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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hmmm. Fair bit of reading despite having company

I bought/read a bunch of shorts plus catching up some I read last week. I have time to read shorts with company but it's hard for me to focus on a longer book.

Trick or Treat by Rob Rosen (9 pages)

Peter is forced to go out trick or treating with his nephew dressed in a lame alligator costume. Later he convinces them to split up and they'll get more treats. He goes to a huge beautiful house and the door opens. Inside is a guy wearing a sheet. They start teasing and the sheet lifts and the alligator costume comes off. The guy never takes the sheet off all the way but 69 ensues. Later when Peter meets up with his family they tell him the house has been abandoned for years. Ooooooohhhh. Did he suck off a ghost? Was it ectoplasmic ejaculate? You'd think you'd notice that. Anyway, just a kinky little Halloween story and Peter is obviously a slut who will indulge in oral sex with someone who won't even uncover their face. Weirdo.

A Glimpse Inside by A.R. Moler (10 pages)

This is the third in the series of Tristan the homicide detective and architect Brian who met at a Halloween party. They meet for lunch and Tristan apologises for being so distant. They go back to Tristan's for him to change and he lives in a huge beautiful house that Brian loves. He finally pries some information out of Tristan whose family is stinkin' rich. They have a nooner and then it ends. It's kind of annoying me because I really like these two and want a whole story not 10 page intervals.

Animal Instinct by E.M. Lynley (14 pages)

This is a follow-up to Heat Seeking Missile. Cory and Nate are a couple and Cory suggests they join the Friends of the Zoo so they can go to the black tie event. They have some fun in zoo after dark. i found Nate very insecure in this one and always seemed to be trying to second guess what Cory meant and wasn't confident at all. That kind of bugged me but it was okay.

Devil's Grin by L.D. Durham (13 pages)

An angel (I never figure out his name) is hanging around with a demon Marbas and wants to go with him that night to see what he's up to. Finally the demon agrees if the angel gives him everything in his power he's able or something like that. The angel agrees because he's nosy. After their little interaction with a human where the angel actually ends up helping the demon achieve his goal of corrupting a soul he finds out what he has to give is his body. He's had sex before but never felt passion. They have a good time and snuggle after with the demon saying he never said the deal was only for one night. I quite liked how the angel was kind of young and naive and reminded me of that little dog in Bugs Bunny bouncing after the big dog who was the cool kid that he admired. It was a cute little angel/demon story.

A Dangling Conversation by Dallas Coleman (11 pages)

This is a very unusual story as it's in monologue style with the one character telling of how he met his boyfriend. He has picked up the silent person in the story and is now telling him it will be a threesome. He goes on and on about how they met and then it starts to get weirder and weirder as it goes on and you wonder what the hell is happening and you're pretty sure that CSI is going to need to be called in before the night is over to scrape up the pieces. So I found it quite disturbing as it went on but I was kind of enamoured with the whole monologue concept. So a great freaky Halloween story that I'm not sure if I liked for it's technique or disliked it because it freaked me out.

Re-Ignition by A.R. Moler (29 pages)

Griff wakes up in someone's bed with a bitch of a hangover and can't remember who he's with or how he got there. He is retired from the FBI after an accident shattered his knee and he's depressed with being disabled and not having a purpose in life. Seems he met a pediatrician at physio and they went out for drinks, hence the hangover. Sean is perpetually perky and kind taking care of Griff's hangover and his sore knee. They start to kind of hang out and are getting involved when there is a hostage taking at the hospital involving Sean and Griff puts his FBI experience to good use during the situation. On the whole a sweet story of a guy who's image of himself is shattered by a physical limitations and is forced to re-examine his life from a personal and professional perspective. The only thing I found a bit OTT is that Sean just happens to have a sister who was a cop and is now in a wheelchair so he knows how Griff feels. Could have left that out and found another way for them to meet at physio. Still, I liked both characters and how Sean helped bring Griff out of his depression.

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