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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alphabet Challenge Update

 *listens to everyone fall down in a dead faint*

That's right people, most of you, like Jenre probably thought I finished it just because I didn't post about it. HAHAHAHHA Out of sight out of mind as they say. I'm not finished, not yet and I decided to half way cheat by including books I reviewed at BER.

Look how close I'm getting, Only 4 more to go. I have a Q and V and kind of a Z. I'm sure I can find a Y, somewhere.

Not in Kansas by RC Alexander (68 pages)

This is kind of a whimsical take on the Wizard of Oz. Kansas has been living on his families isolated farm for several years when a storm approaches suddenly, he gets caught up, and wakes up in a strange land. He's rescued by a bird-woman and a cat-man, who take him to see the king and when he runs into the wizard, he tells him the only way to get home is to string the king along. Meanwhile Kansas' hormones are on high alert the whole time, and there is sex with a shape-shifting robot, a sentient waterfall, observing the bird and cat, the wizard, you name it. :-) Oh and the king eventually. It's not meant to be taken too seriously, it's just a lark in an unusual fantasy setting. It wasn't a direct translation of the Wizard of Oz, but enough to kind of give a nudge. I kind of thought maybe the king and the wizard would hook up, since it seemed as if the wizard kind of had a thing, but it was a more traditional HEA.

Off the Page by Ryan Loveless (25 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Here's where I cheat and go "Oh, I reviewed this at Brief Encounters". I loved it though. Cute fun read with lots of humour.
Rodeo Night by Kate Roman (27 pages)
Torquere Press

Did I mention I reviewed this at Brief Encounters? :-D A little story about a young Hispanic rancher and his older secret cowboy lover. Both in the closet, like nearing Narnia.

Maybe it will be 2 months before my next update. LOL Before Christmas I will finish. This is my vow. :-)


Jenre said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you're back on with this :).

I'm also glad that you liked Not in Kansas. I found it an amusing twist on the Wizard of Oz story.

Tam said...

Sometimes it's frustrating, looking through all the books we reviewed at BER and all the ones in my TBR and so few with R or N. Weird because those are pretty common letters. I'll get there. :-)

Chris said...

I'm intrigued by Not in Kansas!

Tam said...

It was a cute little read Chris, don't expect too much logic or character growth, but for some fun concepts that spin off from Oz it was worthwhile reading.

Chris said...

I definitely need to have reads like that on hand. :)

Average Reader said...

Good luck finding that "Q" book, Tam. :D

Tam said...

I have one Val. Queerios. I just have to get reading it. :-) Story of my life.

Leontine said...

You can do it Tam!! Do you get a victory badge when completing this challenge? ;) I know *eyes drift off to the left side* *catwhistles* that is exactly the guy I snatched yesterday from the link you provided me at DIK LOL Glad to see he found his home here!!

Tam said...

Actually the piercing guy stole him from my tumblr. LOL So nice and clean. :-)

My reward? Hmmm. I'll have to think of something suitably rewarding to kick-start my motivation.

Lily said...

Not in Kansas sounds fun.

Woohoo!!! You're almost done, you go girl. :D

Tam said...

I'm the tortoise of the alphabet challenge Lily. LOL