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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Other Books Update

I've been on a shopping spree so should have some goodies to add here, am not expecting company, my house is relatively clean, it's free sailing reading for me. Oh wait, Christmas is coming. Arrgghh. Always something.

Fionn 'o the Fae by Kiernan Kelly (90 pages)

Despite Kris' disdain for this cover :-P, I did read it. It is a compilation of three of those Torquere Chaster things combined into one book which is not without it's issues. I'll get to that. Fionn is a Fae who gets caught screwing the Queen's favourite lackey. His punishment is that he can no longer have an orgasm unless it is part of someones "wish". He can be called to the human world by a phrase in a book to grant one wish. So for several centuries he has blue balls and the first two parts of the book are him having interludes with various men when he FINALLY gets relief. He finds a way to facilitate this so he gets more and more action pissing off the Queen even more. The last part of the book is his relationship with the one human he actually cares about and him trying to protect him from the Queen and find a way to break the curse. I enjoy this author's writing style and it was kind of light and witty and Fionn was a likable character with a cute Irish accent. However just sticking the three stories in one book was kind of jarring. You could tell that it wasn't written as one book even though it's presented that way. The break between the stories was kind of harsh, but on the whole, despite the cover :-D it was an okay read but I think a little more editing when putting it together would have made it better.

Fathom's Five: The Cross of Sins by Geoffrey Knight

Wow, what a ride. Think Indiana Jones, James Bond and make it more of a wild time and gay. Anyway these 5 guys work for Professor Fathom finding lost objects of value and doing it for altruistic reasons. The loner fortune hunter Jake, the football player/student Will, the Brazilian Dr. Eden, the Italian model and art expert Luca and the Texas cowboy Shane. They go on a quest for the "Cross of Sins" while being pursued by a weird off-shoot of the Catholics who want to destroy it. It's non-stop action from London to Ankara to Vienna to Venice and all points in between. It's very much like James Bond in you just suspend belief and go with the flow and enjoy the ride. They get beat up, poisoned, shot, shot at, face boiling lava and come out of it unscathed and horny to boot. Anyway if you are looking for pure escapism without much of a touch of realism it's the way to go. In fact sometimes it was almost overwhelming how much they endured it was hard to read. But it was a rollicking good time. You don't go to see an Indiana Jones or James Bond movie for the high art. This is similar. I ordered the second one. It's not really a romance per se although there is sex (not buckets of it but it's pretty hot).

Screen Shots 4: Submission by Willa Okati

Well, I started reading these and despite my frustration with 2 and 3 I felt compelled to continue. I found this one was better. Newbie Skylar is pushing Thom hard and he's resisting. Seems Thom is all into zen and eating right and hasn't been with anyone in 6 years and is a total Dom. The others try to warn Skylar off but he's insistent. Finally Thom gives and Skylar is in for a wild ride and enjoys every minute of it after some resistance. So it was an okay story for me. There was less of this vague philosophical stuff and more just accepting the D/s thing for Skyler.

Screen Shots 5: Sexology by Willa Okati

So now the guys are all paired/trioed up and still happily fucking each other stupid on camera. Seems business is so good they are all getting a raise. Suddenly there is a big storm and they all end up in the basement in case it's a tornado, including Jake the grad student who's been studying them. So what else would 10 guys do in the basement in a storm? You guessed it. For some reason Thom is all worried about freaking Jake out (even though he's been watching everyone screw around up close and personal for months) and wants to go slow and seems everyone's been eager to get a taste of him. Anyway, this is less of a romance and more of just one big fat orgy X 10. I give the author credit though for keeping all those body parts straight. I have to admit I am one of those people who visualizes a scene and I'll notice if you have them in some improbably position (barring yoga) and in this she seemed to manage to keep them all in reasonably logical positions. But really, while they were all hot to have Jake and now he's going to work in front of the camera, at the end of the night he was going home alone. There was no romantic pairing for him.

Sweet Treats by Stormy Glenn

Brandon the bakery owner wipes out at the Jazz Festival and Dr. Nick comes and helps him up and latches onto him right there. They go home but Nick gets called to work. They finally hook up and have some fun and Nick gets called in again. There is some conflict at work that Brandon kind of facilitated but he manages to get it all cleared up since conveniently his uncle is the hospital administrator. I enjoyed this because Brandon is not hard bodied and gorgeous. He admits he is a bit on the plump side and has a big ass and Nick thinks he's amazing and loves that he's not twig thin. I thought the convenience of Brandon's uncle being the administrator was a bit overdone, might have been more interesting to have Nick actually face off with the other Dr. over harassment charges rather than have it all wrapped up in a nice bow and who the hell is Dino? There is this big thing that he's coming and Nick asks who he is and gets the "you'll see" and then while he talks there is no mention of who he is. You ASSUME he's the uncles lover but it's never said. It could have been his son for all you know. Anyway, that kind of annoyed me but maybe that's to be found in another story? It is a pretty sweet sugary story but on the whole it was fun and I liked both characters and it's quick light read that at the end that leaves you feeling like you just want a chocolate eclair ... baaaad. Or maybe that's just me.

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