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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fortnight of UK Authors and some reading

Just a reminder that the British Fortnight has started over at Brief Encounters Reviews. Stop by for the next two weeks and meet some authors and be sure to enter for a chance to win dozens of books. The author's have been very generous. I think we're going to have a good time. Hip hip cheerio and all that. :-)

My Grandmother is improving, we're still waiting on the results of the CT scan but my uncle said she's really bounced back. Not normal yet but certainly improved. Unfortunately my ex's Dad who suffered a heart attack in Feb. suffered another and passed away on Friday. So not so positive news for his family. I was not close to the man and my daughter barely knew him, but for my ex and his family it is difficult. Sigh. Hopefully no more bad news for a while.

I also managed to get some reading done.

Grand Jeté by Diana Copland
Silver Publishing

Jordan is an ER nurse who is dragged to the ballet to see he niece perform. He's intrigued by the Arabian dancer but thinks nothing more of it until the man arrives at the ER suffering a torn knee which is likely ending his career. When his boss/boyfriend dumps him in the ER and tells him to make his own way home, Jordan decides to help the guy out and take him home. Of course his family find out and they spend the evening with them and Jordan falls hard and fast even though he knows Davis is leaving the next day and lives across the country. Once Davis goes home his phone is cut off and Jordan is sure it's over until he gets an interesting Christmas surprise with his family's help. I did like this one, it's a simple story, not tons of conflict beyond the fact that they just met and live far apart. There's no stalkers or mystery or child abuse, but when you're in the mood for an easy read with likable characters. I tend to have a soft spot for anything ballet related so that helps.

Unexpected Mate: Holland Brothers 1 by Toni Griffin (106 pages)
Silver Publishing

I may have found my new Doritos read but with better editing. These books revolved around the 4 Holland brothers who are werewolves. The first book focuses on Marcus, the second oldest and local police officer. These books take place in Australia but there wasn't a lot of Australian references, at least not that jumped up and smack me. Brian's family kicked him out of the pack for being gay and his truck breaks down near a small town. When the police stop Brian knows immediately he's his mate and blurts it out but Marcus is determined he's straight and it's his job to provide grand-babies for his parents and he quickly shoots Brian down who's having a very bad week. Marcus' brothers soon smack some sense into him and he goes after Brian however, Marcus' ex-girlfriend does NOT take rejection well and is even more pissed when he's with a guy and attacks Brian. These are very fast easy reads, a fair number of stereotypes, Brian ends up being the housewife for the 4 brothers, cooking and cleaning and working as a florist, but the brothers' parents were great about accepting their kids no matter what. There was also this weird werewolf thing were a knot happens to the penis which "attaches" itself to the prostate giving the guy yet another orgasm immediately after. My question was if that's the case, why the hell would anyone want to top. I'd be begging to bottom 24/7. LOL Two for the price of one. Physically I think not very realistic, but hell, they're werewolves, that's pretty unrealistic right there. I did think Marcus' resistance to being gay would last longer than 45 min. but apparently not.

Determined Mate: Holland Brothers 2 by Toni Griffin (122 pages)
Silver Publishing

Jason was Brian's best friend growing up. He phones Brian asking if he can stay with him and it seems he was seen coming out of a gay bar so his pack also banished him, but to top it off he'd been drugged, beaten and raped at the club. When he sees Alex who is huge like his attacker he freaks out. He knows he's his mate but is having nightmares, is afraid of big guys and can hardly stand anyone to touch him. Alex is determined to go slow and gradually wins Jason's trust (okay, when I say gradually I say 3 days which in this world is long it seems). Alex is also the alpha and why does he look like Brian from the first m/m I ever read? When did you get the tattoos Brian? Just when things seem on track and Jason is able to go all the way (which takes longer than 3 days, I'll give them that), his attacker shows up. How he knew where Jason was given that he was a day and a half drive away from his old town I have no clue, but whatever. Oh yes and mates have the speaking to each other silently trick happening which allows Alex to come to the rescue in the nick of time. As I said, these are very fast easy reads with likable people and you know the other two brothers have a story coming which I will definitely get. They aren't great literature but when you're in the mood for a quick furry read, a bit of a guilty pleasure, they are a good choice.


Chris said...

Good news about your grandmother!

So, these Silver Publishing titles were edited ok? Because I've come across more SP titles that weren't than that were so far. :(

Lily said...

I'm glad to hear your grandmother continues to improve and as I said on FB I'm sorry for your ex's loss.

I've got Grand Jete on my wish list and will definitely add the Holland Brothers. I do so love Doritos. :)

Janna said...

Good to hear that your grandmother bounced back!

Those new doritos sound fun. :) I didn't get what you were saying in red though, about Alex, Brian and tattoos. ;)

Tam said...

As far as spelling, wrong names, etc. they were fine Chris. I'm sure some of that is in part to authors who submit pretty clean manuscripts or different editors who catch more, but they were fine, at least nothing jumped out and grabbed me.

Tam said...

Thanks Lily. I know you like Stormy Glenn and these remind me a bit of those books but with better editing.

Thanks Janna. It's funny how you can associate a character with a book cover and ever after they ARE that character. What are you doing with another guy? CHEATER!!!! :-)

Ingrid said...

I looked at those titles. I read the excerpt from book two and it felt good. But I had bought so much already!
Now I must really add them to pile

Tam said...

It doesn't have a lot of angst or drama Ingrid and as I said, has sort of a Stormy Glenn feel, but for a fast light snack they are good. The pile is never ending I swear.

Polt said...

Your hottie of the day....pretty doesn't begin to adequately describe him. Wowza. :)


Tam said...

I thought of you when I chose him. :-)