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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Hump Day!

Before I get onto the book stuff I want to give a gigantic high five to KB of Babbling About Books, and More. KB stepped up to the plate in a very real way and offered $500 cash to be split between The Trevor Project and the Matthew Shepard Foundation if 500 people commented on her post. A few other friends jumped on the bandwagon with her and in the end, within 48 hours the word spread, the comments mounted and the two charities are now splitting $775. I know not everyone is able to help in a financial way, but the support behind KB's efforts also counts for a lot and I want to congratulate everyone for helping two very worthwhile projects in a big way. Yay KB for making a difference.

Electric Melty Tingles by KZ Snow (101 pages)
Loose Id

Ned and Oliver have been friends for years and Ned's in love with Oliver, who is straight and about to get married. He calls up Ned freaking out, leaves the bride at the altar and takes off with Ned to Seattle until the storm dies down. He confesses he's gay and Ned's in heaven. They have 5 days of bliss and then reality sets in and it's 15 years before they manage to reconnect. Despite moving on, neither manages to forget the other. Most of the story takes place in 1970 (is that an historical) but it ends in 2010. It was a beautiful story and while I don't generally like separations like that, it didn't last that long on page and I think it made sense for the time and their lives. It was an adorable ending, and yes, there is an m/m/m/m menage scene which some people may find ... objectionable maybe? but I thought War and his "lickin' stick" were appropriate. I think everyone will enjoy this poignant, but not sad, story.

Code Blue by Stephani Hecht (99 pages)
eXtasy Books

This is another story in the EMS Heat series. Dylan and Kaleb from the last book are doing great, when out of the blue Clayton, Dylan's childhood friend and ex of sorts, shows up hoping to rekindle their relationship. Justin, Kaleb's best friend is pissed, and thinks Clayton is going to try and break up Dylan and Kaleb. Despite his better judgment, he's attracted to the innocent young man and invites him to stay with him, in part to avoid Dylan being around him. It seems the reason Clayton didn't support Dylan when it all went to hell was because his super-religious family had him committed. Once playboy Justin gets to know him, he can't help but be more attracted by Clayton's strength. There was lots of humour in this as Clayton takes up swearing and becomes totally addicted to The Jersey Shore (god help us all) when he's allowed to watch TV. The blurb makes it sound like Clayton's more of a brat, but he's not in the story, he was a sweetie and it was an enjoyable addition to the series.

The First Real Thing by Cat Grant (116 pages)
Elora's Cave

Cameron is a high end escort and one night he meets his client in the bar and is strangely attracted, but when he leaves with his envelope of money it contains a plane ticket. Ooops, he picked up the wrong guy, not his client. Trev is from Toronto and when he comes back to town invites Cameron out thinking he's just a guy. Cameron is a bit freaked, he doesn't have a private life but he really likes Trev and he starts to think maybe it's time to get out of the business. Just as he's about to buy a friend's bar, Trev brings his teen son with him to meet Cameron and the son has awesome google-fu skills and seems to have found Cameron's website. Double oops. Not a great response when Trev finds out the truth. I enjoyed this story and it was told as if Cameron was writing a blog about his life so that was a bit different and watching him change his mind about the business and the secondary story of his ill and dying friend was a nice touch.

Shared Range by Andrew Grey (192 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

This is another addition to the Bottle Up series. Philip had a wild fling with a cowboy on the last cruise, Dakota, and they've stayed friends. Philip invites himself out to visit and brings along his best friend Wally who just finished vet school. Dakota is waaaaay in the closet and has been caring for his father for several years who has MS. Despite trying to stay in the closet, he's insanely attracted to Wally and even their differences about the wolves from the local park who ranchers as a rule want to kill, don't stifle their romance. Dakota is no longer able to keep it from his men, nor eventually his father. Thankfully everyone is mostly okay, but Wally has to decide if he can live in Wyoming, Matthew Shepard country, as a gay man. It moves pretty fast, within a couple of weeks Dakota asks Wally to move in, but it's typical Andrew Grey and I do enjoy the stories and the style appeals to me. Not tons of angst and the relationship Dakota had with his ill father was nice. I really hope Philip gets his HEA soon, poor guy. Everyone he sleeps with falls madly in love ... with someone else.


KT Grant said...

Aw, thanks Tam! :) So many who commented and spread the word are the real superstars.

Tam said...

You did good hon. :-) Everyone's support was important.

Lily said...

Kudos to KB!! It definitely was an awesome thing she did. I put in my little comment yesterday. :)

I really enjoyed Cat and Andrew's stories and have KZ's up next. Stephani's is on my TBB.

Chris said...

Yay, KB!!

I don't think the Andrew Grey's for me. I enjoyed Cat Grant's and Stephani's books. Have KZ's - just need to make time!

Tam said...

They were all pretty good stories Lily. I think you'll really enjoy KZ's.

Have you read the other Bottled Up books Chris? I find it a bit like Stormy Glenn, not too strenuous for my brain but waaaaay fewer plot holes and inconsistencies. In that sense it's always well done, no one puts on a blue shirt and takes off a red sweater. LOL Borderline insta-love though, just far enough over the border that I can live with it though.

Chris said...

I've read a couple of the Bottled Up books - they were ok...

Tam said...

Yeah, it seems to generally not elicit strong reactions I don't think. But it seems once I start a series like that I feel compelled to keep going.

Kris said...

"There was lots of humour in this as Clayton takes up swearing and becomes totally addicted to The Jersey Shore (god help us all) when he's allowed to watch TV."

*snort* If Stephani wasn't an auto buy, I think I'd get it solely for this description. LOL.

Tam said...

It was very cute Kris. You sometimes forget what people who aren't into pop culture would think/do when they see some of this stuff.

Janna said...

I want to read all four. You're bad for my cc, Tam!

Tam said...

Eeep. Sorry Janna. :-D They were all pretty good for different reasons.

Tracy said...

Right on KB. Great job.

All of these are going on my TBB. Uh, thanks. :)

Tam said...

My pleasure Tracy. LOL I know the feeling though, sometimes you just cringe with so many worthwhile books out there.