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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Summary

I've actually been reading some longer books so not so many updates this week. But they've been good longer books so that's okay.

Back to Normal by Wren Boudreau (180 pages)
Loose Id

Greg is a freshly divorced teacher who works part-time in a fancy restaurant as a waiter. Unusually, the spirit of his dead aunt lives in his head an talks to him. The day after he finds out he's been laid off from his teaching job he finds out the restaurant is closing, but luckily the new owners hope to hire people. He is strangely attracted to Finn, one of the new owners and it's mutual but he is straight and not interested, unless he is of course. Finn is a confessed man-whore but agrees to back-off and help Greg figure out his life even if it means just friends. I really liked this. Aunt Coco was a hoot but also very touching and I thought Greg's older brother was great. I think Greg's reasons for being so deep in the closet were valid to a point but I liked how he worked through things and Finn didn't pressure him to try more. Something I read and thought "yes, finally" was that Greg had checked out gay porn when he decided to have sex so knew the mechanics. Too often these new gay guys are all "I don't know what to do". Jeez, any 12 year old can figure that out from google. Get with the times. LOL The only thing I would have liked to see what Greg's mother's response to him being out, or more of his family's reactions. A super second outing for Wren.

In the Flesh by Ethan Stone (286 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Cristian Flesh is an out-and-proud police detective and self-professed man-whore. He has rules, lots of rules, like no kissing, no sleepovers, etc. Life is good until not only is one of his lovers, a hardcore religious leader, stabbed, but the man he says did it is murdered and it looks like someone is setting Christian up for murder. His partner hires lawyer Colby to defend him and he can't help being attracted to the sexy black lawyer, but Colby is deeply in the closet and has no intention of coming out. There are sort of two parallel stories, the investigation to clear his name and find the real killer, along with the development of a relationship between Colby and Cristian and Cristian breaking some of his rules. This had tons of great reviews and I did really enjoy it although I figured out most of the mystery part very early on, but I still enjoyed it. I also thought showing how Cristian changed the way he thought about the world and relationships and his developing friendship with a young street kid was great. I did want to know more about Cristian's past. It was obvious there was abuse in it but you only got hints so I found that as frustrating as Colby did likely. LOL But it was definitely worth the time.

Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane (187 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Naef was born with a club foot and due to that has a twisted spine, badly scarred skin and is picked on by everyone in the village. However despite his horrific childhood he is an amazing wood carver and his sister's suitor has some influence in getting Naef (Knife he prefers to be called) a "job" as a companion for his cousin for a year. Although Naef's not thrilled, he wants his sister to have a real life and he figures being with a lion/man won't be any worse than his life. Aerie-Smith lives on an island under enchantment. Everyone has turned into animals on the island. When they arrive however, Naef has the opposite happen, he becomes a perfect twink. :-) Aerie-Smith tells him in one year he's found a way to break the spell then Naef can leave. They spend time getting to know each other and eventually in bed where when he is blindfolded Naef can feel Aerie-Smiths real body as it would be. Of course we all know the way to break the spell is not going to go well but there is a HEA, which I think is a bit non-traditional but highly satisfying. Naef is twisted and bitter inside from his treatment by the locals and I also found him highly amusing. His reactions to everything are so over the top that you can't help but be amused. I snorted many times reading it and Aerie-Smith's reaction were similar I think. It's hard to describe but they were prefect for each other and the interactions with the "people" on the island were amusing. It was really just an excellent interpretation of the fairy tale I enjoyed very much.

Hot Shot by Sedonia Guillone (8 pages)
Rainbow Books

This is a freebie from Rainbow Books. Paul, a photographer, is roomies with Carlo. He's been crushing on Carlo for years but Carlo goes through men like kleenex. After running home in the rain from dinner out, Carlo suddenly asks Paul to photograph him. Paul is getting turned on and Carlo is working it in his wet t-shirt and then taking it off until he finally tells Paul outright that he wants him. It's just a little friends-to-lovers interlude that was quite sexy and also sweet as Paul can't believe Carlo really wants him.


Chris said...

You had a very good reading week! :)

I really hope there's another book about Cristian and Colby, a book that delves more into Cristian's past.

Tam said...

I did have a good week Chris. Lots of high quality books. A second book would definitely be welcome to find out more about Cristian, so many threads were left hanging on the personal front, not the mystery front.

Average Reader said...

These all sound good!

Tam said...

They were all good ones this week Val.

wren boudreau said...

Thanks very much, Tam! Glad you liked Back to Normal.

I've read both In the Flesh and Truth in the Dark and liked them a lot.

Tam said...

My pleasure Wren, looking for forward to your next one. No pressure. Or not much. :-)

The other two were both excellent reads as well.

Lily said...

I just finished Back to Normal this morning. I really liked it. As you know I also really liked In the Flesh. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Amy's is on my wish list, it sounds neat and Sedonia's I've either read already or read another just like it.

And Tam, I'm in lust with your Hottie of the Day. YUM!! ;)

Tam said...

He is pretty isn't he Lily? Whoever posted him called him a better looking David Beckham. I guess I see it.

There is an Addison Albright short called Photo Shoot which is kind of similar but it's one friend posing nude for his best friend's school project and it leads to FINALLY them getting together. You might have read that one which is a similar theme.

Kris said...

"Too often these new gay guys are all "I don't know what to do". Jeez, any 12 year old can figure that out from google. Get with the times. LOL"

I thought that too. LOL. Are we spending too much time together??

Tam said...

"Are we spending too much time together??"

No, we're just brilliant. :-D

Janna said...

Glad you liked In the Flesh too. And no, the mystery wasn't much of a mystery but that didn't bother me really. I still enjoyed the book!
Wren's and Amy's are on my to-read list. I hope to get to them soon. :)

Tam said...

I don't mind when I know who did it Janna. But then again I sometimes read the ending first. LOL

Hope you enjoy Wren and Amy's when you get there.