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Monday, October 4, 2010

Charity Sips #3

I've been continuing to enjoy the Charity sips here and there, with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. Each one has a theme of doctors or healing in someway. You can click on the cover below to get to the site, you can buy them separately or all at once.

Take it Slow by Taylor Lochland (24 pages)
Graham is a marathon runner who wrecked his knee. His Russian-born doctor Dmitri tells him to take it easy but he refuses, injuring himself again. When he runs into the Dr. at a race they decide to hang out together. Graham makes a move but Dmitri kind of freaks because he lived for so long in Russia hiding who he is, he can't just fall into bed with someone. And sweet story of taking it slow and the reasons behind Graham's determination to push himself further than is physically wise.

Little Fishes by Syd McGinley (32 pages)
This is Tommy and Tanaka story from the Dr. Fell universe. Tanaka is taking Tommy to meet his mother and sister who run a health spa for the first time. Tommy is very nervous and is not impressed to find out that Tanaka has kept some very large secrets from him about his family. I don't follow these stories although I read one other story about Tommy and Tanaka in an anthology. For fans of the couple or the whole Dr. Fell universe it will be an enjoyable addition.

Homecoming: A Jarheads Short by Sean Michael (15 pages)
Rig was away volunteering to help in a hurricane zone for a few weeks and is looking forward to being home. Rock and Dick meet him at the airport for a surprise and they spend the night getting reacquainted at a local hotel. This obviously takes place a bit later in their relationship and this is another series I don't really follow but have read a few stories here and there. Again for fans, I'm sure they'll love seeing the three guys back together.

My Life in Your Hands by AR Moler (24 pages)
Chris is an ER Dr. in a tough inner-city San Diego hospital and deals with a lot of gang violence. After the death of a young man he talks with Drew, the cop on the case. They end up meeting again and fall into a relationship of sorts given they both have insane schedules. Chris is almost feral when they get together and Drew finally figures out that Chris is on the knife edge of burn out and only his short times with Drew are keeping him from going over. Only when Drew is injured and Chris has to save his life does Chris make some changes. I really liked this story a lot, you could feel the stress that Chris was living in and one short I'd read again.

Have Hope by Emily Moreton (23 pages)
John is a spy of sorts who is on the run after being shot and not making contact with his target. He is rescued by Mohammed, a Dr. who takes him in and cares for him as he recovers. They spend the next several days getting to know each other and become attracted, but really, it's a war, John is a spy and Mohammed is needed in his clinic, is there any chance for them? The unusual setting made this one a good read and the hopeful ending leant itself well to the setting. For those who care it's in present tense which is not my favourite but it seemed to work for this one quite well.

The Rosebud
by M. Raiya (22 pages)
James comes across an accident between a logging truck and a car. When he sees the driver of the car he can tell his neck is broken, however James has a special skill, he can heal people by touching them. The downside is he always falls in love with them no matter who they are. He can't not help Ambient (hippy parents) and he's particularly drawn to Ambient. He has always been afraid that if he actually hooked up with someone he cured, would he then dump them the next time he cured someone and fell in love with them? Now it seems like he'll find out. An interesting premise with a twist on traditional healing.

I'm still finding them all quite interesting and diverse. Being able to read one or two between other books has really been making it less overwhelming I think.


Lily said...

I read Homecoming which I liked and My Life in Your Hands which I loved. The others are still waiting for me.

Tam said...

I really loved the AR Moler one too Lily. I'm sure fans of the Jarheads will like that one, it's short and sweet.

Jenre said...

Haven't read any of these yet, but I shall look forward to the AR Moler story :).

I agree, the stories are very diverse and interesting, and it helps reading them a few at a time.

Tam said...

I think it's nice Jen when the top is so broad, healing doesn't necessarily mean doctors and the medical profession as we think of it, so that gives the authors the latitude to do some interesting takes on the theme.

I've actually been reading quite a few and have only about 6 more to go.

Chris said...

I need to read a few more, I think. Mine are alphabetical and I'm just on the B's.

Tam said...

I'm really enjoying them Chris, but then I get in the mood for shorts and just keep going and going. :-)

Average Reader said...

This is definitely a good series with a lot of variety.

Tam said...

Yeah Val, I like that you have some paranormal and a bit of historical with some contemporary, some doctors, some other forms of healing, a nice mix.