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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wicked Wednesday

I haven't posted a blather post for a bit. Today's subject is the naughty, wicked taboo, twincest. Like many subgenres, I have no desire to have sex with a sibling (that I don't have), and in real life would I be squicked out if real twins told me they were romantically involved? Probably. Obviously twincest is an off-shoot of incest in general, which I don't find hot at all. I think parent/child (or step-child) has too much of an inequality factor. Even m/f incest turns me off and maybe that's more of a physical inequality. With twin men you have the same size and age so there seems to be something more equal in my brain. I also seem to gravitate to m/m/m involving twins, but not exclusively.

I know twincest doesn't trip everyone's hot button. There are kinks that don't work for me, but that's okay. I don't think a fantasy means anything negative, it's pretend and lord knows straight men have been fantasizing about twins for centuries. :-)

I thought I would list some of my favourite twincest books and you can tell me your own or if this is really not your cup of tea. I won't hold it against you.

Gemini by Chris Owen

This was the first twincest book I ever bought. I read it with one eye, and it was squinted half-shut. I was prepared to be freaked ... Now I read it about every month or two. When I can't focus on anything else, I know I can pull this one out and pass the time. It was also my first fisting scene and first m/m/m (I think). Holy smokes, talk about throwing myself into the deep end of the pool ... filled with piranhas.

D.N.A. Double Helix by Jaye Valentine

There was some controversy surrounding this book when Amazon removed it from it's catalog because it was deemed unsuitable because it was twincest. Although I see you can still buy Gemini there. Go figure. This is young men who are a popular musical duo who get caught by their manager having a relationship. It's only a short story and I know there is a novel coming of their story which I am looking forward to. Often twins are opposites which is the case here, one brash and bold, one more quiet and introspective.

Telling the Truth by Lee Brazil

This was book two in the series with one a set of twins who had a rough childhood. There was some debate as to whether they really were together, but to me a BJ is close enough to all out sex to count. However I love twinky twins and they were sweet.

Baked by Sean Micahel

This is set in the Hammer world which is an exclusive BDSM club. Two bratty twins need themselves a good Dom to take them in hand. Their brother hands them over to a Dom, who is a twin himself. The two brothers end up hooking up as well as the twins and the Dom. Rather typical of the Hammer stories, LOTS of sex.

Dinner and a Movie  and My Secret Valentine by M. Durango

This is the story of twin college-aged brothers. The first story is when they admit their feelings for each other and then the second is where one is more insecure about their relationship, sure his brother is going to find a more "normal" boyfriend. They were cute shorts if you want to give twincest a try before spending more money on a novel length books.

I know there are other twin stories out there. There are some I've come across in anthologies like Toy Box: Twins, sometimes with a third, sometimes just two. There is also the other "sub-sub-genre" with twins who don't seem to be sexually involved with each other but only the third, examples are the Horsfall series by Jade Buchanan and Fever Lust by Lizzie Lynn Lee.

I even wrote (am writing?) something that has twins but they are secondary characters and I don't imagine I'll actually write anything more than a few current public displays of affection between them. I really should get back to that story.

So tell me what you think of twins in romance or your favourite books.


Leontine said...

I never ever read a twincest story and it would definitely *gulp* stretch my comfortzone to the max. Would it work for me? I don't know. Am I willing to find out? Jury is still out! :)

Tam said...

Ohhh, a twincest virgin. :-D

It's definitely not a sub-genre for everyone, I probably thought it was weird, icky and gross until I tried it and then ... the rest is history. It's great you are willing to try though, it might be your thing, or not. You just never know.

Average Reader said...

Uhhhh, I think I might be somewhere between you and Leontine, but definitely closer to Leontine. :D I have zero desire to seek out a twincest book, but if one dropped into my hands, I'd give it a chance. That said, I've enjoyed the "Delaneys" series by Anne Brooke. That might be the closest I've come to the subject, and it's always been a threesome there with the twins focused on the third guy.

Tam said...

Oh, I forgot about them Val. Yes, that's more the twins don't touch genre. It's certainly a niche market and anyone who decides to write twincest is not going to sell a bazillion copies.

I did a poll on Goodread back when the m/m group started and the results were:

In the right author's hands I enjoy it. 42.2%
Ewwwwwww. 22.1%
It's hot baby, give me more. 17.6%
I can take it or leave it, it doesn't really do much for me. 14.5%

Which really, only 22% said no way, not ever. I'd like to think part of that is that m/m readers tend to be more open to non-traditional romances than some other people.

Chris said...

It's definitely not my thing, although I did read Telling the Truth. :)

Tam said...

I enjoyed that one and hey, you've tried it, not your thing. That's okay. I'm all about different strokes. :-)

Jenre said...

I've read all these except Telling the Truth. I loved Gemini and even quite enjoyed Baked too. I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for twincest books, but like you, I'm not so keen on other incest books. Weird, huh?.

I like Amanda Young's Tempestuous Relations which does well in looking at some of the emotional side of the relationship. Plus I'd second Anne Brookes' Delaney books.

One twincest book I tried but never finished was the Sean Michael one, Braided. Like Baked it's set in the Velvet Glove world but there was just too much dull sex and not enough plot so I gave up.

Tam said...

Actually Baked is Hammer, Braided is Velvet Glove. Same difference. LOL I skimmed the end of Braided. Too much of the same old same old and I felt so badly for the way the one twin was treated I was pissed off at the dom.

One of Sean Michael's that I didn't finish was Centre of Earth and Sky? I think that's the title. It was native American twins and a school teacher. The language was WAY too flowery for me. I understand the second book deals with one of the twins having cancer which is a brave move to make but I just couldn't get into the prose style. *shrug* I know some love it though.

I must try those Amanda Young books. I'm not sure why this appeals and the other doesn't. Whose to say why our brains think what they do sometimes. :-)

Anne Brooke said...

Gosh, this is interesting, thank you! Obviously more stories here I have to try :))

Thanks also for the comments about the Delaneys & Co - you might be interested to know there will be (cough!) some "developments" in the next in the series - "Dating the Delaneys" which is out on 6 November. Nothing too scary though (honest)!

And then I have to round it all off in the last one, "The Delaneys, My Parents and Me", which I have yet to start writing No pressure then, tee hee! :))


Tam said...

It takes a lot to scare me Anne. :-) Looking forward to the developments.

K. Z. Snow said...

I never thought I'd be able to tolerate this theme ... until I read The Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates. It's by far the best book I've read all year. There's no on-page explicit sex between the brothers, but the fallout from their relationship is extraordinarily well done (and with touches of dry humor, too).

This isn't a romance, though -- not in the traditional sense -- and the powerful ending reflects that. Just an incredible read.

Tam said...

Sometimes it takes just the right author KZ, even if only to make it palatable for readers in some situations. It's certainly not for everyone and gives author's a challenge.

Polt said...

Twincest, HOT. At least in my fantasies. :)


Tam said...

And that's what it's all about in my world honey, fantasy. :-) Oh wait, that should probably be followed by a sad face. Oh well, in books and movies anyway.

Chris said...

Here's a new one, with Candy Cane Guy on the cover!

Tam said...

Ugh. I had high hopes. Ooooooh, CCG in duplicate and then I saw the AWFUL blurb. Written poorly and stupid plot. Shame that.

Chris said...

Woe! But hey, there will be twincest in a Misadventure someday. :)