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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One would think ....

based on the sheer volume of this post that I have toy poodle flu again or something. *shrug* S'possible. I'm blaming Jenre because she told me about the sale at Torquere. So its not my fault and the fact that work is slow and my daughter is away at camp all week has nothing to do with it. Nope, not my fault. *points finger at Jen*.

So shall we begin? (Sounds like the start of a prostate exam? - Or so I imagine - not having one.)

The Right Kind of Help by K.C. Warwick (14 pages)

I haven't read anything by this author that I can remember (maybe in an anthology?), anyway, poor Rowan is a young totally hapless wizard who has issues getting his magic to work right but he's sent on a mission to a neighbouring kingdom with Valiance, his elf body guard. Rowan gets them lost and its raining and a crappy day. Anyway, in the end Valiance helps Rowan harness his power, save the kingdom and promises to stay and help him. But what I loved about this story was the characters. Valiance is totally snarky and sarcastic and even though he thinks Rowan is cute just can't shut up the stream of sarcasm about his inept magic. And poor Rowan tries so hard but he just can't get it to work right. I just thought it was a really sweet story and like I said, I totally loved Valiance, but I love me a snarky man. Great read. I would definitely check out further works by this author.

Serendipty by Glyn SoitiƱo (21 pages)

This is the second book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it as well. Jeff is heading back home to Geneva after his father's funeral and his plane is delayed and delayed and delayed and finally cancelled. He's been scoping out the cutie but when the flight is cancelled he flips and his mouth runs away. Cutie David steps in to smooth things over and they get to chatting and flirting. The airline puts them up at a hotel and well ... the hotel was short rooms and some people share. You get it. :-) I liked both characters and I felt for Jeff. I've been on the receiving end of delayed or cancelled flights and it makes you want to say things you might not normally. So it was a cute story and touched on Jeff's troubled relationship with his Dad after his parents split. I liked it a lot.

Wearing Death by Jamie Craig (127 pages)

Jeremy hears a bump in the night and finds the local police detective on his door step naked with a tattoo of a dead woman on his back. Brendan then moves in with vet Jared along with his dog while he recovers and the police try to find the guy who kidnapped him and tattooed him and killed the girl in his tattoo. I enjoyed the story about two guys flirting and getting together with the sub story of who the bad guy was as Brendan refuses to stay out of the investigation even if he's officially off the case. My only issue was for some reason (perhaps I have brain damage) I can not keep the guys straight, which one is the vet and which is the cop? As I type this I'm not 100% sure that Jeremy is the vet. And the cover shows that one is black. Umm. Who? They never describe either one enough for you to figure it out. Not that it really matters but when you have two guys on the cover (I don't care what they look like, white, pink or green) I like enough description to be able to put a name to a face. Maybe that was my issue with the name, I didn't know who was who on the cover and it screwed with my head. (Or I'm just old and senile. One of the two.)

Night at the Office by Drew Zachary (10 pages)

Greg is working a second job as security in an office building. One night he hears weird noises from an office and checks and finds a guy watching porn. Seems the guy figured he'd be coming by and is looking for a bit of a dom. They have a hot encounter. I have to say this is one of my least fave DZ stories. It was more porny and I never really connected with the characters like I usually do. It was okay, but not outstanding.

Sleeping Bears Lie by Alex Draven (23 pages)

I bought this because I'd read a Halloween short by this author and loved it. Dan comes to the bar and finds his old lover Matt back at work and acting like he hadn't disappeared for 5 months and had apparently lied about where he'd gone. Dan agrees to take him back and they live happily together for several months despite his roommates' reservations and then Matt flips out and it gets all weird and they end up out in the forest in a bear cave and ... WTF? Matt's a bear? No, he's not a shifter? I don't think. A bear spirit? Why was he freaking out? I have no bloody clue. It left me totally confused and cold but I'm not into the whole native American mythology theme that I've read a few times. Just doesn't work for me and this one didn't.

Making Your Own Luck by Sean Michael (35 pages)

Isaac is having a bitch of a Friday the 13th. Anything that can go wrong does. He meets fellow college professor Rusty and they hit it off but seems events continue to transpire to thwart their budding relationship. I have to say this was one of the funniest books I've read in a long time. I laughed until I cried in places. Yes, its totally over the top but it was like a screwball comedy. Rusty never gave up on them getting it worked out and he finally convinced Isaac to think about making good luck rather than focussing on bad. I really needed a laugh that night and it so worked for me.

Letting in the Light by Fae Sutherland (172 pages)

Rowan takes a delivery to the local reclusive famous author Finn and is instanly smitten but Finn is a miserable old bastard (he's 49, Rowan is 25) but Rowan wants him and is not prepared to take no for an answer. He basically forces his way into Finn's life and their relationship starts as a booty call. There is a conflict with Rowan's BF/Roommate who suddenly decides he wants Rowan (even though he was straight I think) and it forces Finn to step outside his comfort zone. I enjoyed the idea of it, but I really had trouble getting past the age thing. It doesn't really bother me but I can't envision a HEA. When Rowan is 45 (my age), Finn would be 70. Ummm. Ewwwwww. My Dad's not even 70. Sleeping with someone older than my Dad? *shakes head* But if I put it in the the HFN context it works. I did like Rowan and his indomitable spirit. Nothing Finn did scared him off, in fact maybe he was a bit too chipper but I liked him.

Hero in Me by J.B. McDonald (20 pages)

Zach rescues Will from date rape. When Will decided he wants Zach, Zach pushes him away figuring he doesn't need to get caught up in the "you're my hero" thing that often happens. Will says fuck that and pursues him with a passion. It throws Zach completely off that Will doesn't follow the typical near-rape victim type and isn't behaving like he's "supposed" to. A cute story and nice to see Zach forced to reassess that maybe not everyone who's a victim of a crime has the same reaction.

Friends and Lovers by Thom Jaymes (17 pages)

Tate's roommate and good friend plans on moving into the frat house. Tate's crushing on him and Jeff jokes around about being gay with him but nothing. Tate is walking a drunk Jeff home from a party when Jeff stops to pee. He then starts stripping and demanding that Tate suck him off and they end up fucking in the bush (by a tree?) because seems Jeff always DID have a crush on Tate. Okay, why in the bush? They were on the way home. No lube, no condom. I just found the way they came together rather jarring and up until they got to the "suck me" part enjoyed it. I thought Tate should have told him to fuck off and sober up rather than drop his pants and take it. Had potential but it just didn't work for me at the end.

Destiny Drops In by (20 pages)

Andrew gets lost and stops at a bar for directions. Within 5 min. he's picked up Raj (who's not even 21 yet) and takes him home. Raj is sure that Andrew is the one, Andrew's just sure that he's a "slut for accents", my new fave phrase. Seems the sex is hot and 32 year old Andrew is willing to take a chance on a young guy. TBC

Destiny goes Spare by TC Blue (16 pages)

Its Raj's 21st birthday and Andrew's throwing him a party inviting everyone on his e-mail list. Good times ensue when Raj's parents arrive and seems they are only a couple of years's older than Andrew. Andrew freaks and Raj bolts with his asshole father. After a talk with Raj's Mom Andrew feels like a heel but Raj is not about to let his father ruin what he's sure his true love. They make up and work out their differences with his Dad. I can only imagine Andrews mortification at finding out his MIL is two years older than him. ACK!!! If that doesn't scare me off the young ones nothing will. ;-)

Billy and the Ghosts by Aaron Michaels (17 pages)

Billy gets roped into going to the graveyard on Halloween and kissing the grave of some old prostitute at midnight. He's been crushing on Jeff who goes with him. Just as he goes to do it he suddenly finds himself in the old west and the madam takes him to a male prostitute who looks just like Jeff. He has hot sex with the prostitute and then suddenly finds himself back in today and he had tripped and smacked his head. Him and Jeff kiss and thus starts a relationship you suppose. Kind of weird but hey, its a Halloween story so appropriate.

Conventional Wisdom by TC Blue (63 pages)

Trent meets Bill at the ComiCon and they hit it off. Smoking sex. Trent's a goth there for the gaming, Bill is actually Lucas, a famous in the closet actor in a sci-fi show and is thrilled that Trent has no idea who he is. They continue to meet everynight of the show until on nearly the last day Trent accidentally discovers who Trent is. He's upset needless to say but then realizes why Lucas would do that and after talking with his new friend Mary Lou (a 45 year old former beauty queen from the south - who I must say was an amazing character that I LOVED) he makes up with Lucas and they spent the rest of their time together, Lucas then goes back to California and Trent to home in DC but they commit to keeping in touch. There is a sequel which I'm glad to hear because I'd love to see these too get a HEA.

Boys of Summer by Cooper David (60 pages)

Hunter and Max were friends for a couple of years and even though Hunter was straight (he thought) they've been carrying on a secret affair for a few months. They go away for a week and Max won't have anal sex unless Hunter agrees to come out of the closet. Hunter's shitting bricks but finally agrees because he loves him. He's sure everyone (including his and Max's exes (girls)) will hate him because he's gay. In fact he's sure the whole world will freak out if they know he's gay. Okay, Hunter kind of annoyed me. Holy navel gazing. Do you really think the whole world gives a damn about who you are fucking? Sure some will, but most? Forget it. So while freaking he finally tells his friends and they're all like "yeah, so, we knew anyway". Big let down. It was a bit prosey for my taste. Lots of talking about how he felt and how scared he was and how much he loved Max. Do guys think like that? It was a sweet story and I was glad for Max's sake that Hunter did step out of the closet but you'd think he'd never met a gay person in his life and seen one who had accepting friends and family. They are out there, I know plenty of them. Wanted to slap him. Not a good sign.

Crimson Regret by A.R Moler (10 pages)

Brian gets dolled up like a great Devil and goes to his colleague's Haloween party. He's hanging out and meets Zorro. They hook up in the shed for mutual blow jobs when Zorro gets gets a work call and has to jet. Brian freaks out and realizes he doesn't even know the guy's name. He gets his colleagues to tell him the guys name, Tristan (I like that name) and he plans to look him up. Seems Tristen is a homicide cop, hence the call. So not much plot, just a quick hook up with maybe more, we never know. It was a cute short read.

What you Wish For by Alex Marcus-Jacobs (34 pages)

Jared dumps his girlfriend figuring he'll never find a woman. He goes to visit his best friend Jess and his cousin Rox the lesbian tarot card reader is there. They convince him to have his cards read and she kind of freaks him out and says he can find true happiness if he's prepared to make big changes and look at things differently. He kind of freaks and leaves to go to a bar nearby. He starts talking to this Russian guy who is the owner. He's crying on his shoulder about how his ex wanted him to be all agressive but it really wasn't his thing and Nichol says "maybe you need a Dom" (I'm summarizing) and when Jared goes "hell yeah" Nichol makes a move which promptly makes Jared freak because he only now noticed he's in a gay bar and had avoided using the term she/her during his ex diatribe. So he runs and then thinks about Nicol and being dominated and shuts out his friends. He finally decided to go for it after talking to Rox (who gives him shit for avoiding Jess) and he goes to see Nichol. He says what he wants and Nichol does the whole D/s thing in the bar and Jared is happy as a pig in shit. It was an okay story but you'd think a young university guy with access to the internet could find female Dom's too if he liked girls. LOL But whatever. I liked Jess, I thought Roz was over the top with the "draaaammmaaa. oooohhh the cup of beans" (or whatever card came up).


Jenre said...

Tam, you kill me, you're so funny. My new favourite phrase is "Holy naval gazing".LOL

I read a Thom Jaymes short a little while back and it gained my first ever 'Terrible' rating so I don't think I'll be picking this one up.

I'd also like to point out that I had nothing whatsoever to do with you spending pots of cash at TQ this week :P.

Kris said...

"Or I'm just old and senile."

Hell. Do you say these kinds of things just to get a response out of me?? You have absolutely no idea how hard it is for me to hold back.

Tam said...

Let it loose sweetheart. :-) I know it will make you happy.

Tracy said...

lol you crack me up! The whole wearing death thing just sounds creepy and Letting in the Light...I don't mind the age difference in the books but when I think of the future I kind of get squicked out.