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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Summary

It's a chilly weekend here this weekend. Highs around +2C or 34F. That's the high. LOL But no snow and it's supposed to warm up. The kidlet and I went out to her winter riding barn to check it out today. They claim it will be heated where the parents sit. I'm hoping so because I nearly froze to death at the place we were in last year. And this is a 45 min. drive out so there is no time to drive home and then pick her up. I so wish our barn had an indoor riding arena. It's 5 min. away.

Then we went to the Christmas Craft Fair. It's huge and most of the stuff is really expensive. It even cost us $7 just to get in. But we pigged out on samples. We ended up only buying 2 gifts but yet came home with 11 items. Hmmm. How does that work? LOL Lots of treats, fancy jams, natural smelly soaps, soy nuts, chocolate, yum. :-)

I really must get to the laundry today. The pile is growing and I haven't done any since we got home from vacation so .... Yeah, use your imagination. It's frightening. I did some reading yesterday morning and evening though.

Kindling Fire with Snow by Kate McMurray (71 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Seth is recovering from his lover's abandonment and has a variety of faces he puts on depending on the need. The night before a big storm is to high NYC, he runs into his first ever boyfriend from high school whom he hasn't seen in 12 years. When the weather makes it impossible for Kieran to get home, Seth offers for him to come home with him. He knows there is attraction, but wonders how much is residual young love, and how much is based on the present. The next day several feet of snow give them further chance to figure out their feelings. I enjoyed the two guys together but I thought Seth over-thought EVERYTHING. He was constantly analyzing ever single thing, if I do this then X, but maybe Y, but is it because of Z and does that mean A, but maybe C, or what if it's B and should I ... Good lord. Shut off the brain for a minute. I think because I'm not a person who thinks about all that stuff all the time, I find it a bit frustrating. The part about them going out in the snow was nice and you could sense the silence of the city. I know some people love introspective characters so it will be right up their alley.

Get What You Need by Janey Chapel (72 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Jay is an ex-con who works in a bar run by a former parole officer who tends to take in ex-cons and help them get on the right road. One night Patrick, a cop wanders in and there is instant chemistry but due to his background Jay is wary. However they end up getting it on in the office. Jay is very up front about his past and Patrick appreciates that knows that he can just be himself with Jay. He comes back the next day after finishing with the case and he and Jay spent the night getting to know each other (in every sense of the word) and maybe there is hope for more. Another guy who spent a lot of time thinking about his feelings and masks he wore. LOL Not quite so much as Seth but Patrick spent a lot of time thinking about how he felt around Jay. It was very steamy, some of the scenes at the hotel were smokin'. And you really hope they can work it out as they have a connection that comes through on the page. I quite enjoyed it.

Eat Me by Mia Watts (44 pages)

Thanks to Chris and Mia as I won this at Chris' site.

Fynn has been trapped in the body of a Caracal for the last several hundred years due to a spell of a witch in Salem. He has been forced to serve the witch's family ever since. Finally he's down to the last surviving member and during his one week as a man (only happens on the solstice) he gets "close" to Eddie. They spend 4 days together, then he's the cat. He tries to come up with a plan that will let Eddie free him, but Eddie has no clue he's got witch blood or that Aren was really Fynn his cat. Also, the ancient witch plans on coming back in Eddies body. The cat was really very humorous, he liked scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast (eats at the table) and milk warmed in the microwave. The connection between the two, both as cat/owner and two hot guys (very steamy) was quite evident and at least Eddie didn't just go "okay, sure now problem" when Fynn finally revealed the truth. Obviously he didn't take too long since they only had a week, but it didn't feel rushed like I've read lately where it was instant acceptance and everything okay. A cute fun little read.


wren boudreau said...

The hottie of the day is hot! :)

I've only read Get What You Need, and I loved it. Very much a lot.

Horse-life can be complicated, but it's great that kidlet has a passion and that you support it!

Chris said...

I really enjoyed Get What You Need. Eat Me is on my reader. And Kindling Fire with Snow is in my wishlist!

I need to go deal with getting my car towed to the shop. *sigh* It welcomed me home by not starting and not responding to being jumpstarted.

Jenre said...

I've only read the Janey Chapel story and I loved it! The other two sound good too. I'll certainly consider picking them up if I'm in the mood for a short.

Tam said...

If only I got to see guys like that hanging around the horse barns Wren. LOL No luck up here. They must be hiding down in Texas or Montana or something.

I did enjoy Janey's book and the flames were fairly leaping on the page it was so hot. Would love to see how they work it out.

Tam said...

Oh no Chris. Hope it's nothing major but what a PITA.

They are good little shorts, Jen. Just be prepared for lots of introspection in the first one. Not a bad thing, just not sure it's my thing. :-)

Chris said...

Thanks, Tam! *crosses fingers*

Average Reader said...

Great summaries, Tam! I'm looking forward to the Kate McMurray one, which I have on my computer, and I too really enjoyed the Janey Chapel one.

Tam said...

Thanks Val. Hope you enjoy Kate's.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it looks like I need to add some books to my list.

I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate having to deal with it once it's done. LOL!

Chris, sorry to hear about your car. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Tam said...

There's a never ending TBB list it seems Eyre. :-) I don't love putting it away but HATE living out of a laundry basket so usually within a day I get it put mostly away.

Lily said...

Brrr... that's cold! Sending you warm thoughts. :)

I've got Kate's story on my Reader and Mia's on my wish list. Think I'll add Janey's to the list too. They all sound good. :)

Tracy said...

I really liked the Janey Chapel as well. I thought that it was uber steamy and of course loved that they actually talked to each other. I know, novel idea. lol

Tam said...

It was very hot Tracy and boys don't often talk tis true.