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Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York, New York

So we arrived unscathed on Thursday and Kris met us at the apartment. After pausing for about 5 min. my kid was ready to hit the town and wanted to see the Wall Street protest so we headed down there while my kid wandered through the tent city and took pictures. It was pretty quiet, people making signs, talking to media types, just hanging out. Lots and lots of cops.

Some protesters cuter than others.

After seeing all there was to see there, we headed down to Times Square. We went to Toys RUs where Kris bought some Lego which is apparently much cheaper here than in Australia and then on a whim we checked out what was still available at the Tkts booth since we were right there. They had tickets for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe which my daughter really wanted to see. Kris is still adjusting to the time so I just got tickets for my daughter and I. Pretty expensive even at 40% off (paid $80 each) but we had great seats in the balcony but the theatre is so small you have a great view anyway. The show was fun, Daniel Radcliffe did a great job and John Laroquette was freaking hysterical.

However after the show as over they came on stage and we happened to be there on a night when the Trevor Project was associated with the show as Daniel Radcliffe works with them. So a portion of the proceeds went to the project and then they auctioned off some items which I was blown away by the price. Two cast autographed posters went for $1,100 each, two autographed baseball caps for $700 each and then Daniel took of his blue bow tie he wears and said that plus the chance to meet with him after the show went for $2,500. They then let the audience ask the whole cast questions. It was great fun and a real bonus to get the extra interaction. One young girl was there for her 16th birthday and she had her Harry Potter book which already had Rupert Grint and Emma Watson's signature and he said he's sign it for sure. I'll bet she was in heaven later. So it was an extra special performance that we were lucky to hit.

Yesterday we dragged ourselves out of bed and eventually headed out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We split up and the kid and I went to Ancient Egypt and Greece and Kris headed off to Asian. We also grabbed a quick look at the impressionists then ended up on the roof top garden in the absolutely perfect New York weather with an over-priced cocktail and just relaxed and people watched. We saw a young man get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend, we saw some slutty chick picking up a guy who was buying her champagne and just generally relaxed until it was time to head off to dinner.
We met up with KB whom many of you might now from around the net and had some New York pizza and enjoyed a good chat, then we walked on home as it was not that far from our apartments.

We also stopped at the Big Gay Ice Cream Store which is a block from us and had ice-cream. They have crazy stuff. I had a cone covered in curried coconut. Smelled like that yellow curry in a can, but tasted very good.

Today I have sore feet. LOL But I think we are probably going to go to a matinee show today. And some of my NY friends are coming over this evening to hang out so I have to buy some supplies and get ready. Having a great time though. Hope everyone else has a super weekend.


Chris said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! Give Kris a random hug attack from me. :)

Jenre said...

Wow, busy, busy for you :).

How lucky for you that you got to go to the special show! Perhaps that's why the tickets were so expensive?

Hope the next couple of days are just as good and I'm jealous of the nice weather. It's miserable here in the UK!

Leontine said...

Sounds like you all are having crazy fun! We are exploring NOLA already...we walked through Bourbon St. for the first time yesterday and I think I lost my virginity in about a hundred ways ;) We are slowly starting this AM to meet up with Patti (LovesFabRomance) & her kids at 11 AM to do some fun stuff as well :))

Have an awesome time in NY and we'll see you in a few days ;)

Tam said...

Thanks Chris. We are having fun and I'll pass it on.

That is the regular ticket price. Well, regular ticket price is about $130 and if they haven't sold the tickets by noon they release them to the reseller for 40% off. So no matter what day we pay the same, but $80 beats $130. :-)

The weather is beautiful and supposed to be downright hot tomorrow.

Tam said...

I've seen your tweets Leontine. Can't wait to smell Bourbon Street. I think. :-) Have fun with Patti and looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Tracy said...

Fun, Fun! It sounds like a great place. I've always wanted to go but haven't yet. Maybe before I die? lol Hopefully.

Give Kris a big ole hug for me and have a great time with your friends!

Mariana said...

Nice! I'll be in New York later today with my kiddie and her friend... how funny would it be to bump into you guys! Would be cool :) Hope you guys have a great day... supposed to be great weather!

Michelle M. said...

You always do such neat things on your travels. Can't wait to see more. Have fun tonight!

Tam said...

You and your hubby will have to come for an anniversary trip Tracy. Leave those pesky kids at home. :-)

Didn't see you Mariana. LOL Were you in Times Square? I was the one with the red shirt. ;-)

We're having a good time Michelle. Looking forward to everyone coming which means I better get done eating and get ready.

K. Z. Snow said...

Gone to any bookstores or oddball shops yet? I think that's where I'd be spending most of my time.

I just finished the book Kris sent me, Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor. Anybody going to NOLA should read this author's fiction first. Oh, man, *sigh* . . . I felt like I was there. (I owe her a big ol' smooch for that pressie. It was wonderful, yet made me sad that I won't be joining y'all.)

Chris said...

I have Liquor and one of the other books about the same characters with me to read when I'm there.

Mariana said...

I was in Times Square... took my daughter and her friend to Dave and Buster's... then wandered the streets for a while. Such beautiful weather today. Hope you guys had a good time in NYC.

Kaetrin said...

So jealous! New York is such fun and you got to play with the lovely Kris!

Tam said...

No, no bookstores and very little shopping. We went to H&M and Macy's to get new luggage since Delta Airlines decided to rip the wheels off my kid's. Oh and of course the M&M store and ToysRUs for Kris to stock up on Lego.

I'm sure we saw you in Times Square Mariana. I mean, there were so few people right? LOL It was a sea of humanity.

We've had a good time Kaetrin. So much to see and do here. We come every year and never run out of things to see.