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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back in the saddle?

Well, I seem to be back in the groove, for now. We'll see how long it lasts. I've been home by myself the last three nights as my kid has been digging her WWI trenches from floral foam and doing school stuff so no excuse not to read my head off. Some shiny and new books also to attract my attention. Sigh. My poor older books are staring at me forlornly when I open the TBR file.

Between the Pipes by Stephani Hecht (114 pages)
eXtasy Books

This is book two in the Blue Line Hockey series (book 1). Younger brother/goalie Trey is "blackmailed" by the reporter whose keeping his secret into helping her sister's young son whose the worst goalie ever. Trey's not thrilled, but he finds meeting the kid's uncle isn't bad. Except for one thing, Wade is a cop, and everyone continues to tell Trey how important it is to keep their secret about his father's death, however he can't stay away. Wade is the first guy who doesn't treat him like a convenient or celebrity fuck. Then their older drug addict brother Brock shows up, on the run from the cops, and soon Trey is keeping secrets from everyone as he tries to believe Brock wants to change his addict ways. I was very happy to see Trey get his HEA after the horrible abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and I was kind of annoyed with Devon who seemed more interested in protecting his ass than seeing Trey happy, but he came around. Wade and Trey maybe fall a bit fast for my taste, but on the whole it left you feeling good for Trey even though Brock managed to destroy a bit of his trusting nature by his behaviour.

Holiday Outing by Astrid Amara (123 pages)
Loose Id

Val at Obsidian Bookshelf recommended this, I think her review says it all, damn, I'm lazy. I also got this with the g/c I won during Zombie Week from Three Dollar Bill Reviews so thanks to the gang there for that. I totally agree with Val's assessment of this delightful story. Although I think I might have taken up smoking to deal with Jonah's family. I was also glad that Ethan's treatment of Jonah as a student in high school was addressed and not glossed over. At first Ethan seemed a bit of an asshole, and I didn't blame Jonah for being kind of testy, but it all came together nicely. I also wanted to smack Jonah's parents, but again, it all came together. The author doesn't let you stay mad at anyone for long. I though Aunt Goldie was a great character that was handled gently despite her growing confusion and dementia. I just didn't want to stop reading it and had such a good time. I love this author's Hanukkah stories.

An Assassin's Touch (Lost Shifter #9) by Stephani Hecht (127 pages)
eXtasy Books

I seem to be on a Stephani binge. I was eagerly looking forward to Shane's story because I'm a sucker for the damaged anti-hero type. Shane is working as an assassin and has been tracking a cobra shifter for some time who is killing shifter and humans. Ever since their Christmas liaison in the pantry, Trevor has been playing it cool with Shane and avoiding him, but is still obsessed and it seems Shane is the same. Several people warn Trevor off, either telling him Shane is too crazy, or that he's going to hurt Shane because he's just a slut. (my heart broke a tad there) However Shane is not staying away from him and despite everyone else being freaked that Shane is a killer, it makes Trevor hot and he sees only Shane's good side, which he manages to keep hidden. He's still badly damaged from his upbringing. So Shane is captured by the cobra and .... Okay, I believe there was a strangled cry, because it was either that or a strangled author and I don't want to spend time in a US prison. So I must wait to see the real end of their story. I just adored that Trevor could see the real Shane and thought he was funny, even though Shane's sense of humour is sadly missing, Trevor didn't care and Shane didn't care that Trevor had been promiscuous. So I just love these two and must wait, not so patiently, for the next book. *frowny face*


Chris said...

Love Astrid Amara's Hannukah stories!

Have Between the Pipes on my reader...

I'm waiting to read to read An Assassin's Touch until Shane's Fury comes out (March 15).

That guy's going to get smacked by the pommel if he actually tries riding nekkid..

Average Reader said...

Love the pasty white cowboy in the photo!

Thanks for the link to my review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed Holiday Outing. I can't remember --have you read Love Ahead Expect Delays and Carol of The Bellskis as well?

And Stephanie's book -- a reptile shapeshifter! How cool! So does it end on a cliffhanger or what? Should I wait to assemble the entire series to read it?

Tam said...

They are great Chris. I think you'll enjoy Between the Pipes because I think Trey held a soft-spot for many of us.

Probably a smart move for Shane and Trevor, you'll avoid my pain. LOL

Tam said...

He is a bit pale huh? LOL

You are quite welcome for the link. I have read both of those other books and enjoyed them both. She has a way with wacky families. :-)

I don't know how many Stephani has planned in the series. I haven't minded the wait between because until this book there hasn't been that cliff-hanger ending before. Each book focused on one couple plus moved forward the over-arching shifter coalition storyline. So I think you could start anytime, just make sure both halves of Shane's story are together. He also has a battle with a nest of rattlesnake shifters so it's heavy on the "belly walkers" as Shane calls them. :-)

Lily said...

"a strangled cry"

Mine was more of a strangled scream... totally not expecting the cliffhanger!!!

I've got her Hockey books on my wish list. They sound good. And I loved Astrid's story.

What ever happened to save a horse, ride a cowboy? Can't believe naked cowboy forgot those great words of wisdom!

Tam said...

I wasn't either Lily, although I kind of new there were two books for Shane but I just didn't expect that. Thankfully the wait is not too long.

The hockey books are cute. I should have checked with you first for a theme. LOL Never thought of that one.

K. Z. Snow said...

I sure hope that pale rider doesn't lift his butt off the saddle. Wouldn't want the illusion ruined by a big ol' swatch of rash and blisters, not to mention a callus-covered scrotum.

For some reason, every time you mention carving WWI trenches out of floral foam, I start giggling. (The kidlet probably wouldn't appreciate that. I'm sure she's worked her fingers and carving implements down to nubs.)


Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

I'm looking forward to Between the Pipes, I'm glad to see you liked it.

Owie - I'd imagine naked saddle-riding would pinch!

Jenre said...

I really must read the AA Hanukkah stories. I've read all her other books.

Glad to see you've got over your blahs :). I seem to have got over my mid book slump disease too!

Tam said...

Umm. Okay, calluses in places I didn't want to think about KZ.

I have yet to see the final result of the floral foam trenches as they are the partner's house. Although I heard it was messy as hell so I'm glad it was there and not my place. They do such weird things in school these days.

Tam said...

Naked saddle riding is hot. Don't you guys read romance books Patti? LOL Between the Pipes was fun and I was happy to see Trey find someone.

I think you'll really like the AA book Jen. Yeah, the blahs seem to have passed. They always do but I always get a bit freaked when it happens. LOL

Polt said...

OhmiGOD, the tongue! I want to spend hours working on those lips and getting worked on by that tongue!

(is it a bad thing that the only thing I comment about on here is your daily eye candy?)


Tam said...

Nah, I don't mind. As long as someone's enjoying the boy. It is a perfect mouth isn't it? Nice shade of pink. :-)

Larissa said...

owh now...I be really lovin'that picture!

The Stephani Hecht books were really good!

Tam said...

You and your cowboys Lis. :-) They were a fun read.