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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two for Tuesday

I might need a shot or two. Another god awful early conference call. At least it was during my waking hours. I got rather spoiled only dealing with people in the US and Mexico so my time zones weren't that off. Now India? Europe? Ack! Oh well, I can listen/watch in my pjs then go into the office.

Here's a couple of books I read last week. Hope everyone has a great day.

Psychic Moon by M.D. Grimm (112 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Derek is an animal control worker who is also a wolf shifter. He takes his job very seriously and often falls into rages at the cruelty people inflict on the animals he has to rescue. He's been working with Brian, a vet at the shelter the animals go to for a couple of years. He likes that Brian is always cool and he always seems able to calm the animals but he doesn't ask him out because he wants to keep his secret. However Brian has a secret as well, he can communicate with animals and that's show he's good at his job. After another blow-up, Derek finally asks him out and things are going well until Brian is attacked by a wolf out of the blue, then comes in the "who is after him" plot. At first I thought it was going to be Brian's abusive ex, but it wasn't and another character from a special paranormal agency was brought in to capture the wolf. I'd be curious if he's getting a story. It was an okay read, my only issue, which stuck in my mind so much I found myself discussing it with my daughter on the weekend. Brian had 3 dogs, 2 German shepherds and a pug and Derek had 3 dogs, all big, then they moved in together into what I took to be a relatively small house in the city (not a farm house) and they adopted a 3-legged lab. So they had 6 large and one small dog (and a cat) in a house in the city. If I was their neighbour I would be NOT impressed. I like dogs as much as the next person but 7 dogs? Seriously? Isn't there a by-law against that? LOL See, it's still making me shake my head days and days later. :-)

The Book of Daniel by Z.A. Maxfield (175 pages)
Loose Id

This is Daniel's story. He is Jake's brother who is in the process of divorcing and exploring his new gayness to the fullest. He is also dealing with his injured arm that was crushed in the car accident in the last book. Cam is the fire fighter that saved him and is friends with Jake and JT, however Cam and Daniel seem to rub each other the wrong way, even though Daniel finds him hot, he's not interested in staying in St. Nachos or having a relationship. He's on the gay buffet. However he can't help his attraction and eventually they start a sort of relationship but when Daniel's partner wants to buy up some local land and open a casino, it causes stress in the town despite Daniel being against it. There is also a sub-story of Daniel and Jake's father who is trying to get back in their lives. I found Daniel a bit flighty despite being a business man. He decides suddenly to stop lying and confesses to his ex about his cheating which basically has negative repercussions all around. His ex was a piece of work with major psychological issues which seemed to spill over on Daniel. I'm just not sure I really liked him all that much. He was okay, but not my favourite character, although he stepped up to the plate at the end without expecting anything in return. However I loved the pets in the family and gave Cam a lot of credit for putting up with Daniel. For those who follow the series it's a must. Lots of characters from the past, especially the pie shop.


Jenre said...

I like the ZAM book too and also had the same feelings about Daniel. I didn't warm to him as much as, say. Cooper or Jake from previous books.

Get some sleep! :)

Tam said...

That was it Jen, I didn't dislike him, I just didn't love him. I did however love Fireball, however short his appearance. :-)

Soon, soon. Have to go shopping for dress pants for the kid tonight. At least the torrential downpour has stopped.

Chris said...

I'm sure I'll get to the ZAM book sooner or later! :)

Wow. Rain. We had so, so much of it... and now it never rains.

Tam said...

If you've read the others in the series it's definitely a must-read.

We haven't had much rain but it made up for it today and yesterday. Discovered the water was pouring in the kid's window. Sigh No clue why. It was closed. Now I have to hem a pair of black pants. Not in the mood but she needs them for tomorrow.

Average Reader said...

Umm, both books sound kind of heavy. I think I may wait. Two shots, though, that sounds good for conference calls -- shots of espresso, that is!

Tam said...

For anyone very sensitive to hurt or mistreated animals I'd say beware the first. It's not the heroes obviously, but there are descriptions of what the animal control officer faces. Not pretty.

The second one has enough light moments, Daniel is pretty self-aware, he knows he's a lying slut in general, but once he starts wondering if that's such a great idea it gets a bit more serious.

Anonymous said...

I need to get the ZAM book.

I love animals in books, but I don't think I need to read the other book. I can't get rid of this cold, and crying won't help the situation. LOL!

Tam said...

It didn't make me emotional Eyre, perhaps because it's done in a rather straightforward manner with anger the response rather than sadness, but I imagine for people who find that kind of thing a hot button it would be a more emotional read that may be best skipped for now.

St. Nacho's books are always a great choice.

K. Z. Snow said...

Your hottie looks so lackadaisical. Wonder what's up with that. He's either numb below the waist or has a retractable penis. That's all I can figure.

Tam said...

He doesn't look over thrilled with the idea. Kind of "ho hum". He needs to appreciate the double attention. :-)