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Monday, November 9, 2009

Stuff I finished last week

I wasn't very good at keeping myself up to date on what I've read. Oh well, better late than never.

Nick of Time
by T.A. Chase (239 pages)

I started reading this on TA's blog and then he stopped to put it out in book format. Nick is tossed into a cell with a starving vampire by his ex who was using him to track down information on preters. When Nick wouldn't give him the info he was beaten and his back broken. He offers himself to Gryphon who rescues Nick as well. Seems there is someone out to eliminate preters and when Nick is attacked again Gryphon takes him to a sacred cave and asks the gods to save him. They do making him their avatar (rep on earth?) and giving him a spirit guide of a cobra who is sometimes a tattoo and sometimes live. They then go on a quest to find a magic book that has spells which could destroy preters along with Nick's best friend a werewolf and Gryphon's friend a vampire. They end up in Romania and England and eventually do find the book although their friends are captured. It ends open with another book assumed to be in the works. But seriously TA, a snake? Was that necessary? Why not a squirrel or a lemur, something cute and cuddly? I hate snakes.

Love, Like Ghosts by Ally Blue (181 pages)

I have not read the other BCP books but this is kind of a stand-alone. Set in the near future, Adrian (with psychic abilities) is a natural introvert who spends his time studying physics and keeping to himself and controlling his power. He meets Scotty while helping set up the haunted house on campus and they hit it off but Adrian is afraid to a) tell the truth about his abilities b) get involved with anyone because it usually ends badly. They eventually start dating and Adrian also discovers there really is a ghost in the old house they are turning into a haunted house and he starts trying to figure out how the guy died. So there is sort of two story-lines, the relationship between Adrian and Scott and the mystery of the ghost in the tower. I quite enjoyed it as I usually do Ally's stories. Adrian and Scotty were very hot together and their conflict was pretty understandable.

Because of the Brave
by Laura Baumbach, ZA Maxfied and Josh Lanyon (165 pages)

I've had this forever and finally read it. In fact I think I might have won it. If I did, thanks. :-) It was three short stories involving soldiers.

*The first one was a soldier on medical leave who hooks up with a young man who's brother died in the Middle East. There is more to the soldier than meets the eye. He rescues the young man from an abuser and they hit it off, some bumps ensure.

*Then there is a soldier who finally goes home because his mother is dying of cancer. He hits it off with the hospice worker who is caring for his mother and he has to face losing her and he's a bit of an ass as he freaks at first and doesn't want to deal with it. I thought his Mom was a spunky character right to the end, I liked her character a lot.

*And finally in Afghanistan an Army Ranger has to take his team in to rescue a Navy Seal whose team was killed. Turns out the Navy Seal in question was his lover when they first joined the military and it ended on not so good terms. It was done in an interesting manner with a bit of what was happening currently, then a flashback, then current, etc. It was really well done and you got the sense of the Taliban coming after you and scrambling for your life.

On the whole a great read with different types of characters although the stoic, do your job, dedicated soldier was always there, only to get tipped on his head by love. And it was for a good cause with money donated to a good cause from the sales.

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