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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Speedy week

I can't believe the week is flying by. Before I know it summer will be over. Boohoo. :-) I am finally getting caught up on some things I read about 10 days when I crawled into a cave to avoid real life, and hid in the fictional world. It worked well for a couple of days. *shrug*

Simply Perfection by Trina Lane (253 pages)

So Niall has always known he'll be in a menage relationship, especially given he was raised by his TWO grandpas and grandma. He is aboriginal (part) and prayed to get a vision of his mates. It finally happens, and at a health fair he sees psychiatrist Matt, and knows he's one of the men. At first he's a bit freaked to tell Matt that he expects to live in a threesome and this is all soul-mates destiny, but lo and behold, Matt was afraid to tell him he wants a threesome. Happy happy, now they just have to find the little blue-eyed blond from the dream. When Matt goes to the hospital to help one of his patients, he sees Trevor, a little blue-eyed blond. Trevor instantly feels the connection and even when introduced to Niall and the concept, goes along with it, but is very independent and refuses to admit it's more than just sex, however when a stalker shows up (sorry Chris), he finally admits he loves them, and then of course all their friends have to band together to find him when the stalker kidnaps him. This seemed a bit new agey to me. These guys talk and talk and talk, and most of the time, are completely in tune with their feelings and emotions and destiny. It's totally easy, they find each other within a week, they all think it's the greatest thing ever, and except for the stalker, life is perfect, Matt and Niall are rich and successful, Trevor is cute and feisty.  It was hot and sexy, but I really didn't think most guys (or women for that matter) are that self-aware. It's also part of a series which would explain all the friend pairings in the story, but you can read it without. If insta-love, fated soul-mates and talky guys don't make you nuts, it's a sexy menage read which was what I was looking for when I picked it up.

A Change of Tune by JM Cartwright (373 pages)
Torquere Press

Look at me reading long books. :-) Johnny, to his band, manager, and fans dismay, quits his rock-star job and moves to a small town to start a new life with plans to adopt a child. He's never even admitted he's gay, but is finally starting to accept it. When Sheriff Virgil shows up to check out the new resident, he comes on so strong Johnny is almost overwhelmed and I felt a bit pushed into a relationship without knowing whether he was coming or going. Virgil is definitely the alpha here, and most of the time Johnny just goes along, not that he doesn't find it a turn on. Things settle down for them, when suddenly the Sheriff shows up with two little kids whose parents both died and before long they are one happy family with 3 dogs and a passel of cats. I found the Sheriff to be VERY pushy, I was kind of torn between believing he'd back off as he seemed to say, but then he never really seemed to. Johnny seemed younger than 36 and if he's been in Hollywood for 10 years I thought he'd be more jaded, but he's just such a nice guy EVERYONE loves him. Maybe everything was a bit too perfect and easy, but if you're in the mood for a sweet romance between two very opposite guys with a dose of cute kids and dogs, a good choice.

AJ's Angel by LA Witt (135 pages)

When Luke walks into Sebastian's tattoo shop, he'd rather drive a tattoo needle through his eye than speak to him, but he needs the money and Luke needs a tattoo. They were first loves, but Luke cheated on him repeatedly and Sebastian finally had enough but has never gotten over it. However Luke flirts away and despite his better judgement, Sebastian ends up in bed with him, but then backs off. Okay, I get that Sebastian's Dad said people can change, and I don't prescribe to the once a cheater always a cheater theory, especially if it was when you were young and stupid, however I got a bit annoyed by Luke being offended that Sebastian would even question his sincerity. Kind of a "how dare you assume I might cheat, I said I wouldn't" attitude when, ummm, I believe that is a familiar tune. I'm of the mind, that if cheaters want you to trust again, they do whatever the hell you say to prove it, not be offended because you don't believe them. Granted, we didn't get in Luke's head, but his attitude that Sebastian should just get over it and believe him irked me. On the upside, I liked that the author did an epilogue a year later which said it wasn't all sweetness and light, and there were issues over the trust. I think if I'd been expected to believe that they just strolled off into the sunset to HEA I would have bet money they'd never make it to another anniversary. So that made up quite a bit for the attitude issues I had. Very sexy though.


Chris said...

In AJ's Angel, I wanted to some of the time between the end of the story and the epilogue to be IN the story - things just seemed to come together way too smoothly.

I liked A Change of Tune. Pretty sure Simply Perfection would drive me nuts. :D

Happy Thursday!

Tam said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have minded seeing some of those issues Chris, but at least I wasn't expected to believe it was all smooth sailing after they got back together.

There were also TONS of descriptions in Simply Perfection. For those who like to know everthing, like they had chocolate brown damask sheets (and what the lamps looked like and the carpets and the kitchen), the author spent a lot of time on the surroundings. I confess "brown sheets" would have been enough for me. Some people love that though, getting to really visualize the setting.

Chris said...

Ok, that's one reason I don't like historicals, because they tend to go into such laborious detail about everything...

Michelle M. said...

Reality is overrated. I'm due for some crawling myself : ).

Tam said...

Yep, sometimes hiding works well. Not long term, but for a few days. :-)

Lily said...

Agreed! :)

Lol, I read and liked them all. Pretty much thought the same as you.

Jenre said...

I'm slowly working my way through LA Witt's backlist so I'm sure I'll get to AJ's Angel at some point.

The others aren't really calling my name :).

Summer? What summer? We don't get those in the UK.

Tam said...

We're twins Lily. :-)

I have liked LA Witt's work that I've read so far, her voice is good and works for me Jen.

I thought you guys were sweating your butts off over there this week. :-) Seems to be up and down for you this year.

Tracy said...

None of these are calling my name. The first one sounds too easy - although sometimes that's nice.

The second...IDK - the sheriff sounds like the Blackwell I just read and I hated the pushiness.

The third - I've liked what I've read from Witt but this one just doesn't appeal for some reason.

Oh well, can't read them all, can I? lol

Love the new look of the blog, btw.

Tam said...

Oh I think the second one is MUCH lighter than the Blackwell one you're referring too. It's a much easier tone and while he does come on strong, he's basically a nice guy and a softie inside. He has to squirm a few times when called on his behaviour.

I know how it feels though. Sometimes a books says "yes me" and other times they just don't call to you.