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Friday, April 9, 2010

I am so glad it's Friday

Even though this was a short week for me (Monday being a holiday for some of us) it has been a bloody long week. Work has just been awful this week. We were finally given our information about the transformation which has been floating forever and I've been roughly given a box on an org chart but it will be at least a month if not more before I know what my new duties will be. I don't really care what they are, I'll do what you tell me, just give me some leadership people. Instead I float along putting out fires, getting assigned work that is NOT my responsibility and just generally being pissy with the world. Arrggghh. And it turned cold, yesterday the wind chill was way below freezing, it was raining, it's gray, blah blah blah.

Next week I have a conference out of the office all day Monday so it will be a short week IN the office but I don't really feel like going and listening to people blab all day with no internet access. Oh well, free breakfast and lunch. I bowed out of the dinner thank god. Rant over. On to the books.

True Hollywood by James Buchanan (42 pages)

Jason is a Hollywood stuntman who is out of work due to the writers' strike. He is going to a wake for his old instructor and he finds out his ex Ernie is going to be there. While they had an open relationship, 7 years ago Jason decided Ernie crossed the line and he kicked him out. He's not seen him since. Despite knowing it's likely a bad idea he takes Ernie home and the sex is as amazing as it always was. Now what? It's just a little slice, takes place over less than 24 hours and you don't get to know much about Ernie at all except for what he tells Jason, it's all Jason's POV, but you figure out they both contributed to the breakdown the first time and maybe now they are older they'll be able to make it work since they obviously still care. It's a good read.

Oleander House by Ally Blue (209 pages)

I've had this for quite some time and I am an AB fan, but I'm not a horror fan nor do I have her fascination with ghosts. LOL But in honour of her birthday I started it. Sam has moved to Mobile to joining the Bay City Paranormal Investigations team and has gone straight to his first job at Oleander House, an old renovated mansion where there have been strange killings over the years. He meets some of the team including boss Bo who is married with kids and straight (riiiight). Things start to get really freaky and Sam, Andre (another team member) and an outside psychic start having horrific dreams and they get evidence of some weird shit happening. At the same time Sam and Bo are instantly attracted but Bo claims his straightness and pushes Sam away despite some hot kisses. Eventually all hell breaks loose (sort of literally) and there is a death amongst the team. It is a series and ends that way very clearly with Sam wanting to find out more about what happened at the house and why he seems to be such a big part of it. So this is not so much a romance as there are only a few kisses exchanged but you see that coming down the road. There is lots of tension and some gore. But it definitely got me interested and I stayed up too late one night reading. I too want to know what happened and why, so I'll definitely be tuning in, not only for the relationship part but for the mystery part. So I think people who like a bit of horror in their romance or ghosts it will be a great series. I have read the off-shoots which I enjoyed, just don't be expecting any hot smexin' in this book, that comes later I presume because Ally can write some hot smexin. I'm going to try not to binge read because sometimes that ruins it for me. We'll see if I can resist.

Give and Take by Anne Brooke (23 pages)

This little short starts with nearly 45 year old David ready to go to a gay bar. It's been nearly two years since his partner's death and he's determined to get laid. He's doing okay with the guys but is really more interested in the young bartender Jeff. He finally works up the nerve to proposition Jeff who agrees. They go home and David freaks a bit but ends up talking to David where he reveals that he's so tired of being the one in charge and having to make all the decisions as his partner was very ill. Jeff decides to take charge and let David give up control which David appreciates muchly. It's sort of a HFN or maybe not even there as Jeff obviously plans on a one night stand and notes their age difference, but David's not quite ready to quit after once. So will it turn into something more? Who knows but it's a very hot little story about a bit of a role reversal that ends with a sliver of hope for more. I quite enjoyed this steamy little read.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend, that your weather cooperates and you get to do something fun besides the usual household errands we all seem to get stuck doing on the weekends.


Chris said...

Oh, I forgot I had that JB book on my reader... Agree about the Anne Brooke story. And I'm glad you're enjoying BCPI - I can't even remember if there's much smexin' in it, because the series was one of my first m/m reads and my smexin' standards were different. Heh. I do remember that Where the Heart Is (a bit later in the series) was hot hot hot hot.

Thanks for the cute guys & cats link! I can tell that will cheer me up later....

Tam said...

Ah yes Chris, how our smexin' standards change. LOL I'm sure there must be some, Ally wouldn't let me down. Where the Heart Is was definitely HOT.

There are some adorable pics on that site, not only the boys. :-) I knew you would appreciate it.

Average Reader said...

Great reviews, Tam! It's funny how certain themes just aren't to our liking. I'm completely bored by ghost stories as well. Can't get into them, can't believe them, and I think maybe it's the noncorporeal nature of ghosts that bores me because I'm fine with angels, demons, shifters, and I've even come around on vampires, ha, ha! But if you're not much for ghost stories either, and yet the AB drew you in, then I'll definitely consider it.

Tam said...

I'm not one for ghost stories at all Val. Probably because I don't believe in them, this isn't quite a ghost story, but mysterious "entity", but what exactly is the question I suppose will be answered as the series goes. Because I don't read them it was a novelty for me and AB is definitely one of my autobuys because I know her characters will connect with me.

Anonymous said...

Love the cute guys and cats link!

I'm so sorry you've had a rough week. I know it's hard when you want to do your job right but your leadership doesn't actually lead. Unfortunately, when the bosses don't take responsibility, some people will slack off while people like you will pick up their slack. It isn't fair. I'm sure you don't get paid any extra for doing other people's work. Hopefully, it will get better soon. *hugs*

Tam said...

Thanks Eyre. I had a talk with my supervisor and she is as frustrated as I am. She pleaded with me not to look for a new position this summer and swears it will get better in the next 3-4 weeks so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She's very aware of my feelings so I'll give her chance to fix it.

I wish I got paid extra. LOL Have a good weekend.

Erotic Horizon said...

I have not read 1&3 but AB series - I am up to book three - I love them..

Funny how you think of it as horror - for me it's a good spook story and I love how she doesn't sugar coat anything in this book...

This was one of my earliest read where the plot was not over-run by smut - for that along I love this series..

I have had my eyes on that Brooke's book - sound my kinda thing..

P.S. I hope next week pans out better for you than this week... Hang in there kiddo, it will get better..


Lily said...

This was a sucky week for a lot of people. Hopefully next week will be much better.

I liked the BCPI series and yes there is hot sex involved. It actually gets hotter book by book. :)

Have a great weekend.

Tam said...

EH: I am a total wimp. I don't like scary movies of any kind so anything that has things that go bump in the night is horror to me. LOL

I can only hope next week is an improvement. Wouldn't take much. :-) Have a great weekend.

Tam said...

yes there is hot sex involved. It actually gets hotter book by book. :)

I knew Ally wouldn't let me down. LOL I am looking forward to the others but trying to pace myself. Not sure I'll be successful.

Have a super weekend.

K. Z. Snow said...

We had the same weather you did, Tam, but it's rapidly improving. Not so uplifting in April to see thick frost in the morning, is it? Brrr. I always feel bad for the robins and sandhill cranes that have miscalculated the timing of their return. :-(

Hope your supervisor wasn't jivin' you!

Kris said...

Work is poo. We hatez it. But boys and kitties make everything better. :)

Tam said...

It doesn't seem right KZ. That's for sure. They said in some of the surrounding areas this afternoon there was snow. Melted right away but still wrong.

I'm hoping my supervisor can come through, but to a point she's at the mercy of those above her so we'll see.

Tam said...

We need to live in a Star Trek world Kris where there is no money and you just do what you like and somehow you get fed and sheltered. I could just live on the holodeck, with boy and cats. :-) Actually boys and any animals works, maybe not giraffes or kinkajous, but most others.

Chris said...


Tam said...

ROFL I don't consider worms to be animals. They are .... icky things. Okay, boys with mammals, how about that? It at LEAST has to have an internal skeleton. (Ruling out lobster, clams and sea cucumbers.)

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks for the comments, Tam - much appreciated! (heck, I had to spell that twice but it's early still!...)


Anne B

Tam said...

You're quite welcome Anne. It was a fun read. Yeah, early morning and spelling, not such good friends. Have a great weekend.

Janna said...

I hope things at your work will get better soon, Tam.

How's it going with not giving in to the CBPI books *g*? I gave in today and am halfway through the second book. It's addictive ;)
I can relate to what you said about the ghost stories, I'm not a fan of them or the horror genre either. But somehow it works in this book.
I like the angle of investigating the paranormal instead of one or more of the characters being ghosts or paranormal creatures themselves.
The romance part was small indeed and in book two it even becomes a bit annoying between Sam and Bo... I like to smack Bo on the head... I think I'm team Dean now ;) But the smexing is getting better :D

Tam said...

Ummm. I started Book 2 a few minutes ago. LOL Hey, I had to wait for my floor to dry. I'm not finished the first chapter and I want to smack Bo. If it gets too annoying it will bother me because I know it will turn me off, but we'll see how it goes.

Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

Persist, both of you! It'll be worth it. :)

Tam said...

I will, I will, I just hate that waffling thing, real life AND fictional. LOL

Janna said...

LOL! Maybe some smacking will help ;)
And thanks for the encouragement, Chris! I will persist :)

Have a great weekend!