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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Three

So, another week nearly finished. Well, getting closer. I'm still liking my job, the part I'm not liking so much is not to do with the people I work with, but the general fact that I work for an organization that still exists in a 1975 mind-set. Ugh. It's so frustrating. I shouldn't have to be out of pocket $1100 until you decide to reimburse me because the concept of a company credit card is foreign to you. Sigh. Hopefully I can get it worked out today but I was ready to smack someone around yesterday afternoon.

My kid had a job interview Wed. Not sure she'll get it, it was at a shoe store, but it was her first one so that's good experience for her. Of course that meant running out to find black dress pants which Mom then had to hem up. But she's got them now. She really wants to get a job at the movie theatre so she can get free movies. Ah, the priorities of youth. :-)

Have a great Thursday everyone.

Troubled Range by Andrew Grey (180 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

This follows in the Range books and Philip has been lost his job and has decided to head out and visit Dakota and Wally. He's kind of hoping he can hook up with the foreman he had a fling with last time, however he's got a man of his own now. Philip's a bit down but meets Haven, from the neighboring ranch, however Haven's father hates Dakota and his father with a passion and Haven has to watch never to be caught near them, but he accepts Philip's invite to a date and is ready to explore his gayness with him. Suddenly after some suspect fence breaks, somehow Haven's father dies when he's out riding on Dakota's ranch in the middle of the night and the horse goes down. They then find out dear old Dad was about to sell the farm leaving Haven out in the cold. Then Philip has to deal with his natural inclination to run and not wanting to be a kept man by Haven but his own career. I liked that the evil dad was gotten rid of fairly quickly, even if his influence went on. I always wanted Philip to find his guy and there was enough kinky interest on Haven's part to keep Philip happy. A cute story that fans of the series will enjoy.

Unexpected by Sommer Marsden (110 pages)

Jen recommended this one so I thought I'd try it. Her review pretty much sums it up. When I saw the cover originally I thought "Oh no, another "he's left with the baby" book. I'll pass." But it wasn't quite what I expected. Yes, he got left with the baby after his best friend couldn't cope, but the emphasis was not on that so much, there was pages of him changing diapers and buying strollers, etc. Yes, it was insta-love but it didn't bother me too much. Perhaps Charlie was a bit emotional. He cried more than I thought maybe necessary and was pretty chatty about his emotions but it while it walked close to the line it didn't quite cross it for me. I also found at the beginning I felt at times like I was kind of dropped into the middle of a scene and it took me a moment to get my bearings, but either that stopped happening or I adjusted to it because I didn't notice it later. So don't let the baby turn you off if that's not your thing.

Clear Water by Amy Lane (214 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Patrick is a bit of a rich boy with no real purpose. He lives off his Dad's money, ends up with bad boyfriends and generally floats along with his father's disdain. He finally decides to start taking Ritalin again and go back to school and tell his Dad he's gay. However when the boyfriend finds out the gravy train is stopping, he nearly kills Patrick in a car accident and he's rescued by Whiskey, a biology researcher doing research on pollutants in the river causing mutant frogs with his lesbian best friend. They take Patrick in and before long have formed their own little family with Whiskey slowly falling in love with ADD Patrick and realizing Patrick's so much more than everyone told him, he just has to convince Patrick of that. I think everyone needs a Whiskey for their mate. Someone who supports you and believes in you and doesn't judge. The best part for me was when after the boyfriend comes back and nearly gets them all killed Whiskey doesn't shy away from laying into Patrick's father who always wrote him off as flighty rather than having a serious disability and needing medication. I loved that he called a spade a spade and made Patrick's father see the light. Patrick was a bit of a spaz by his own admission but he was just adorable and his love for Cal and Catherine the two-headed frog was so sweet and even the crusty best friend was won over by his cuteness. There is some poignant parts, as Patrick reassesses his life and how he wants to change it, but it's not overly angsty and you are just cheering for Patrick to realize he's as great as Whiskey knows he is.


Chris said...

How frustrating about the reimbursement. *crosses fingers for that and for the kid's job interview*

Haven't read any of those books, although I do have Clear Water to read soon.

Tam said...

My blood pressure on this payment thing is already through the roof this morning. GAWD! Why is this so freaking complicated?

Clear Water was really very good, definitely worth a read.

Average Reader said...

I hope the kid gets the job! Sending good luck in her direction. And in yours for that reimbursement. What is it about the government and moving at a glacial pace toward the 21st century?

As for the books, hmmm...maybe I'll check out that first one. But, a two-headed frog? I don't think I've ever seen that before in an m/m novel. Major points for different!

K. Z. Snow said...

Ho Lee Zhit says: Ill-fortune awaits short ladies who work for government and smack people around.

Keep that in mind, Tam.

Tam said...

It's because no one is authorized to make decisions or is terrified to do so, therefore we form a committee to discuss it ... enlessly. Sigh.

I suppose it's more a Siamese frog, but Amy managed to give him/her a bit of a personality and while I'm not a frog lover, I kind of liked Cal/Catherine.

Tam said...

I haven't smacked anyone around KZ ... yet. But my eyeballs are getting tired from the continuous rolling. I'm taking tomorrow off, not that it will help but I can pretend the frustration is gone. LOL

Anonymous said...

Waiting for reimbursement sucks, I know.

Tell the kidlet good luck on the job search. If she gets a movie theater job, at least she might sneak you extra extra butter on that popcorn. :) Of course, I think about her having to clean all those sticky, theater floors.

Tam said...

I'm far too cheap to pay for popcorn at a theatre Eyre. LOL Yeah, there are some not so great jobs at a theatre.

Chris said...

My brother worked at theaters from age 16 until he graduated from college. He's 42 now and can finally bear to be in the same house as someone making popcorn.

Michelle M. said...

You should charge them interest. Good luck to the kid - but I hope she finds that movie theater job. Free movies trump stinky feet.

Tam said...

I will if I don't get reimbursed fast enough. I don't think she got the job but now with her job of being on the critic team for the school (have to go to all he different plays by other schools), she's going to be pretty busy this term, but she'll keep her eyes open.