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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update #6

Adder by Ally Blue published by Samhain Publishing

Typical Ally Blue, smoking hot lovin', likable characters this time set in the indie music scene in the SE US. I enjoyed it very much as I do most of Ally's books.

This is my "new release" for the challenge.

Bourbon Affair by Eliza Gayle published by All Romance e-books

This is a short only 20 pages or so about a witch and a bar tender who have been dancing around each other for awhile. They finally get together for a hot magical night and then it slips out that the sequel involves a chick. Ewww. I won't be checking any further even though I enjoyed the little short.

Ghost of a Chance by T.A. Chase published by Loose-Id.

Like Ally Blue, TA Chase is an autobuy for me. A very sweet story about lost love found again involving elves, ghosts and St. Patrick's Day. I liked the characters and it was an enjoyable read.

Parking Lot Hero by J.M. Snyder published by All Romance e-books.

This was a free short (20 pages) about a couple, one of whom has super powers. They go to the grocery store to buy Superbowl snacks and some punks on motorcycles start terrorizing people in the parking lot including their elderly landlady so he takes them out. Cute story, not sure if its part of a bigger story about the couple or not.

Shape of Heart by Kimberly Gardner published by Aspen Mountain Press

A sweet story about Zach who's partner died two years ago (they never say why which kind of annoyed me) and his partner hires a young guy to take over the coffee bar in their bookstore/coffee bar. That was his ex's job so he has issues with this younger guy who even reminds him of his dead lover there, but of course he's attracted and it doesn't take long for them to get together. Then it turns out the new guy is on the run from a stalker and used to be a pro chef and even had a cookbook. Once he confesses his secret it just kind of cuts to the end and summarizes a year later that the stalkers locked up and they have a HEA. I liked the characters though and anything that involves food gets bonus points from me. I enjoyed it a lot.

Tee'd Off by JM Snyder published by Amber Quill Press

This is told in present tense which I've never read before so it threw me off but once I got used to it it was okay. There were some things that could have been better explored and I thought the main character Greg was kind of naive thinking that just saying sorry made it okay that he walked out on the other guy right at THE moment, but overall I liked the characters and wanted them to get together. A nice little story (only about 50 pages) that could have benefitted from being longer I think. Still an okay read with some golfy stuff in it if that's your thing.

This is my "new to you author" for the challenge.

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