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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Verdict is In

So I read the book as chosen by the masses. Didn't do much else yesterday. That vicious pain in my shoulder blade is still there. Argghh. I am leaving town tomorrow for work so won't have a chance to go to the doctor if this doesn't get better. I'm going to go and get some Robaxicet or some kind of back pain meds to see if it helps. I have a ton of stuff to do today too in order to get ready and get my daughter ready as she's staying with a friend for the two nights I'm away. Sigh.

On the upside, KZ made me this. Is she not amazing? I have to get it up on the site somewhere.

Windows in Time by M. Jules Aedin (225 pages)

After breaking his leg falling down the stairs, Jonah needs help so is sister arranges for a nurse she works with to help him out while she's out of town. Nurse Liam turns out to be a hot younger guy. Meanwhile Jonah discovers a ghost in the window across from his apartment and the two of them go about figuring out who he is. The book then splits off with one chapter in present day with Liam and Jonah and one chapter about Buck and Oliver (the ghost and his lover). They are set 50 years ago, where Oliver, a cross dresser and Buck meet up (Oliver lived in Jonah's apartment) and follows their relationship to their death while Jonah and Liam figure out the crime and work on their own relationship which is erratic at best.

So did I like it? I did. Did I love it? Umm. No. Why? I really have zero interest in historicals set in the "golden age of Hollywood". The time period just doesn't grab me and I really don't get the whole crossdressing thing. I don't find it hot. *shrug* Different strokes. So I found myself kind of zipping through those chapters to get back to Jonah and Liam. Also you know that Buck and Oliver end badly (otherwise they wouldn't be ghosts) so it's difficult to know there is no HEA for them, at least on this earthly plane. So I thought it was a very interesting mechanism, to do chapter by chapter in different time periods, the writing was well done, the characters likable but it just didn't suck me in as much as some perhaps. Still, I think a worthy read and it's well loved by many.

Officers in Need 1 by John Simpson (22 pages)

Brian is a 38 year old Sargent who is paired up with 21 year old Sean, a rookie. He suspects Sean is gay and after their shift invites him to come home for a skinny dip in the pool. When Brian admits he's gay, they proceed with hot smexin' and Sean is so enamoured he even agrees to take take it up the butt the first time ever. Ummm. Wow. The concept of the story is fine, older cop-rookie love. The writing is .... wow, I'm pretty sure my 14 year old could write more realistic dialogue. There is hardly any usage of contractions. When you listen to people speak they use contractions and they don't use the other person's name all the time when you are alone. Anyway, unless you are a huge fan of the author, don't bother.


Chris said...

Ugh about your shoulder. Does it feel like you have a knotted muscle? If you do, maybe your daughter could work on releasing the knot...

I'm not that keen on flashbacks or Hollywood stuff, but I got sucked in to the mystery of Windows in Time.

Hee hee. Wasn't Officers in Need amazingly bad??

Jenre said...

It's funny that I liked the 1930s plot more than the modern one. Then again I do like historicals. Part of me kept hoping that just maybe Buck and Oliver did survive, even though I pretty much knew they didn't.

Tam said...

It feels more like a pinched nerve Chris. I'm sure it will eventually get better, just kind of crappy timing.

I'm not sure why I wasn't as caught up in the mystery. I figured who was responsible from the start. Who knows why something works sometimes.

I could only read the second one in short spurts. I sometimes wonder how things get published.

wren boudreau said...

I liked both plots of Windows, even though I could see what was coming with Buck and Oliver. The other book - just not a fan of that author.

Feel better, Tam! Maybe you need a full-body massage, with aromatic oils and hot rocks and strong hands...

Oh - nifty banner. That KZ is talented!

Tam said...

You're an optimist Jen. LOL I think it was knowing they were dead maybe that kind of kept me distanced. Like what you thought about the Love Means ... series, you know they don't get their HEA so I never really engaged in their story

It was a well done book and I liked the concept, just not quite up my alley.

Chris said...

Tam: You aren't going to read Uniform Hardness, the sequel to Officers in Need??? I'm stunned. ;)

Tam said...

I agree wit you Wren. Your remedy for my back sounds divine, just not sure how I can swing that on a Sunday before leaving town. LOL Maybe they have massages at the hotel I'm staying at. :-)

I've never read the second author before but mainly because he does a lot of military stories which are usually not my thing. This will not be encouraging me to try others.

Tam said...

Chris: :-P I've already read about their "uniform hardness". LOL

Lily said...

Aww, sorry to hear you're still in pain. Sending lots of get well mojo your way. Get better soon.

I loved Windows in Time even know that the ghosts likely became ghosts in a not so happy way. Not normally something I like but this one really grabbed me.

As for the other, I've read a few of his books and found them so-so. I'll pass on this one.

KZ's banner is great.

Tam said...

Now I'm feeling bad because I didn't like it as much as everyone else. LOL Maybe this was one of those "expectation" things that Jen and Val talked about. Everyone tells you something is amazing and they loved it and you expect something impossible to live up to. Hard to say.

KZ is talented. :-D

Anonymous said...

Tam, I liked Windows in Time a lot, but it was hard for me knowing that those poor guys obviously didn't get their HEA. I can understand why someone wouldn't love, love, love it.

I hope your shoulder mends quickly. *hugs*

Average Reader said...

Actually, Tam, I may not end up being such a fan of it either. I haven't read it yet and didn't know it was a ghost story (plus I have to admit to not being too interested in the golden age of Hollywood either). Ghost stories are almost always a no-go for me. The idea of ghosts just bores me beyond words. Maybe it's the noncorporeal thing.

Hope the shoulder feels better soon!

Average Reader said...

Oh, and I like the banner a lot! Where perversion and literacy collide, ha, ha! And the sheep looks so surly!

Tam said...

Eyre: I think I just couldn't engage in them as a couple knowing what I knew. Hard to say though.

Val: Although the ghosts themselves play a smaller role (merely to have Liam and Jonah trying to solve the mystery) there were a few supernatural "coincidences" down the road that as a non-believer made me roll my eyes a bit. It's still a very well written book but everyone has unique taste.

I believe I look like that sheep most of the time. :-)

Janna said...

I'm sorry your shoulder hurts, Tam. Like everyone else I hope it feels better soon!

I haven't read either story and don't think I will, about the second one I'm sure ;)

Have a safe trip!

Tam said...

If you happen to get the second one for free give it a whirl for the novelty value Janna, but I wouldn't spend money on it.

My shoulder feels much better today. Just killing some time until I have to go to the airport. At least our flights aren't cancelled all over the place like Europe.

Tracy said...

Hope your shoulder feels better soon, Tam. That sucks.

Thanks for the info on the books. Neither look like they're my thing so I'll pass. Especially that second one - wow. :)

Tam said...

I'm not sure the second one is anyone's thing Tracy. Although that's not fair as I'm sure some people enjoy his style, but it's definitely not for me.