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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update #3

Attracting Anthony, Baiting Ben, Courting Calvin by Amber Kell - published by Literary Road Press

These are the first three in a series about the characters that surround a paranormal bar in the Northwest US run by an Alpha Werewolf. I assume it will go the whole alphabet. This series was recommended by Kris and I owe her one. They are short, around 40 pages, but its the story of each couple and I see in book three its starting to develop and overarching story arc that I assume will continue to develop during each book.

A - is about the alpha/bar owner Silver and his architect mystery paranormal lover Anthony. I say mystery because its not until book 2 or 3 you find out what he is really, but his mother was a wood witch, his father's parentage is confirmed later.

B - is about Ben a half-breed werewolf who moves from Alaska and finds his mate Thomas, only to have his childhood love (and mate?) Dillon show up. Three times the fun. Seems Ben isn't half human as he was told but half Fae.

C - is about Calvin, a human woodworker doing some work on Anthony's paranormal hotel who's sister is kidnapped and he's told to kidnap Anthony in exchange. He meets up with vampire Alesandro who's consulting on the hotel and Alesandro helps him out. You find out more about Anthony and the overarching plot in this book.

Its started out okay, but the further in you get the more you want to know. I liked all the main characters, you want them to have their HEA and its not overly angsty but as I said I'm intersted to find out how the big picture plays out. D and E are out there so I'm going to get those ASAP.

I'm counting this as my first in a series selection.

Long Distance by Stevie Woods - Published by Phaze Books

This was a super short (8 pages I think). It was a recount of phone sex between two lovers separated for work. It was fine, not much you can do with 8 pages, or maybe it was 5 after the title and stuff. It was free, you can't go wrong with a free story. I will not count this as one of my reads since its so short.

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