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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Unmotivated

I've got the "I'm bored and even though I have books in my TBR file I bought and wanted to read, they are not appealing to me" illness that seems to be sweeping the internet. I've only read about 250 pages (new - I have flipped around some old faves) in 5 days. Almost unheard of.

Turquoise and Leather by Kim Dare (50 pages)

George is a dom at the bar when he sees Eric dancing. He's smitten but later realizes he's wearing a collar meaning he's taken. Eric continues to pursue him and finally its cleared up that's its just a necklace, not a collar but he's clueless to the whole D/s thing but George is hooked and takes him home. Its a bit of a rough go with Eric not understanding but George is willing to try and asks Eric to wear his collar after one night. I liked Eric a lot, totally hyper babbler, young and enthusiastic. It was kind of interesting to see George having to deal with someone who doesn't always do what he expects or wants and I liked that he was only offering D/s in the bedroom so it seemed more realistic that Eric would agree after one night. I mean really, if he changed his mind he just has to take the collar off and leave, its not like he was chained in the basement, um, penthouse, whatever. So I liked the opposites attract thing that happened but could have lived without the foot action. Feet. eewwww.

Inland Empire by James Buchanan (196 pages)

Book two takes up 3 months after Nick's injuries. He comes to visit Brandon to get his car out of impound and somehow gets involved in Brandon's case concerning Asian gangs/gambling/prostitution. Brandon is constantly freaking that people at work are going to think he's gay because Nick acts "too gay". I felt for Nick and thought he was amazingly patient because I would have hammered Brandon over the had and told him to take a hike a lot sooner but I was glad he wasn't a total doormat either. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two and was totally in love with Roberta the transexual hooker. A great mystery with everything coming to a head with a bang and the relationship moving on in ways I was happy to see. A great series for those who like cop stories combined with some goth boys who like to play with rope. The only thing with the rope was I was totally lost but I didn't need to understand to get the gist of it.

Dreaming of Dragons by T.A. Chase (153 pages)

A revist with the emphasis on George and Mordred and their relationship and their attempts too figure out who was releasing the creatures into the present. I really like all four characters and how they kind of play but not totally (appeals to the kink in me) and how they genuinely care. I also loved how you found out more about Mordred and he figured things out about himself and his own personality. All in all I really enjoyed the story how it all came together in the end. A great read for me.

Bought and Paid For by Kim Dare (43 pages)

Parker is an oncologist who is roped into a bachelor auction because someone offered to pay minimum $10K for him. Turns out to be $25K and its none other than his ex from two years ago who cheated on him. Meanwhile you find out that there were extenuating circumstances and the ex has loved him always (and vice versa) and is now free to be with him again but figures the only way Parker would agree is to "buy" him for the evening. I liked the idea but the flashback didn't work so well, but on the whole I enjoyed it.


Tracy said...

Bought and Paid For...extenuating circumstances? Did he cheat or not? That is the question.

Can I just say that you have the best little blurbs about books. :)

Tam said...

At the risk of a spoiler, nope. LOL