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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Update #4

Denying Dare and Enticing Elliott by Amber Kell, published by Literary Road

This is the continuation of the series.

In Denying Dare, Dare is a were-tiger who wants Stephen (best friend of Anthony) but Stephen is determined to find a wolf mate and avoids Dare (the bar tender) because he feels some kind of attraction. Anthony steps in with some cat nip and Dare's tiger goes berserk and literally drags Stephen up to his apartment where Stephen finally admits that Dare is his mate. Stephen and Dare are kidnapped by the mutant wolves and that story progresses. They are rescued of course.

In Enticing Elliott, Elliott is a werewolf who is the new employee of Anthony who makes him come to the club. There he meets Parker who was his mate in another life. Parker lives off-site and takes Elliott home when the mutants attack he escapes with Elliott and blows up his home. Seems Parker likes a little BDSM and introduces Elliott who seems fine with it. They suspect and inside traitor since they found Parker's house.

I'm looking forward to more because I want to know what the scoop is with the mutants. There were some serious editing issues in these two. Places where significant words were missing or they referred to Parker as Dillon in a couple of paragraphs. So that should be tightened up but I'll still buy any more to follow the arc.

Then I read Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy published by Dream Spinner Press.

This is a long one, 376 pages and worth every second of the time. It takes place over a period of two years and is a story of a closeted Australia Rules Football player and his relationship with an out director of a film festival. Lots of the typical stuff of hiding a relationship when one of the couple is VERY famous in sports circles and the stress of that and it was does to them as a couple. Of course eventually the player is outed and then there is a whole nother set of problems such as the unfamous member of the couple suddenly facing the papparazzi and discrimination for being gay. Two VERY appealing characters. I loved how snarky Simon was and that Declan also thought it was funny. I almost cried at the big conflict at the end. :-) But it definitely had a HEA. Certainly not one of the more explicit m/m books I've read, no graphic descriptions of the sex, but it was such an amazing story you didn't miss any of the details. So gigantic thumbs up for this one.

This is my "sports theme" read for the challenge.

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