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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun with Statistics

Well, I have done some reading but I'll save my reviews for tomorrow maybe. I finished my D book in my half-assed A to Z challenge, I opened the E book and then got sidetracked by T and stayed up until 1:30 last night reading M. Ooops. My alphabet is a bit like a hyperactive 5 year old, all over the place.

Now I generally do not check stats on my site, until today I didn't even really realize there was a stats tab up there at the top. Duh. I don't really care but I thought I'd see what interesting stuff it could tell me. Here is what I discovered:

Page View: This month I got 6,078. Wow, I'm amazed. 78 would have been impressive. Must have been the happy boys

Most popular post ever: With 4,066 page views the winner is ... Thank you to all who voted for me. Your NSFW reward. Geez, what a bunch of pervs. A penis or three show up and the hits go wild. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

Levi's got the cutest smile
 Top Search words bring people here BESIDES the name of the site:
  • Levi Poulter (well duh - hotness)
  • hot firemen (no kidding)
  • teenboylove (sure, why not)
  • vampire squirrel (for the win!!!!)
Some weird search words that bring people here:
  • shane broke my heart (ummm, okay, wonder what review I wrote that in)
  • gay werewolf mate book shop coffee (not sure which book, there was the gay werewolf mate FLOWER shop)
  • men with red chest hair (rare, definitely rare)
  • hair man (okay - bears?)
Where are y'all from?
  • US (of course the most popular location)
  • Canada (hey homies)
  • UK (remember to check out the Fortnight fun at Brief Encounters)
  • Germany (that's a surprise)
  • Netherlands (hi Janna, Leontine and Lis)
  • Australia (waves down under)

We need to get to a beach in Brazil.
Surprise locations I would never have guessed: 
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Indonesia (way cool)
  • Spain
  • Saudi Arabia (really? Hope I don't get anyone in trouble.)
  • Finland
  • Sweden

Kitsune with fire -
Firefox. Get it? Sigh.
 What browser are you using?
  • 40% Internet Explorer
  • 32% Firefox
  • 13% Google Chrome
  • 10% Safari
What operating system?
  • 84% Windows
  • 11% Mac
Someone actually uses Play Station Portable. Ack! Hope they are over 18. LOL

So there you have it. Fun with stats, I love this stuff but don't care about the numbers of visitors so much, I find things like the weird search words or where people are from way more interesting and fun to figure out.

Hope everyone is having a great week and that spring is getting nearer. (or fall depending on which half you are in. :-)


Mikey, Head Writer said...

Love the top graphic! We get some random surfers over at C&R...mainly people looking for the biggest cock

Tam said...

LOL Yeah, I would think that comes up a bit. Love your new title.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Those are some fun stats! I'm gonna have to take a look at mine... *wanders off*

Tam said...

Hope you find something interesting Miranda.

Jenre said...

LOL, Tam. These are some good stats. I didn't realise you could see what words people use when they find you. Last month I had 3 people click on my Well Read blog from searching for "word cock makes me blush". I rather think that might have been the same person, lol!

I seem to have a fan from Taiwan, which is lovely :).

My top post is and always has been since I wrote the damned thing, the post I did on thongs. This is because of one of the pictures I used of a bondage guy in a jock strap. People get to me through Google images all the time. Perverts!

Tam said...

LOL Too funny Jen. why would you search for that? It is very cool when you get visitors from obscure places.

I think it's Levi and his junk that are attracting them because although I've had pictures of him before probably, that's the one where he's in his full glory, and almost daily hits show up using his name as the cue.

Wasn't there some creeper who started posting to a bunch of us wanting to send us pictures of him in his thong after that post? So weird.

Average Reader said...

Yay, Tam, great stats! I love to look stats from time to time because the whole marketing thing is so fascinating. Especially the odd keyword search terms. I get visitors all the time searching for "William Shatner eye color" (from an article I wrote on eye color) -- nothing whatsover to do with gay romance!

Tam said...

It must be shocking Val, to some people who are searching for simple term like that or "vampire squirrel" to suddenly be face to face with Levi Poulter's manhood, or an article on writing. By the way, what color are his eyes?

Chris said...

I get some bizarre search terms, too - my blog being the intersection of m/m, cats, and knitting...

- "´s last blog .." aztec tattoos - spent 17 minutes on my site. I have nothing on Aztec tattoos! :)

- baby goat kitty litter - made from baby goats?! WTH?

- clown barf pickguard - I did describe some socks I knitted as being made from clown barf once...

- how to find a menage relationship - move along, please! :)

- mmmm baaaahhhhsssss - I got nothin'...

- when a guy is too smooth - I'm thinking they weren't really looking for Too Smooth Guy. :)

Tam said...

Ha! Some of those are great Chris. People search for weird stuff.

Chris said...

That they do! :)

Lily said...

Loved the pie chart!

I've got a thing on my blog that shows the most popular posts and the winner so far was the one I did for EH showing pics of mature men. Yes, we all seem to be pervs. LOL

I should take a look at the rest of the stats and see what craziness is there. Soon... maybe. :)

wren boudreau said...


Stats are interesting, and I'm sure the smiley boys attract a lot of attention!

Tam said...

There does seem to be a theme of what draws a crowd Lily. Well, they do say the internet was invented for porn. :-)

It's how I like my lemon pie too Wren, no meringue. I hate meringue. Seems boys in general attract a lot of attention. Which is working for me.

Janna said...

I'm happy to give your Netherlands stats a little boost every day. :)

You inspired me to look at my search words of course. This month people were looking for "where the allegheny meets the monongahela" (huh? beats me what I wrote about that) and "elle druskin" (I don't even know who that is).

Yes, spring is coming, this Saturday with a hopping temp of 24 C! Woohoot! Finally, :)

Tam said...

24? I'm so jealous. I had a few searches which were names of models I've had up as hotties of the day, never heard of elle druskin though. :-)

Janna said...

Well, I tried googling her myself and it turns out that she's a romance author, but I'm pretty sure I've never blogged about her, lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL! My most popular search term is "Brent Corrigan." I guess the world is full of pervs.

Tam said...

Levi and Brent. I'd pay to see that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tam, I'd pay to see that too!

K. Z. Snow said...

Got a good chuckle out of this (vampire squirrels? baby goat kitty litter?) :D

BTW, I'll pitch in on the Brent and Levi oglefest.

And now, guess what? Mother Nature is saying "April Fools!" by dumping more snow on us. It's coming down like a crazy bitch. I should be going postal any day now.

Tam said...

Ugh. I feel for you guys. Spring has made a detour up north. But I'm not giving it back.

Maybe we should put forward a Brent/Levi proposal. Although Brent's all about the non-porn these days. How disappointing when they go mainstream. *sigh*

Chris said...

Oh, that sucks, KZ! We're just getting rain so far, although I see snowflakes in the forecast...

Ingrid said...

Fun stats Tam. We Dutchies are everywhere! You can't escape us even if you want to :D

Tam said...

Insidious you are Ingrid. Hiding under stairs, waiting to pounce. :-)

Average Reader said...

By the way, what color are his eyes?

Arrgh, sorry this took a while to make it back! His eyes are brown.

Tam said...

LOL I could have googled it but I would have ended up on your blog it seems. :-)