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Monday, August 31, 2009

Somehow missed these

When I was making my list of yaoi I realized that I somehow missed these below.

Crimson Wind by Duo Brand (164 pages)

This is a sequel to White Guardian but you don't really need to read it first. Prince Linth is getting fighting lessons of hottie General Sei, he wonders about Sei's relationship with PM Touri and then it goes into the backstory of how Sei at the age of 17 caught Touri's interest and how their relationship started. It also delves into another story of a judge (sort of) in a neighboring Kingdom helps a newcomer to the city and how they end up together. There was an interesting chart at the back that shows how years later the two stories come together. So not sure there is a vol. 3 or not. But as I said, you don't need to read the first one. It was okay, typical fantasy setting and typical yaoi story. But enjoyable.

Junior Escort vol. 1 by Sakurako Hanafubuki (200 pages)

Mizuhara and Aikawa are both actors for the same agency but Aikawa is a superstar. Mizuhara is assigned to keep him happy (aka sleep with him). When Mizuhara starts getting roles he fears that he's getting them because of Aikawa and not his talent. Also they are keeping the relationship secret from the press who start to follow them and get pictures of them kissing. There are several other volumes which I'm not sure have the same characters as there are other actors in this one who have small roles. It was okay, kind of a dumb premise (assigned to be his lover) and of course he doubts that Aikawa really likes him. It was okay, I've read worse but it didn't inspire me to run out and get vol. 2+.

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lol I love your honestly. ...I've read worse...