wondering how the hell he'd dropped into the gay utopia in Texas of all places. It made it more realistic that he realized that wasn't "normal" and of course Bernie's not quite what he appears but all in all I really enjoyed this book a lot and liked Tim and Bernie and I'd be very interested to read more about secondary character Chad. A great read.

Love Knot by Hiroko Ishimaru (175 pages)

Kiego comes home to find a guy passed out on his step. He takes him in and seem that Emiya has escaped from some kind of gov't lab because he can see things. He asks to stay with Kiego and is totally ignorant of EVERYTHING (has no clue what porn is). They are attracted but eventually Emiya's handlers find him and take him back. Kiego goes looking for him and it seems that due to falling in love or having sex or something, Emiya has lost his powers so eventually the lab lets him go free. There's kind of a cute epilogue where its about Kieog and Emiya just living after they are normal people. Kiego is a private eye but a pretty useless one and they argue about spending money betting when he can't do that either. This is one of the few yaoi where it seems to follow one plot from beginning to end, often it seems to be a series of unrelated shorts but I liked this and was cheering for Emiya to escape from the nasty gov't overlords. :-)

Golen Cain by You Asagiri (175 pages)

Shun is tired of never being good enough and not being able to live up to his big brothers image so goes to a club one night with some friends. Somehow he gets dragged up on stage and pictures are taken of him nekkid. He is rescued by Cain, a supermodel and they start a relationship. Then it turns out Shun's brother had a relationship with Cain and its assumed the brother was killed in an accident that Shun thinks was his fault but he's not dead and there's a big misunderstanding (even in yaoi huh?) where Shun thinks Cain was in love with his brother but in the end the brother starts to get better and Cain and Shun continue their relationship. It was pretty good. Another one where the story went the whole way through. I felt for Shun and how his parents treated him after his brother's accident and trying to live up to an impossible image.

Bittersweet by Maura Anderson (58 pages)

Dave goes to pick up some chocolate treats for his best friend's (girl) wedding and meets Brand, the owner of the shop who is just his type. Biker bad-boy. They are both attracted but when Dave makes a move Brand shuts him down after having a bad experience with his ex who was a "suit". Dave's friend manipulates the situation so they can get together and eventually Brand admits he judged him unfairly and they get together at the wedding rehersal dinner and the wedding the next day. My complaints about this book? Too freaking short. Please I need more than a tease and there was no use of chocolate on body parts. Humph. Would love to see more of these guys. I didn't even find out what the tattoos look like. More please. No, I don't want to use my imagination (although the cover is nice), I want details.

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