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Friday, March 18, 2011

Montreal Day 2

Not so many pictures today. The shopping area looks like any other shopping area. The hotel was quite noisy. You could hear every door close in the hallway, I could hear the maid vacuuming in the next room. Sigh. Oh yeah and the fire truck going by.

Anyway, my kidlet wanted to go to H&M and Forever 21 as we don't have those stores here. So H&M was kind of a dud. She got a shirt. Their stuff is soooo neutral and ruffley. Then we wandered down the street and found the Forever 21. She looked and looked and looked and tried on and in the end (me sitting by some mannequins playing on my phone) only found one pair of shorts and didn't love them so we left.

We finally went and grabbed some lunch and went back to the mall and she did manage to find a pair of black leggings to go with the top and a pair of brown cords for $11. Then we hit a shoe store and I got these but in red. It's weird, not even the converse on-line store has these and no where has pictures of the red one.

And the kid got these. Apparently they are "hip", no clue.
Then we hit Old Navy where she got a couple of pair of shorts and stopped at a few other places but meh. I was pooped, my feet hurt and I was whiny. So we left, got back to the hotel and picked up the car and luggage and headed out, right into rush hour traffic. Took us about an extra 45 min. thanks to that, but not too bad. We're home and tired and will likely go back in the summer. There is an Indiana Jones Imax the kid wants to see in the summer so we'll head back. We'll see what's on at Cirque du Soleil as well.

Anyway, we had a good time, the weather wasn't too bad although VERY windy today, we had some good food and it was nice to do something a bit different. Back to the grind of laundry and shopping this weekend and getting ready for another week.

Talked to my aunt and my Grandmother went for the CT scan today. Not sure when they'll get the results. She's improved but she couldn't go home on her own, and they suspect a mild stroke but I guess we have to wait and see. At least she's no worse and sometimes she seems to improve and sometimes not. It's difficult when they are justing waiting for answers. Hopefully soon. Thanks again to everyone for all the good wishes.

Have a super weekend everyone.


wren boudreau said...

Oh it is so sad when the anticipated shopping results don't pan out! Shopping in the "big city" is something I have to psychologically prepare for!

Good luck to your grandmother.

Chris said...

Welcome back! :)

*fingers crossed for good news for your grandmother*

Tam said...

Thanks guys, hopefully a proper diagnosis means treatment.

As a general rule both of us HATE shopping. I'm more of an in/out get it done and she just tries to avoid it. LOL We're not good shoppers.

There was a young man trying to convince his girlfriend that the shoes I bought were cute and I was like "yes, yes, I'm buying them" and he's all "See?" She just shook her head and moved on. LOL

Average Reader said...

I hope your grandmother continues to improve! Sounds like you and your kid had a good trip. It can be very refreshing to leave town and go somewhere else for a change.

Tam said...

Thanks Val. We had a good time.

Lily said...

I'd be pooped myself after a day of shopping with a teenager. Love the ones you bought although I'd have them in black just like the pic.

Sending lots of good thoughts for your Grandma! Have a fab weekend. :)

Tam said...

They were cute in black Lily but red sneakers and I have a close relationship. :-)

Thanks for the good wishes.

Jenre said...

I hate shopping too and prefer to ninja shop - in, strike, out, LOL!

Glad you enjoyed yourselves overall. You're right that it's nice just to have a break from the routine :).

I'm glad things are getting sorted with your Gran. Here's hoping she improves soon.

Tam said...

Ninja shopping is exactly it Jen. Women have a reputation for loving to shop but I swear the majority I know hate it.

Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully they can get a treatment plan underway and she can be home soon.

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

I don't mind shopping but I hate shopping with my kids - there's always drama :(

Are your daughter's shoes the ones that for every shoe bought they donate one to a 3rd world country? (pretty cool IMO)

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news for your grandmother.

Tam said...

Yes yes, those are the ones Patti. I'd never heard of them but she claims they are hard to find. *shrug*

Thanks for the good wishes. We didn't have too much drama this time but there have been tears in the change room of Macy's in NYC. Sigh. And not mine. LOL

Ingrid said...

I love shopping! H&M is a hit and miss store. They change collections quite often, they add things every week. So one time you come, there is nothing and the next time you go you walk out with five things. So ideally you go every (other) week. Don't worry I don't do that either but it is the way to go. DOn't they have an online store in Canada?

Tam said...

I'm not sure Ingrid. The only thing with on-line is sometimes a small fits, sometimes a medium. And if you have to pay for shipping returns are sucky. Oh well, we'll hit it in Toronto in May, they might have some better stuff. I wasn't overly impressed this time.

Ingrid said...

Here the returning is free. That's made it hugely popular.

Anonymous said...

I'm still sending good thoughts for your grandmother. Hope you get good news soon.

Tam said...

Thanks Eyre. My uncle phoned tonight and said she's WAY better. She's still a bit unsteady but eating and much more like her old-self. Guess all these good wishes are certainly helping. :-)

Leontine said...

There was a time I thought it was a party to go shopping with my mom but since my late twenties I've become a very focussed shopper. Which means I let out my inner roadrunner and speedwalk from one shop to the other; get what I want, or not, and get out ;)

I hope you'r grandmother pulls through Tam, take care of each other!

Tam said...

Yeah, that's my style. I never have been a "shopping as entertainment" kind of girl though. Thanks for the good wishes.

Janna said...

Ugh, shopping! The only store that can make me happy is the bookstore. :)
Sending good thoughts for your grandmother, Tam.