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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Saturday ...

Beautiful day here, I'm not motivated to go out into it. Kind of blah even though hopefully by mid-week next week my work situation will be settled. But until it happens and I have the proof in writing I'm not going to get carried away. Feels good though and hopefully it will work out and I'm looking forward to joining a new team and trying something very different than I've been doing for the last few years. Change can be good, even if sometimes getting there sucks.

I basically have the day to myself since my kid is off to a birthday party and will be home sometimes later tonight. Lots of reading and blobbling.

 Blind Pass by Stephani Hecht (103 pages)
eXtasy Books

Jochen is forced to spend the summer working at a goalie camp for kids to make some money, even though he'd not a goalie. He's upset at first to find out his roommate is one of the Cougars, the evil team, no matter how cute he is. However once he gets to know Rebel he realizes he's not like the others and before long they have agreed to a sex-only relationship on the down-low. However Rebel breaks the rules and falls for Jochen. Just as they are planning to come out, some website gets pictures of them making out in a car and blows the story wide-open, leaving Rebel rejected by his family and losing his job on his team. There's a D/s bent to their relationship in the bedroom and I did like both guys. It's a cute story about two players, who in this case, other than Rebel's family have a lot of support for their relationship.

Wait Until Dawn by Bailey Bradford (95 pages)

This is book 4 in a series, but you don't need to read the others to read this one, you get enough back story. Rich is a former cop who was tortured and nearly killed by a serial killer. His whole body was scarred and he's managed to push everyone away and try to bury his pain in a bottle of pills and booze. There is a paranormal aspect to this, where it seems that the evil soul of the killer invaded Rich and he has images of torture and rape and death. Just as he's about to kill himself, another ice-cold entity invades him and chases off the evil. His Dad shows up and helps him clean up, and as he's on his way back to where the attack happened, his car breaks down and he's rescued by huge tattooed, pierced trucker, Chris. There is an instant connection and Chris is the only one to make him feel safe, although the battling entities cause issues. His friend in the other town is with a man who speaks to ghosts and they struggle to find out how to get the "ghosts" out of Rich before he dies, including Chris' Wiccan high priestess mother. It's a sweet story and I did like how Chris was very protective of Rich and knew what he needed and wouldn't let him push him away like he had his friends. It's a bit gruesome at times with memories of the attack and Rich's detox isn't glossed over much, but if you like a bit of paranormal possession it's okay.

Dressed to Thrill by Kimberly Gardner (93 pages)
Loose Id

Ollie has broken up with his boyfriend but decides to go on their Key West post-graduation trip anyway. One night he ends up in a drag bar and is fascinated by Faith which he finds odd since he's never gotten into guys who dress as girls. He meets Drew, the local hottie who rents bike and they make plans to go out. Little does he know, Drew is Faith and Drew is afraid to reveal the truth, and to top it off, Ollie's ex shows up thinking everything is fine. Imagine a great many misunderstandings ensue, however Ollie decides he finally wants to have sex with Drew (why his ex and him broke up) and I did love it when Ollie went off on his ex and tossed his stuff out into the hallway because the guy refused to move out of their room. I was cheering for him. Just when Drew gets his big chance to actually sing and not lip synch at one of his bosses clubs in Vegas, Ollie reveals he got a job working at a hotel in the Keys. Ooops. Now what. Drew is a drag queen, not a cross-dresser. He doesn't dress like a woman outside of work, so it's a bit different than some other stories and it was interesting to watch Ollie's confusion of how he could be attracted to a "girl" and be gay. A cute story with a feel for the Keys.


Chris said...

I liked Blind Pass and have Dressed to Thrill in my TBR.

*fingers crossed for good job news*

I did a double take when I got here! Spiffy new layout!

My veri word is yellbed. Huh.

Tam said...

Dressed to Thrill is cute and the misunderstandings are cleared up quickly so it doesn't linger.

Leontine made me a new banner and I got bored with the other one. It's kind of dark but I'm not very motivated to customize it right now. Sigh.

Chris said...

LOL! Forgot to mention liking the new banner, since it wasn't on the screen while I was commenting.

Stephani Hecht said...

Thanks for the read and review and I love the new look of your blog!

Jenre said...

Fabulous new design, Tam. Love the new banner!

I must get that Kimberley Gardner book. I generally like her writing.

Tam said...

Thanks Stephani.

Thanks Jenre. It's a bit dark but I'll play with it someday. I'm afraid I'm far to unmotivated to make my own. LOL

It was a fun short read.

Average Reader said...

Wow, Tam, what a change over here! Great new look!

Tam said...

Thanks Val. I know some people hate reading white on black so we'll see how long I keep the colors.

Tracy said...

You've sold me on both books - they both sound great. Thanks, I think. lol

Work changes can be very good. I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours will be. :)

Tracy said...

Oops - skipped the middle one there - how the hell did I do that? lol I think I'll pass on that one. I've been reading too many dark, upsetting books lately. :)

Tam said...

Must have been your brain blocking it out Tracy. LOL It wasn't overly graphic but still enough detail and he was in a pretty bleak place with the invading evil to make it pretty grim at times. If you need something lighter the other two are much better choices.

Tracy said...

Yep, I think I'll stick with the other two. No bleakness for me. :)